7 Events in Jaipur You Must Not Miss In January

Hello Jaipur

Here’s wishing you a very happy and prosperous New Year from the entire team of Jaipur Beat! We are glad that we have been able to keep all of you updated about the latest happenings of Jaipur and are thankful for your love and support. As we enter the next year we wish an eventful New Year to all of you. As people of the city await the festival of kites, here is a list of other events that will make the month of January more colorful and exciting. 

1.Ride To Bhangarh Fort (Asia’s Most Haunted Place) via NH21- Bhangarh Fort, Shahpura (Jaipur Dist.), India

If you are a passionate biker and venturing into the haunted is something on your ‘to do list’ then this event is specifically meant for you. The ride starts on 1st January at 5:00 A.M. from Jawahar Circle and is free for anybody who owns a bike 1500cc and above. So get ready and get set go.


2.Jaipur Literature Festival 2017-The Diggi Palace Hotel

The Jaipur Literature Festival is a yearly artistic festival which take place in Jaipur every January. It was established in 2006, and from 2008 has been created by Teamwork Arts. The Diggi Palace Hotel serves as the primary scene of the celebration with sessions held in the Hall of Audience and all through the greenery enclosures of the Diggi Palace in the downtown area.


3.Decor India Show – 6TH-10TH January 2017 –Amroodon Ka Bagh, Jaipur

The Decor India Show is an occasion that showcases amazing contemporary inside, building, and way of life and realty items. It’s a Show that has turned into the most looked for after occasion in Rajasthan. Perusing through items that give you a knowledge into the most recent in insides, outsides, land furniture, decorations and numerous more can be a radiant ordeal for people who esteem life – all the more significantly ways of life!


4.International Kite Festival- Jaipur, India

The International Kite Festival, Jaipur is a standout amongst the most-gone to celebrations in Rajasthan. The most brilliant celebration of Rajasthan gives boundless fun and skip. This celebration is commended on fourteenth of January consistently, the day of Makar Sankranti. The prevalence of the International Kite Festival in Jaipur is with the end goal that it pulls in kite fliers from far away corners of the nation. The excite and energy waits noticeable all around and everybody is captivated. Join the happy state of mind of Jaipur and commend the delight of flying kites.


5.Rang Rajasthan

Jaipur beat is the Digital partner for the Rang Rajasthan. Rang Rajasthan is a Rajasthan Language Based Theatre Festival showcasing plays, Rajasthan people exhibitions, International Theatre,  Celebrity Seminars, Art Competition and numerous more things. It gives a stage where neighbourhood theatre actors and Folk specialists work with internationally& broadly acclaimed executive and witnesses the works.


6.Jaipur Education Fair 2017

JAIPUR EDUCATION FAIR will be the head instruction and preparing presentation in Jaipur .it will be first of its kind occasion which will have very focused on crowd having particular regions of intrigue. Jaipur Education Fair – 2017 expects to rouse, empowers and gives the correct instruments and assets for all jaipurites to make a brighter future.


7. Jaipur International Film Festival

The year starts on a high note in Jaipur with a 5 day International Film festival coming to town between 7th -11th Jan 2017.With films from various states of India, Asia, the Middle-east, Europe, Canada & South America, these 5 days are packed with some of the best talent from around the world. As if this was not enough, to sweeten the pot, there are film workshops, seminars, meets and production master classes by the filmmakers, actors and technicians on all the 5 days. You can’t miss this Jaipur, the best of the world is here to meet you.


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