Beauty at your Door Step with MyGlamm App

The holiday season is THEE time to go glam. From mid December to New Year’s Eve, all you need is to be party ready. The only thing that comes to mind is head to Parlour and the next second oh..who has got this much time? For a lazy person, a concept like “Home Salon Service” is a blessing and we know that there are many like us 🙂

When everything is running towards the smart technology, hopping from parlour to parlour is passé. With the push of a button you can get beauty experts at your door. Yes, there is a mobile App for on-demand hair, beauty and nail services at your doorstep. When Jaipur Beat is offered a chance to pick from online beauty services-of My Glamm beauty app that has recently launched its services in Jaipur, it’s natural that we’re intrigued. Undoubtedly, we had to take up the opportunity and see for ourselves, how good they are.

my glamm.png

On a Sunday afternoon we booked a service with MyGlamm- India’s Premier At-Home Beauty Service App for Forrest Essential Advance Facial and Moroccon oil head ritual. Being habitual of going to parlours where they arrange everything, was bit unsure about how convenient or troublesome it would be to get facial done at home. But, thought to give it a try. Logged on to myglamm app (available on android and iOS). Got the booking confirmation through a SMS with the name of the artist who was supposed to do the work.

Artist arrived well on time with one more person to help her. They came with a huge trolley bag carrying all parlour essentials.

Both were polite, well mannered and having decent knowledge about the products. We did bit of chatting to get acquainted. Really was doubtful of how would someone do a full-fledged facial, hair ritual or any other thing at anyone’s place without proper arrangements but inside the huge trolley bag lies all the answers.


Here’s our take on the things we tried-

Forest Essentials Advance Facial

Experience- What more one could ask for on a Sunday afternoon than a soothing aromatic massage on your own cozy bed. Though it took some preparation time- laying down sheets, taking out all products and other accessories around 10 min. but after that it was all-relaxing. The entire facial includes cleansing, scrubbing, steaming, blackhead removal, face massage and pack application.

Would recommend this service to everyone. Would rate this facial as one of the best till date. Could actually feel the smoothness and softness on face and the aroma of the products still lingers on.


Next was Moroccan Oil Head Massage

Experience– It was a super quick – the moroccan hair oil & serum was applied for like 10 mins, followed by some steam from a regular steamer.  The massage was good and comforting. Fingertips briskly rubbing the scalp, overhead and shoulders with easy pressure was too relaxing. The artist knew her job well.

About Products-

Forest essentials products are made in the Himalayas, using local labour and are 100% organic. The spring water that is used in all their products has therapeutic and regenerative qualities that are rich in mineral deposits, which makes for its unique properties. 

MorocconOil products are antioxidant infused, nutrient rich that provide unmatched and dramatic results.


About Hygiene– As it was home service I was all prepared with bed sheets, fresh towels, napkins. But was surprised to find disposable bed sheet, head towel, face towel and apron brought by them. I was saved to do my bit of washing later. What I really liked about all their services was the hygiene factor.

About Pricing– Pricing was on pretty high side but not exceptionally high. If you compare it with known parlours operating in the city you will find the same value. After all they are coming all the way to your home and turning it into a mini salon, it’s worth it.

Lacking– What you lack is dimly lit candles and a soothing music. Well, it’s no big deal for them to arrange the same but in the comfort of your home you are better placed to switch on to your music. What say?

All you need to do:

1.  Download the MyGlamm App
2.  Choose a beauty service along with your preferred date and time
3.  Pick a location for the service
4.  And Get Glammed in the comfort of your home.

So all beauties out there we suggest you to go ahead towards modern age Jaipur with Myglamm 🙂

Do share how do you find this whole experience?




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