Home Cafe by Mr. Beans – The pioneer of cafe culture in Jaipur City

If we rewind the timeline of Jaipur almost 13 years back, we will find that the pink city has already had a rendezvous with its first café, Mr. Beans. No doubt that in a very short while, Mr. Beans became the most famous place for young generation to hang out with friends while munching on their favorite snacks and having great coffee. Fast Forward to 2017 Mr. Beans has converted itself into Home Café by Mr. Beans, a full-fledged diner where along with an amazing Tea Parlor and mouth watering snacks you can also have a full meal if you choose to.



Very recently Home Café by Mr. Beans introduced a winter menu to their list and Jaipur Beat got a chance to be a part of the tasting session for the same. Now we couldn’t be happier as we at Jaipur Beat are big foodies however we got even happier once we reached Home Café and saw the menu, as some of the most delicious dishes were mentioned on the menu and we couldn’t just wait for it to start.

As if somebody just heard our tummies talking, we were immediately served with very delicious carrot and ginger soup and what next the appetizer did its job and we became hungrier to binge on all the delicacies that were coming our way.


Among the starters we were served with amazing Gouda Chilli Jam Crostini, Grilled Chicken Sausages, the oh so delicious Baked brie Parcel and truffle wedges. Winters or no winters, we could munch on these amazing dishes in every whether.


The starters were then followed by scrumptious main course. Now, there are only two moments when your heart skips a beat one is when you see pizza coming your way and second is when you see pizza coming your way…we mean nothing else can ever make you feel so happy then Pizza. In our case, Pizza is Bae, stands true. So, when the classic Pizza Margherita was served, everybody had their eyes on it and we bet you that Home Café by Mr. Beans is one of the finest places to have it in the city. Along with it we got to taste Funghi & Cheese Ravioli, Herbed Risotto with Cherry Tomato and Basil, Grilled Rosemary & Thyme Chicken with Ramekin Eggs.


By the time we finished our main course everyone realized that we had eaten more than we could. Nobody seemed to regret that because as soon as we were asked for desserts everybody was ready to taste their Belgian Waffles served with honey and cream and not to forget the Dark Chocolate Cheesecake. Yes and unfortunately there was an end to eating after that but not before we tasted their amazing Organic rose Tea. The best end one could have ever imagined.


By the time you come to this section of the blog we are sure most of you must have already rushed out to visit Home café to munch on their new dishes and indulge yourself in the most sought after luxury called food. For those of you who haven’t please do so if you do not wish to miss out on one of the best cafes in Jaipur.




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