Fashion Trending at Jaipur Literature Festival

The day three at Jaipur Literature Festival has started and the media is abuzz with the news of celebrities, who are attending the festival and what they said, apart from that the news at JLF, which people can’t stop talking about is the Fashion at JLF. Since Jaipur Lit Fest has thrown people into frenzy about what they should wear to the event, Jaipur Beat shares some fashionable looks from the event that can guide you on how to dress up for the upcoming days at the event.

1.) Nerdy+Quirky – At JLF we spotted a lot of people sporting fashion, as per their own sense of style, rather than going by the book. This young girl, in her quirky yet stylish attire, made the contemporary fashion look too old.


2.) Lost in Fashion – We spotted this beautiful look at JLF and more than the off shoulder dress, which is obviously making a bold statement, what caught our attention was the red lips. After all this is one fashion trend that can make you stand out every single time.


3.) Tribal Connection – The whole going back to the roots, in the fashion industry, has bought back to life the tribal fashion. The loud tribal jewelry neck pieces and the funky rings are here to catch everybody’s attention.


4.) The Kitsch – The kitsch is an important element of the fashion world currently and we got to witness it at Jaipur Literature Festival as well. The bold and beautiful prints, the peculiar nose ring and the regular cut pants, every detail of styling here, looks as if they belong together.


5.) For the Love of Silver – Gold is out and silver is in. You can easily spot many women at JLF sporting silver jewelry. This one was our best pick among them. The silver waist-band, rings, and bangles add oomph to the beautiful skirt.


6.) All Weather Prints – This is one fashion statement that has been around for a while and we think it is here to stay. Team your favorite long printed skirt with a plain top, wear smile and you are ready to go to Jaipur Literature Festival.


7.) Layer it Up – It is winters and you definitely need to layer up if you plan to step out of your house. But you can do it in style like our muse here. Wear a bold color and add contrast with a printed stole.


8.) Make a statement – One big fashion trend that we saw at JLF was statement pieces. Probably the easiest way to make a statement is by adding a statement neck piece to your ensemble. You can also add some color to your look by wearing bright colored pair of shoes like her.


9.) Ripped – If nothing else works for you, using a pair of your old distressed jeans with a cool jacket, will. This was one of the coolest trends that we spotted at JLF. Good enough to keep you warm and cool enough to get you noticed.


Hope this helps you to prep yourself up for Jaipur Literature Festival

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