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Lit-hiker’s guide to Jaipur & more!

It’s not the Foucault’s Pendulum we are known for, we have the incredible Jantar -Mantar, the largest in the country. As you get knee deep into the Maha-Kumbh of Literature & music, there is a reason its setting could be none other than the beautiful Pink City. The capital of music, culture, literature and art, Jaipur is the home of ‘Lekhaki, Kalakaari and the Kaarigari‘. The quiet & the solitude that this city can offer contrasts with the bursts of colors, its long winding bylanes of history, the languid green hills, placid water bodies, the intricately carved architecture, soulful rustic music and over 1000 temples,  it is aptly called the ‘Paris of the east’ and ‘Choti Kashi’ in the same breath.

With beautiful yet poignant experiences that this city offers, it is all that the thirsty soul of an artist seeks. If Marco Polo could describe Venice over and over again as 55 Invisible Cities, Jaipur in its folds carries endless layers still to be unraveled.

Here, we play the ‘Babel Fish’ to you and make you bite an indelible slice of Jaipur’s Vastu Purush Mandala.

See: Meet the city in person.

The picture perfect postcards of Hawa Mahal, Amer fort, the old city, and the gorgeous Jal Mahal have described Jaipur for ages. We bring you some of the lesser known yet exquisite places to see in Jaipur.

Ghat ki Ghuni Complex: Sisodia Rani Bagh+Vidhyadhar Ka Bagh
It is located 8 kilometers from Jaipur on the Agra road. Laid out in Mughal style, it is painted with the legends of Radha and Krishna. The garden is multi-tiered and has fountains, watercourses, and painted pavilions. Vidhyadhar Ka Bagh, the Architect of Jaipur is also abutting this complex.
img1Galtaji is an ancient pilgrimage center in Jaipur. Set amidst low hills and packed with locals and tourists alike, the attractive spot has temples, pavilions, and holy Kunds.
Panna Mian Ka Kund:
Panna Mian Ka kund.jpg
Built in the 16th century, this 8 story Kund or Step well was used actively by the community around as a source of water, it was also the place of community gathering where people would come to chat, relax or swim in the cool waters.
 Nahargarh Baoli:
Image courtesy google.
This stunning organic steps of this ‘Baoli’ are mesmerizing, to say the least. It is located inside Nahargarh fort where the song  ‘Masti Ki Pathshala’ from the movie ‘Rang De Basanti ‘was shot.
Gaitore Cenotaphs:
Image courtesy- google
Just off the Jaipur-Amber road is Gaitore, where the former Maharajas of Jaipur are entombed. The chhatris (cenotaphs), made of white marble display the distinctive Rajput style of architecture. The open pavilions with ornate domes are supported by delicately sculpted pillars. The crematorium is located in the middle of yellow sandstone hills.
37 jantar-mantar.jpg
The Jantar Mantar in Jaipur is considered to be the largest of the five astronomical observatories built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, the founder of Jaipur. It contains fourteen geometric devices, designed to measure time, track celestial bodies and observe the orbits of the planets around the sun.
Maharaniyon Ki Chattri
maharani chatri.jpg
Image courtesy- google
This is a tomb/ Chhatri for the women belonging to Jaipur’s royal family and is located on the way to Amber fort. This crematorium has several exquisitely carved cenotaphs built to commemorate them. The magnificent beauty and the historical significance of Maharani ki Chhatri makes it one of the most visited tourist attractions in Jaipur.
Isar Lat :
7Ishwar Lat, also known as Swarg Suli is a 60 feet high grand minaret in Jaipur. Also called ‘Swarg Suli‘ or ‘heaven piercing minaret’, this tower near Tripolia Gate was built by Raja Ishwari Singh in 1749 A.D to commemorate a grand victory against his brother Madho Singh in the Bagru war. Ishwar Lat offers a breath-taking view of Jaipur.
Jawahar Kala Kendra:

47 Jawahar Kala Kendra (1).jpg

Built by one of the most famous Indian Architects of India, Charles Correa, it is an art & cultural center based on the 9 square ‘Vastu Purusha Mandala’ that Jaipur’s walled city plan is based on. Do try the Daal-Baati at their ‘Padharo Sa‘ restaurant.

City palace:
The City Palace is a splendid example of the foresight that Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II had. As the founder of Jaipur, he took pains to create a magnificent walled city that encloses marvels such as the City Palace. The palace is a beautiful blend of Mughal and Rajput styles of architecture.
Govind dev Ji temple.
IMG_1825.jpgThe Krishna temple is a rare spireless temple and houses the idol of Govind Devji that Sawai Jai Singh brought from Vrindavan. It is built in the style of Diwan-e-Khas or the court of the ruler as Sawai Raja Jai believed Govind dev Ji to be the ruler of the city & he his instrument. It is based on ‘Bhakti style’of architecture with wide corridors all around.
Eat, what Jaipur eats – The historical notes in the ‘ruaab’ of Jaipur:

Bhagat Mishtaan Bhandhar, Kishanpol Bazaar: 


Their Doodh Ka Ladoo and Choguni Ladoo are to die for and Jaipur swears by it.

Mahaveer Rabri Bhandar, Chandpole:


Known for their Rabri, Mohanthaal, Bejar Ki roti and Aloo Pyaz ki Suzi.

Handi: (MI Road) 

Lal Maans.JPG

One of the older award winning restaurants of Jaipur. Number one recommendation for Rajasthani non-vegetarian food. Try the Laal Maas, Junglee Maas or the famous Handi Maas from their menu.

Once upon a time: (Nahargarh Fort): 


The most romantic and incredible view of the Jaipur City as you dine in an ambiance of bygone times.

Baradari: (City Palace) :


Located at City palace, this is a beautifully renovated property to see and dine at.

Tapri (C- Scheme): 


 It’s a ‘Chai shop’ with a difference.With all things Chai and delicious light snacks, it’s ideal for breakfast or evening tea.

Muslim Musafir Khana :

muslim musafir khana.jpg

It completely reminds one of Karim’s at Jama Masjid, Delhi in its ambiance. The food is delicious, affordable and unforgettable and the flavors are very different from Karim’s, Delhi.

Santosh Bhojanalya:  (Sindhi camp bus Station)


If you ask anybody in Jaipur where to get the best Daal-Baati from, they will either answer ‘Khole ke hanuman ji or somebody’s house and both are invited affairs. In case that doesn’t happen, head to this small joint opposite the bus station, recommended for authentic rustic flavors of Daal-Baati, the way Rajasthan eats it.

Tattoo Cafe:

Screenshot 2017-01-21 11.16.24.jpg

A fairly new restaurant in town, it is located bang opposite Hawa Mahal and is a good choice for breakfast or a cup of coffee. The view of Hawa Mahal early morning as the sun lights up the beautiful monument is priceless and the bonus as the name suggests, get awesome tattoos here. Instagram Alert!

City of the handcrafted, you said?

Anokhi Museum:


At a mere ten-minute walk through the cobbled streets of Amber lies the Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing. Located in a magnificently restored haveli (mansion), the museum displays a varied selection of block-printed textiles alongside images, tools and related objects – all chosen to provide an in-depth look into the complexity of this ancient tradition.

Blue Pottery, (Kripal Kumbh, Banipark)


One of the oldest and the most well-known Blue Pottery studios, it was started by Late Shri Kirpal Singh Shekhawat known as the founder of Blue pottery. they are known for their incomparable quality.

Chameliwala Silver Market, MI Road.

20161214_135445The silver market just abutting MI Road is a silver haven. You can pick up semi-precious stones, get them dressed and have them inlaid in silver.Apart from that there is meenakari work on Silver, traditional, contemporary and tribal silver jewelry is available in a huge variety.

Take Back some memories & a little something more

Rajasthali: A Rajasthan government-run emporium which also features works of Bangladeshi designer Bibi Russell. Excellent collection of handcrafted wares of Rajasthan.

Jagmohan/ Chandrahas / Kesar Kasturi: the incredible royal liquors of Rajasthan.Infused with many spices and condiments, these come in the category of collectibles.

Jaipur Watch Company:  

jaipur-watch-company-2Custom made, Bespoke luxury Watches from Jaipur.

Trunk Company, Jaipur: Bespoke, handcrafted trunk furniture from Jaipur.


Rajputana Custom Motorbikes:

Screenshot 2017-01-20 17.35.36.jpg

Rajputana: A labor of love, handcrafted bike restoration/ customization Mecca.

Now, the basics

Traveling to & from Jaipur:

Air: Jaipur International Airport connects Jaipur to all major cities in the country as well as major international destinations. The capital of India, New Delhi is merely 250 Km from Jaipur. If you cannot get a direct flight to Jaipur, get one to Delhi as there are multiple daily connections between the two cities. The easiest way is to go to or and book your flights.

Rail: Jaipur Junction is a well-connected station with trains from all across the country. The easiest way to travel from Delhi is by the Double Decker train or Rajdhani.To book your train tickets, click here

Road: There are many Public and private operators of Buses as well as taxis in the city. Rajasthan government run RSRTC is a very good option or try the private operators for traveling to and from the Jaipur.

Getting around Jaipur: It is mostly a square.

Taxis: Uber or Ola: There are plenty of Uber and Ola Cabs easily available for within the city travel through the phone apps. They are the safest, fastest and most reasonably priced mode of transport. For Intercity travel Hippocabs is providing an exclusive for the JLF. Rajputana cabs.  You also have an option of using Rajasthan government run taxis for within and outside city tours.

Rickshaws: E/Cycle /Auto: There are plenty of Rickshaws in the city be it e-rickshaws, cycle (shorter distances) or auto rickshaws. They easily navigate the city through the traffic be it the old or the new city. They are available 24 X 7 and outside most hotels and public places. Negotiate & settle the fare before taking the ride as they don’t use meters. Use google maps whenever in doubt.

Buses: Low Floor buses / Jaipur Safari / Pink Pepper. The comfortable seating, a wide network of bus stands & the low prices of the government run low floor buses make it an ideal companion to travel around the city. The city also offers interesting open air private tour buses to savor the beautiful scenic view the city provides. Click to book Jaipur safari for ‘Jaipur by the night’ tour or the day Safari tour. You can also ride the Pink Pepper buses which doubles up as a restaurant.


Metro: If you are located anywhere between Mansarover or Chand pole, take the Metro to get to JLF. The nearest Metro stations to the Diggi Palace, the venue for JLF, are Sindhi Camp Station and Jaipur Railways station. From outside the metro stations, take Rickshaws or cabs as convenient.To check the route, fares, and stops, click here.

Take this slice of Jaipur back with you in these few days of the Jaipur Literature Festival. Who knows, once you fall in love with the city, the next time you return back here not in the audience but right up on the stage.

Till the next time, so long and thanks for all the love.

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Fashion Trending at Jaipur Literature Festival

The day three at Jaipur Literature Festival has started and the media is abuzz with the news of celebrities, who are attending the festival and what they said, apart from that the news at JLF, which people can’t stop talking about is the Fashion at JLF. Since Jaipur Lit Fest has thrown people into frenzy about what they should wear to the event, Jaipur Beat shares some fashionable looks from the event that can guide you on how to dress up for the upcoming days at the event.

1.) Nerdy+Quirky – At JLF we spotted a lot of people sporting fashion, as per their own sense of style, rather than going by the book. This young girl, in her quirky yet stylish attire, made the contemporary fashion look too old.


2.) Lost in Fashion – We spotted this beautiful look at JLF and more than the off shoulder dress, which is obviously making a bold statement, what caught our attention was the red lips. After all this is one fashion trend that can make you stand out every single time.


3.) Tribal Connection – The whole going back to the roots, in the fashion industry, has bought back to life the tribal fashion. The loud tribal jewelry neck pieces and the funky rings are here to catch everybody’s attention.


4.) The Kitsch – The kitsch is an important element of the fashion world currently and we got to witness it at Jaipur Literature Festival as well. The bold and beautiful prints, the peculiar nose ring and the regular cut pants, every detail of styling here, looks as if they belong together.


5.) For the Love of Silver – Gold is out and silver is in. You can easily spot many women at JLF sporting silver jewelry. This one was our best pick among them. The silver waist-band, rings, and bangles add oomph to the beautiful skirt.


6.) All Weather Prints – This is one fashion statement that has been around for a while and we think it is here to stay. Team your favorite long printed skirt with a plain top, wear smile and you are ready to go to Jaipur Literature Festival.


7.) Layer it Up – It is winters and you definitely need to layer up if you plan to step out of your house. But you can do it in style like our muse here. Wear a bold color and add contrast with a printed stole.


8.) Make a statement – One big fashion trend that we saw at JLF was statement pieces. Probably the easiest way to make a statement is by adding a statement neck piece to your ensemble. You can also add some color to your look by wearing bright colored pair of shoes like her.


9.) Ripped – If nothing else works for you, using a pair of your old distressed jeans with a cool jacket, will. This was one of the coolest trends that we spotted at JLF. Good enough to keep you warm and cool enough to get you noticed.


Hope this helps you to prep yourself up for Jaipur Literature Festival

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Pink City Plays Host To The Best In Fashion

Before Jaipur Literature Festival could kick start, pink city was already bathing with fashion, style, music and celebrities ! Emars Events, an event management company based in Mumbai organised an event ‘Parinay’ to celebrate the pious bond of matrimony in Jaipur.



‘Parinay’, a fashion show cum exhibition was witnessed at The Lalit Jaipur and added one more feather to the cap as far as the development of Jaipur as a fashion capital while also serving as a platform to promote and support emerging talents from around the world.


The theme ‘Celebrating Matrimony’ held true as they showcased a stunning collection by renowned Jaipur artist Suvigya Sharma along with collections by designers Khyati Mehta, Mumbai and Satya & Liz Paul, New Delhi.


Suvigya Sharma, a well-known Jaipur artist who is known for his miniature paintings and has gifted his artworks to movie stars like Rani Mukherjee and also God of Cricket – Sachin Tendulkar. He is accredited for restoring Fresco paintings at City palace Jaipur and Singapore Art Museum. The artists has his name in Asia Book of Records and India Book of Records for creating world’s first, life size, 4D Painting of Siddhi Vinayak.


While the handsome Bollywood fame Kunal kapoor donned the eccentric collection by Suvigya, gorgeous Sana Khan enthralled the audience in her dazzling gown designed by Satya & Liz Paul. Young, classy, sexy and elegant are few terms that describes their designs sensibility and their innovative technique of creating surface embroideries on the silhouettes with the fusion of vibrant colours palette has earned them uniqueness.


The most heart melting part of the event was the little girls walking down the ramp to represent Smile foundation symbolising equal rights for a girl child in India. 


Nothing can be trendier then Fashion with a Cause.

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The musical stage at the Jaipur Literature festival 2017.

Jaipur Literature festival or #JLF as it’s popularly known has something for everybody. Not only does the event include interacting with some of the most inspiring writers from across the globe, it is a huge draw for music lovers also. The Literati ‘Maha Kumbh’ of our times in its 10th year brings in the confluence of Music and prose like never before. Prepare to be blown away by an eclectic mix of talent that has descended in the historic and beautiful ‘Pink city’. There truly couldn’t be a more apt setting to this high octane yet soulful unraveling of the most incredible Literature festival on earth.

Here is a lowdown on JLF, the musical just for you. Plan your morning and evenigs so that you don’t miss out this incredible treat!


19th January 2017

9.15 AM / Diggi Palace, Front Lawns 

Shillong chamber Choir : After Winning India’s got talent, this talented group went on to win 3 gold medals at the World Choir games. Equally adept at Western Classical, Hit-rock, Khasi folk Music and opera, they are indeed a treat to watch.


Nathu Lal SolankiHe hails from the legendary ‘Pushkar Sangeet Gharana.This master percussionist and his Nagara are a part of Rajasthan’s musical heritage. He is a master of ‘Kuchmani Khayal’ and his performances are mesmerizing and unforgettable.

430031_523579004329249_253730894_n (1).jpg

7.30-9.45 PM / Clarks Amer

Rajasthan Josh : Who doesn’t know Chugge Khan and band, also called Rajasthan Josh. They fill in this incredible space which brings together Rajasthani, Punjabi and Sufi influences of Music together.They come from the tradition of ‘Bhakti’ and ‘Sufi’ wherein the each musical piece is a guftagoo of deep divine love between the almighty & the mortal soul.


Kabir Cafe : Neeraj Arya will be the Voice of Kabir. Over last 8 years, he has taken his poetry across the country. Mir mukhtiyar and Prahald Tipanya and their folk music together with poetry of Arya is Kabir Cafe.


20th January 2017

9.15 AM / Diggi Palace, Front Lawns

Swanand Kirkire : The multi-talented writer, poet, lyricist, actor, music director, singer and theater personality is here at JLF. You have heard him on Coke-studio and Dewarist, collaborating with Zeb and Haniya on the exceedingly soulful ‘Kaho Kya Khayal Hai ?, you have heard his ‘Bande Mein Tha Dum’ from Munnabhai MBBS,  ‘Behti Hawa sa tha woh’ from 3-Idiots and ‘Manjha’ from ‘Kai Po che’. You can’t give him a miss.


Ankur Tiwari & Ghalat Family:  He is a playback singer and Music-director from the Indian music industry. Through his 10 year journey from a hotel trainee to music can be nothing but a story of passion. He is actually a storyteller who is just narrating his beautiful simple stories through have heard his ‘Galliyan’ from Ek Tha Villian,O-Yara’ from Bin roye‘ and ‘Sun raha hai na tu’ from Aashiqui -2.


7.30-9.45 PM / Clarks Amer

Bombay Bassment : The first Indian hip-hop band to perform at the prestigious ‘Glastonbury’ , members of Bombay Bassment are two Goans, one Mumbaiker, and one Kenyan. Together, Levin Mendes (drums), Ruel Barretto ( bass), Chandrashekhar Kunder and Bob Omulo aka MC Bobkat make tunes that brings together hip hop, drum ‘n’ bass, and elements of funk and reggae.


Inna Modja : she is a Malian-french singer.With hits like Mr H, La File Du Lido and French Cancan. She is a singer and song writer who expresses her music based on Motown Soul, Sahel Desert Blues, Mandinka guitars and Kora meets hip-hop.


7.30 / Ganesh Pole, Amer Fort

Rhythm and Rhyme : will be an evening of poetry readings held at Amber Fort, Jaipur on Friday, 20th January at 7.30 PM. Bringing together voices from two sides of the globe, the session will witness readings by celebrated American poet Anne Waldman and the renowned Bollywood lyricist Swanand Kirkire. This will be followed by Sarod Recital by Padma Vibhushan Ustad Amjad Ali Khan at the Amber Fort.


21st January 2017

9.15 AM / Diggi Palace, Front Lawns

Padmini Rao : Classical Singer Padmini Rao has quite a lineage. From the North Indian Classical Gharana of Kirana, she has trained under ‘Padmabhushan’ Dr Prabha. She has learnt Sitar from ‘Padmini Dagar’ and Drupad & Veena from Diwangat Maestro Zia Moinuddin Khan Dagar‘.


7.30-9.45 PM / Clarks Amer

Soulmate : Inspired by the roots and groove sounds of the Blues, Blues-rock, soul, rock ‘n’ roll, funk and R&B, Soulmate was formed when Rudy Wallang and Tipriti Kharbangar decided to form a band dedicated to spreading awareness about the Blues genre.


Beth Orton & Sam Amidon : Beth Orton is a singer and songwriter who has released six trailblazing albums, including the BRIT Award-winning Central Reservation, and 2012’s ‘Sugaring Season’, which Vogue described as ‘a beautiful and timely album, filled with melancholy’. Sam Amidon is a singer/banjoist/fiddler/guitarist originally from Brattleboro, Vermont. He has released five acclaimed albums of radically reimagined folksongs on the Bedroom Community and Nonesuch labels, most recently 2014’s Lily-O.

Beth Orton and Sam Amidon

Mujra se Multiplex tak : will take the audience on a journey through the magical realm of entertainment at Hawa Mahal. Coursing through the ever changing world of cultural entertainment, the session will explore how the audiences at entertainment venues have evolved over the years. Writer and musician Vidya Shah will reflect on these changes through song while actor Luke Kenny punctuates them with poignant poetry and quirky banter.


22nd January 2017
9.15 AM / Diggi Palace, Front Lawns

Debashish Day : He is a classical singer specialising in Thumri, Dadra, Thappa , Chaiti and Kajri. He is also well known for his Bhajan style of singing.

7.00-10.00 PM / Clarks Amer

Lisa Hannigan : Lisa Hannigan’s haunting voice has featured on soundtracks for TV series Fargo and Oscar-winning Gravity and she has collaborated with artists as diverse as Ray LaMontagne, Richard Hawley and Herbie Hancock. Her new album At Swim is her most bewitching yet.


Aga Khan All Stars : Aga Khan Music Initiative, a programme of the Aga Khan Trust for Culture, is an inter-regional music and arts education programme to preserve, transmit and develop musical heritage in contemporary forms. The Aga Khan Music Initiative Ensemble brings together the Initiative’s leading artists and AKTC’s collaborators of the past fifteen years. These master musicians are not only brilliant performers, but also pioneering composers, arrangers, improvisers, teachers, and mentors. They bring all of these talents and abilities to bear on their work with the Aga Khan Music Initiative, drawing inspiration from the past to create new music, and playing an active role in the Music Initiative’s education programme. Homayoun Sakhi on the Afghan rubab, Wu Man on the pipa, Saxophonist and composer Basel Rajoub, Salar Nader on tabla, Andrea Piccioni on single-headed frame drums, and qanun player Feras Charestan. The Ensemble will perform a newly created repertoire of compositions, improvisations and contemporary arrangements inspired by tradition.


Raghu Dixit : Their infectious, happy music transcends age, genre and language. From playing to over 100,000 people in Karnataka, to Glastonbury and even playing for the Queen of England, Dixit has done it all! Have a great time to their earthy, rooted, vibrant yet simple fun.


23rd January 2017

9.15 AM / Diggi Palace, Front Lawns

East meets Middle East : It’s a confluence of Middle East and South Asian Musical heritage. Subrat bhattacharya (Tabla), Abhishek Lohiri (Sitar), Rony Maili on Barbat and George on the percussion. They will dissolve boundaries as their music will bring together North African, Middle eastern and South Asian nuances of music.


So go ahead, book your tickets here and spend your evening in the company of the musical greats that India and the world is here to offer at JLF.

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10 Ways In Which Jaipur Grew Along With Jaipur Literature Festival

Jaipur Literature Festival is back with its 10th edition and Jaipur is gearing up to welcome many national and international, literary geniuses to the city. Over the years Jaipur Literature Festival has become huge, has been graced by many big personalities, visited by people from across the world and is even travelling to different places.  However, it is not only the event that has become so huge, along with the event the city has also grown in many different aspects. Here is how Jaipur has gained through the biggest event of the city, Jaipur Literature Festival.

1.) Tourism – Jaipur literature festival is an international event, which is graced by visitors from India and abroad. No doubt that JLF has lead to an increase in the tourism of the city.


2.) Employment – No doubt when an event of such huge scale takes place many hands are required to work towards executing it. Not only has Jaipur Literature Festival brought employment to the city  dwellers it has also given chance to the youth of the city in getting hands on learning experience through their volunteering options.


3.) Fashion – One thing that people get to notice at the JLF event is definitely the newest fashion of the season. With many men and women flaunting latest designs, new hair-dos and latest accessories we can definitely say that Jaipur Literature Festival does give lot of people fashion goals.


4.) Celebs– It does not happen every day that you get a chance to see international celebrities, face to face. Over the years celebs like Oprah Winfrey, Dalai Lama,  Salman Rushdie, Stephen Fry, Gulzar, Vikram Seth and many others have flown to Jaipur to be a part of this magnificent event. To get a chance to sit in front of the famous lyricist Gulzar and listen to his wise words does not happen every day.


5.) Events – With JLF becoming popular in Jaipur, the city became a hub for many national/international events.  We have also seen numerous events taking place at Diggi Palace recently. The credit definitely goes to the Jaipur Literature Festival.


6.) Travelling Abroad – Now that we all know that Jaipur Literature Festival is going places, along with it even the city’s heritage and moreover its name is getting promoted internationally.


7.)Food – A decade back searching for a restaurant or a food joint was not as simple as it is today, in pink city. With an advent in tourism there has been two big changes in the food scenario of Jaipur; firstly there is an increase in the no. of food joints and secondly, we can see many more themed restaurants/cafe’s setting up in the city catering to demands of international tourists.773a4692-copy

8.) After parties – Certainly when you work hard you must party harder. The right mix of celebs, event, fun and food can be seen at the after parties held at different historical venue, where one can get to see the who’s who of city along with the authors and speakers.

JLF at night.jpg

9.) Hangout – During the time of the event, people of Jaipur get a new hangout place in JLF. No doubt that it is not just a literary event; it has expanded its boundaries to being an amazing hangout for people too.


10.) Local Artists – There is no doubt that through the event the local artists and artwork  get promoted through Jaipur Literature Festival. JLF gives platform to local artists to reach out to a huge audience.


When we say that Jaipur Literature Festival is about to complete its 10th year we also might as well say that the pink city is about to complete its 10 years of transformation.


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Vir Das’ Unbelievable: Soon in Jaipur

Winters somehow light-up the event scenario of Jaipur. This is the time when Jaipur gets to experience the best of fun, shopping, entertainment and festivities. Keeping up the spirits of the eventful January, February brings in an amazing entertaining and fun evening for citizens of Jaipur – Vir Das‘ The Unbelievable Tour.


As a multi-talented artist in the Indian Entertainment Industry, Vir Das has stuck true to his comedy roots and run the show with back-to-back, sold out stand-up specials. His exclusive show, The Unbelievable Tour- presented by Weirdass Comedy, has been received with roaring success in over 17 cities in India and abroad in Dubai and Singapore. The actor is also known for his success with History of India, the largest selling theater show in the Indian subcontinent. To add to the already established accomplishments of Das, he introduced the first ever Indian Comedy Festival, Pajama Festival in 2014. Not only this, the multi-talented actor made his debut in Bollywood in 2006 and has been a part of ten films since, Delhi Belly being one of the most popular among them.

The list doesn’t end here, Das also has his own Comedy Rock Band, Alien Chutney, through which he and his three band mates perform comedy songs and parodies based on current pop culture and socio-political hot topics.

Given such an amazing career graph, Vir Das can easily be titled one of the best performers in the country. Now its Jaipur’s chance to see this Great Indian Stand up Comedian perform live. Let’s not wait anymore and grab this amazing opportunity. What Say?

Event Details

Date: Feb 3rd, 2017

Venue: Deep Smriti Auditorium

Time: 7:00 P.M.

Book Tickets:

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Ranthambore Festival- a melange of euphonious Music and Melodies

Jaipur Beat is excited to usher you into the Ranthambore Festival, which is scheduled to take place at the Nahargarh Palace– a splendid property of the Thakurs of Alsisar in Ranthambore forest! Ranthambore  is a wildlife enthusiasts’ paradise and a perfect weekend gateway from Jaipur.


Now, imagine an exciting weekend replete with the strains of folk music, majestic performances by music and dance luminaries, an open-air wildlife film festival on a giant screen, tiger safaris, fantastic interactive talks on conservation success stories by wildlife conservationists, music workshops, yoga & meditation camps, all in the stunning Nahargarh Palace in Ranthambore Forest. January 27-29 2017. It’s long weekend – you know what to do.  And here we have a list of the globally acclaimed artists who are going to perform at the Ranthambore Festival!

Mallika Sarabhai


Best known as a dance legend, Mallika Sarabhai has inspired generations into carrying our cultural legacy of movement proudly into the future. Her Dance performance with  accompanying artists will enthrall you at the Hathi Kund in Nahargarh!

Zila Khan


Popularly known as the Ustad Ma, the Sufi legend Zila Khan will take the class on the basics of appreciating traditional Indian music, as well enlightening the audiances on the history and legacy of classical Indian music in ‘The Grammar of Music’ workshop on the second day of the festival.
She is the Ruhani Beghum from the movie Bajirao Mastani 🙂

Maati Baani


Be it folk, jazz, world music, blues or rock, Maati Baani seamlessly blends these styles to bring together diverse listeners from across genres and nationalities. Their new video-album series is the first of its kind in the world, featuring more than 70 artistes across 20 countries collaborating with them via internet.

Ustad Hakim Khan 


Ustad Hakim Khan is one of the last and the most prolific Kamaicha players left in the world. He has also trained his son, Bariam Khan, who was also one of his first students.
Kamaicha is a string instrument made of mango wood, featuring a round resonator covered in goat leather. His 400 year old instrument is fashioned simply, yet capable of a rich and complex depth of sound. While the maestro lives a humble life in Hadwa today, he once resided in Paris and travelled the globe, imparting his wisdom and prowess to students from around the world. Are you excited to hear the maestro’s Khamaicha?

Rajeev Raja Combine


Rajeev Raja, who holds this ‘huge’ name in the world of musicians, is one of the best Jazz and Fusion flautists in India. His fusion band with elements from various styles like Jazz, Indian classical, Latin, etc is something not to be missed. They are coming to Ranthambore to enthrall you with the powerful rhythms and spontaneous syncopation.

Gafoor Khan– the Khartal king


India’s foremost Khartaal performer, Ustaad Gafoor Khan is the name no unknown. The palm-sized instrument, forged in his own family creates the  ‘Heartbeat of the Desert’, when played!
Dive into the sea of music and get smitten by the tales of centuries past as this celebrated folk musician puts on a mesmerizing performance with his vocals, harmonium and khartaal’s mastery.

Fabrizio Cassol 


Born in Ougrée, Belgium, Fabrizio Cassol is a celebrated saxophonist and composer, whose work spans opera, theatre and dance. Cassol is the true pillar of the Belgian jazz scene, when plays with the chords, leaves everyone in love with saxophone and the saxophonist.

You’ll get to experience the mesmerizing convergence of East and West, when Zila Khan & The Nomads join forces with The Rajeev Raja Combine, along with Fabrizio Cassol for a riveting performance that will take the listeners on the journey to the best of both worlds.

Folk Music Performances by the Folk Artists discovered by Ranthambore Festival team


Ranthambore Festival is promoting the unidentified talent of folk artists from the remotes of Rajasthan’s desert. It is to provide them a platform to showcase their skills. You’ll get to listen to the Tales from the tribe by Hakam Khan, Lalu Khan, Kutla Khan Mansamram and many others and Indigenous Folk Music by Latif Khan, Adrim Khan, Ramzan Khan and other musicians.  Get ready for an euphonious experience!

Neeraj Arya’s Kabir Café


Neeraj Arya’s Kabir Cafe is a five piece, neo-fusion band that includes a folk singer, a Carnatic violinist, a freestyle drummer and a self-taught mandolin player. Each member contributes his disparate musical background to create their unique contemporary fusion sound. Together, they revive the timeless verses of the great poet Kabir by weaving them together with rock, fusion, pop and reggae styling. They released their debut album Pancharang last year to much applause.

Sufi Performance by Rajasthan Police


Last but never the least! Rajasthan Police’s Sufi avatar is back again to steal the show. Their performance in the  South Asian Sufi Festival at Jaipur can still be cherished :), but this time they are promising it to be entirely different from the usual!

So what’s still keeping you at bay? Get your passes and plunge into the magic of world’s greatest musicians, for the course of  three days of celebrating the music, literary sessions and wildlife. Register here:

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Jaipur Artist Era Tak Launches First Book

Era Tak, a renowned artist from pink city, recently launched her first book titled, ‘Raat Paheli’, during an international book fair at Delhi, on 10 January, 2017. The book was unveiled by the chief guest of the event, Leeladhar Mandloi, and other VIP guests Prem Bharadwaj, Jyotish Joshi, Geetashri and Pallav.


The book launch saw reputed attendees like Renu Agarwal, Anant Vijay, Bharat Tiwari, Rama Bharti, Indu Singh, Mahesh Bharadwaj, Pritpal Kaur, Kavita Purshottam Agarwal among others. On the occasion, Prem Bhardwaj, editor of Paakhi, said that “Era’s stories are very fresh and based on the youth of today. They are simple yet sensitive. Her work showcases a strong understanding of human relationships.”


Geetashri mention that Era is a rebel with a direction. Post the book launch, Pallav opined that her stories are like a breath of fresh air. The book Raat Paheli is a compilation of seven stories, which include, Raat Paheli, Love Davadol, Patak, Chaand Paas Hai, Faisla and Dikhava Live.


Era Tak, apart from being a painter and writer, is also a poet. In the past two of her poetry collections, Mere Priya and Anchua Khwab, had also been published. A short 28 minute film based on another story by her, titled Flirting Mania was selected by JIFF and was recently showcased on 9th January 2017 at Golecha, Jaipur.


Era Tak is currently settled in Mumbai. Adding another feather to her cap, she is set to launch a novel too.

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7 Ways to Celebrate Makar Sankranti Jaipur-style.

How is Makar Sankranti different here in Jaipur than the rest of the country? We have put together a small list of unusual experiences that you can get only in Jaipur on 14th/15th of January. Travel to Jaipur or if already in Jaipur, live out the day completely and enjoy Sankranti Jaipur-style.


1. Galtaji temple & Sun Temple: The day is celebrated to venerate the ‘Sun’ god and the best way to do that is to rise with the morning sun and visit the 16th Century Galta Ji & the Sun temple located on the outskirts of the old city. If not early morning, go anytime of the day on Makar Sankranti. Be adventurous and trek up the small hill to the temple exiting the City through Surajpol & Galtaji gate. On reaching the hill, descend down into the valley where the temple is actually located. On Makar Sankranti, it is considered especially auspicious to take a dip in the 7 holy Kunds / water tanks located in this stunning Complex. While you are there, you might as well do some Surya Namaskars & get your quota of Vitamin D and all the other health benefits from the blessed rays of the Sun. Maybe just for today, you can go a little easy on the Sub-Block. 😀


2. Kite Bazaars of Jaipur:- Home of the handcrafted -Visit the Kishanpol Bazar and Haldiyon Ka Rasta as they come alive decked up in colorful Kites of all shapes and sizes ready for Makar Sankranti. To be truly called a ‘Patangbaaz’ in Jaipur, you have to have visited the ‘Handipura’ bazar near sitting between the Badi Chaupar and Ramganj Chaupar of the Parkota/walled city of Jaipur. Laden with thousands of kites of all shapes, sizes and colors this market which remains quiet otherwise, peaks up just before Sankranti. The kite lovers carrying their exploits in bundles of 50s & 100s on top of their heads to last an entire day of Kite fights is a sight to behold. As you hear the fading notes of the Azaan at Handipura, intermingled with the excited chatter of seasoned yet passionate negotiations between the smiling shopkeeper & the Patangbaaz, the glowing yellow bulbs suddenly start coming alive in the shops all around. You can be sure that the same passion will be spilled across the colorful dotted sky on Makar Sankranti and every kite will rise high and zealously fight to remain the last kite flying. It’s an incredibly infectious energy to carry with you.


3. Kite festivals: Two amazing venues to enjoy the Kite festival at two incredibly picturesque locations in the city. One is the 3-day kite festival on the terrace of City Palace starting 12th January and the other is on the Jal Mahal Promenade on the 14th of January between 11-2 pm. Do not miss this opportunity to see the kites fight it out in these incredible locations.


4. Hot air Balloon Ride: Rise up in the Sky with the sun or come during sundown. Get a bird’s eye view of the city and the colorful dotted skies of Jaipur by taking a hot air balloon ride. It takes one up for an hour and needless to say, that is all the sun & view you need. As the sun descends the skies are filled with lit and glowing paper lantern kites or ‘Tukkals’, a stunning sight to behold & an experience beyond comparison. Be sure to grab the best sky seats in the house, today.


5. Nahar Garh: City’s favorite haunt, some of the best pictures of the city are taken from this vantage point. Perched high atop a hill forming a picturesque background to the Jal Mahal, one gets a beautiful view of the whole city from here.Whether it’s the kites or the lights of the city, there isn’t a better spot on land to see the colors of festivities from.

6. Laxmi Narayan Temple: The gods are celebrating the day too.The famous Laxminarayan temple at Badi Chaupar in the Parkota is celebrating a 3 day Kite Festival starting 12th Jan. Decorated & bedecked with a multitude of kites all around, the idols of lord Laxminarayan and goddess Laxmi will be seen holding a Gold Kite and a Silver Charkhi.


7. Your friend’s Terrace: Beg, borrow, plead and get an invite to a local’s or a friend’s all day terrace Kite flying party. Stocked with umpteen kites, Maanjhas, Food, and Music, the entire family comes together on this day to picnic out in the open and spend the day taking in the sun & fighting the super competitive ‘Kite Wars’. The delicious feast includes Daal Ke Pakore, Til Ke Ladoo, Daal- Baati-Churma, Bajre Ka Khichra, Sooji Ka Sheera, Paushbara, Pheeni, Gajak and Rewari to name a few. With chairs, Chataais, friends, family and laughter all around, it is one fun-filled & much-awaited festival.

Take in the spirit of this exciting festival, Jaipur’s style, this is special to hold on to in your memories forever.