Jaipur’s ‘Neki Ki Deewar’ Stands Like A Boon In Winters

The pink city Jaipur has always been synonymous with beauty and heritage, however, at times when we see the city walls covered in urine, spit or hidden behind a pile of garbage, we all wish this could change. But there is someone who has made this wish come true. This winter, A.G. Colony Kalyan Samiti in association with Nerolac has brought to life an innovative idea to paint city walls and that too for a noble cause.

It is mid January and the temperature has hit a new low in Jaipur. People cannot even find warmth in their homes under their blankets. In such a situation, what the people who live on streets must be going through is indescribable.


The Kalyan Samiti has chosen a wall in the city at A.G. colony, Bajaj Nagar, which is centrally located. Nerolac has painted the wall beautifully and how? The wall is painted in beautiful colors and is brought to life with beautiful pictures of men, women and kids. The wall is not only painted, it is also decorated with hooks coming out of it. This is the first wall in pink city which is named too. The wall is titled, ‘Neki ki Deewar’ aka Wall of Kindness. The idea behind it is to create a space where people can leave their old warm clothes on the wall so that others in need can pick them up and save themselves from winter’s wrath.


When team Jaipur Beat visited this place, we saw a few people stepping out of the car and leaving some of their good clothes (in good condition) here. Also, a man walking past this wall innocently browsed through the clothes to see if anything would fit him but walked away when it did not. The wall is divided into sections and all sections have been painted with simple yet powerful quotes of kindness. The beauty of the wall does not lie in its design, it lies in the compassion that this city wall supports.


All we can say after seeing this incredible amalgamation of design and kindness is that however cold the temperature might get in pink city, kind acts like these will always keep us warm.


We are sure if you watch it you will feel the same way as we do.


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