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Max Fashion To Have Two New Destinations in Jaipur

Jaipur loves fashion and fashion loves Jaipur back. 🙂 Let’s agree that fashion is no more a one time affair that we care about only around weddings and festivals. Men, Women & even children today love to look their fashionable best everyday. Keeping up with the trend and the changes, that happen every day in the fashion industry has to offer, is the desire of every one.

However, the question isn’t how fashion forward we are, the question is how to keep up with the changing trends and stay updated on fashion front. Well, Jaipur is lucky in these terms as we do not have to face such issues. All we need to do is to head to Max Fashion and pick up clothes and accessories of our choice. 🙂 Whether we have to dress up for a presentation at office, a coffee date, a casual hangout with friends or a festival, we always get something to wear at this store and that too at affordable prices.max-3 max-1

Max Fashion

Max is a leading fashion brand offering customers a one stop shop for clothing, accessories and footwear requirements of everyone including men, women and children. Max, a fashion brand by Landmark Group has pioneered the concept of ‘Latest fashion at great prices’ in the country, thereby offering the discerning shopper a vast choice with international fashion & quality. The store ambiance offers an international shopping experience making shopping for the entire family an absolute delight. Globally Max has over 350 stores across 16 countries and in India, Max has more than 160 stores across 60 cities.max-2

The Launch 

Max Fashions store present heart of the city at MGF Mall, isn’t new to anyone in the city. We have all been there for our apparel, accessories and footwear requirements. The brand is now all set to launch two new stores, in the city at, Pink Square Mall and Triton Mall. The stores will be launched on 1st March by none other then our very own, Balika Vadhu fame, TV actor from Jaipur, Smita Bansal. The opening of new stores not only brings more international fashion options for the citizens of the Pink city but also makes these trends more accessible to people. For all the fashion enthusiasts this is the time to be there and celebrate fashion at Jaipur.img-20170227-wa0002

What’s in Store for Jaipurites?

The opening of such a grand store that brings in the latest trends to your favorite malls is definitely an advantage to you. The high end collection at Max Fashions available at the most competitive prices covers women’s ethnic and western apparel & accessories, men’s wear and kids wear. This makes the store a 360 degree outlet for all you family’s fashion requirements. All we can suggest now is to throw away your anxieties about keeping up with the trends, and make the most of these upcoming Max Fashion stores in our city.max-4

All the fashion lovers in the city, get ready to shop till you drop. The Fashion fiesta starts on 1st of March. 🙂

Venue: Pink Square Mall: 12 P.M. Onward

Venue: Triton Mall: 2:00 P.M. Onward

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7 Powerful Speakers at TEDx Jaipur

It’s important to remember that setbacks, failures, and tragedies are a part of life. But finding joy and success in the daily struggle of life is largely dependent on our ability to persevere through even during the toughest adversity without ever giving up.

Jaipur witnessed various stories during TED’s first Global , ‘TEDx Anchor event in Jaipur –The Unseen’  by speakers who were in Pink City for the event at Hotel Clarks Amer on Saturday 25 Feb, 2017. They tried to tackle society’s toughest questions, answering with innovation, and optimism. Let’s meet top 7 speakers who have embraced the pain and burnt it as fuel for their journey called LIFE.

  1. Harsh Songra- Different Ability harsh

A 20-year-old founder of My Child App, an app that screens developmental disorders in 10 seconds was developed by Harsh, who himself was Diagnosed with Dyspraxia at the age of 9. It took years for parents to understand their boy is suffering from. Having a child with disability and dealing with the stigma in our society is still a big deal. For a 10 year boy, not going to play outside, not being able to eat noodles on his own and repeatedly told by teachers to parents to look for some school for disabled children for their son was neither easy to understand nor to deal with. But for some there is positivity in everything and here he was ; who became best friend with his computer and at the age of 19, Harsh created ‘My Child’ App to help parents diagnose developmental disorders in their children in just 45 seconds. The app helps in connecting those millions of parents who had similar questions about their children suffering from development disorders.

2. Mallika Ahluwalia– Preserving Memories


For all of us history is all about the rulers, the monuments created by the ruling king but Mallika is one such person who made us realize that history all about the people who lived during those times and who have no mention in history books. When we read about the History of partition, it is only about Jinnah, Nehru or other political leaders but what about the people who lived during those times? During India Pakistan partition, the people living at both sides just moved leaving their past behind holding no future in hands. This thought led Mallika to create the world’s first museum to remember the Partition of India. The Partition Museum has opened its doors at the Town Hall in Amritsar. She shared her heartwarming story about her own great grand father and other family members who had shared the trauma of displacement when they left Lahore packing life in one suitcase with a thought that they will soon be back and the rest is history. The memories they never shared with anyone. Now the museum treasures memories of migrated families who braved themselves to stand up again from scratch after migration.

3. Manisha KoiralaTake Life as God’s Gift, value it


She was the face with which we all were familiar. Dressed in long dark brown frilled kurti with neatly tied hair in a bun, she looked strong and content. Her success story we all have seen and heard but what she shared was her battle for life, for career, for health. Manisha Koirala lost everything. It was a trying time, when she was diagnosed with cancer, and it was this battle with cancer, which caused her to look deep within herself & find a new way of living, the way of joyful living.

She further shared- During her illness, one lady used to visit her in the hospital everyday, she asked her the reason for her regular visits, knowing she is not even her fan or family or friend. Her answer touched her –so that you too can do this for someone one day. She realized and made it a point to be with the person who will be happy to have you on your side especially during the troubled times. As that is the one way you can give back to the society.

4. Nidhi Chaphekar – An eye for an eye is not the answer


Nidhi, a Jet Airways Crew member became one of the most iconic images of the Brussels Terror Attack. Overcoming the horror of that fateful day, Nidhi believes that the attack made her rethink and discover the true meaning of life. Though she cannot forgive the attackers but she strongly advocates that revenge is not an answer. When for the first time she looked in the mirror after the terror attack she couldn’t believe that it is her face. The trauma was enough to think it’s better to die than to live. But with family support and her own will power, she gathered the strength to live and today her words were more than inspiring to motivate all of us present at TedX.

5. Jagdeep Chhokar Truth about democracy

Former Director – in Charge of IIM, Ahmedabad and co-founder of Association of Democratic Reforms


Prof. Chhokar has been central to ADR’s success in bringing political parties under the ambit of RTI and the Supreme Court ruling barring convicted criminals from contesting elections. He talked about the grave issues like black money, to improve governance and strengthen democracy by continuous work in the area of electoral and political reforms.

He talked about the legitimacy of our elected representatives. Do our elected representatives really “represent” us? In his speech, he insisted, if you favor none of the party during elections don’t compromise select ‘NOTA’ as that will force political parties to bring worthy candidates for contesting elections.

6. Vikas Agnihotri – Decoding Human Behavior 

Vikas Agnihotri .JPG

Google search is nothing new for any one of us but what insights came from Vikas was really mind boggling depending upon the human behavior. At the time of New Year, googlers were more specific to what should be their New Year resolution, followed by Diet, health and Exercise in the first month of the year, the online behavior keeps changing with changing month and with Valentine month the googlers were inclined towards – How to Kiss, What to gift … itwas seriously hilarious but true.

7. Laxmi Aggrawal – Stop Acid Attacks


She was just 15 years old when attacked by a 32 year old man. An acid attack survivor, Laxmi took the cause and struggled to win the case in Apex Court on restrictions on the sale of acid. Despite the regulations, not much changed on ground and acid continues to be available in open market. Laxmi is now fighting another battle by means of Right of Information Act and acquiring data concerning acid sale in each district in India. She aims to apprise the Supreme Court of the actual ground situation with this data.


The ideas shared have the power to change attitudes, lives and, ultimately, the world!



Talabgaon- A Castle near Jaipur that tells a story!

Can we live the life of a story in real that we often hear- about the castle, the king and his queen? This one castle is the closest thing you will get to a fairy taleIf you are the one who bonds with the same feeling and want to take a Pause and walk where the life is kingly but peaceful; then stop parking yourself in front of the TV this weekend and get set go for some naturalistic experience to recharge your tired mind and soul.

We are just back with this great escape so definitely we are here to share our experience of this place which is not very far from Jaipur, Rajasthan. There’s is something overly romanticized about the castle and is waiting to be readHere’s  bringing you, a weekend getaway from Jaipur – Talabgaon Castle !talabgaon-1

Way to Talabgoan-On Kaithun – Lalsoth road just 75 km away from Jaipur there exist a small village’ Talabgaon’. In the land of desert even the name ‘Talab’ that means pond is enough to charge you up. Just 15 km before Lalsoth, on NH 11 keep a watch for a right hand side turn towards the village Talabgaon and drive for another 3 km. Crossing the green fields, you will enter into a village with many chai stalls and few people. Women clad with orange ‘Odhini’ are a sight to behold.

FullSizeRender 8.jpg
Tractor ride by villagers

Before you could even realize here you are- standing in front of a Castle –Talabgaon Castle Heritage Resort– a beautifully restored fort built in the year 1818.


As you enter into the gigantic gate of this castle the gleaming white walls, beguiling architecture, ample tall trees and the ever-graceful peacocks will come forth to welcome you. The chirping of birds will let you know that you are most welcome by the natural wanderers of this resort. Just like them we too were excited to see not just our room but also the entire resort so as to unfold the charm that it holds.

talabgoab 6.jpg

After settling down with all formalities the manager took us for a sundown stroll through the castle gardens where we captured some gorgeous sunsets.

Sunset View from Polo Ground


Along with the stroll we kept listening to the stories about the village, the resort, why it is named Talabgaon. It was amazing to see the huge pond (man made) where the water is collected and used later and that’s why it is called talabgaon.


The place also hosts a polo tournament every year in the month of April on their own polo field, (Owners are professional Polo League Players) in the memory of owner’s son, who died at a very young age and his passion for Polo was followed with the incomplete venture of creating the Polo Ground there.

Manicured lawn where we were served lunch

Further, we moved towards organic farm and we were told that all the produces of that farm are used in the hotel kitchen, even the dairy products. The people and the land contribute to the richness of the rural experience. The staff is mainly from the local village, use of local produces and organic things was well reflected in its food which was prepared tastefully not just one but all the meals.

Organic Farm at Talabgaon

In between lots of birds, peacocks, parrots there was one stunning Ostrich inside the premises. We were told that it was found somewhere near the jungle where wild dogs were after him so they safely brought him here.


During night, you can ask for starlit buffet being served at the roof top under the starry nighty and we bet there is nothing as comforting and soothing for your senses; your taste buds relishing the delicacies served on your platter, your eyes on a sojourn gazing the stars and your ears are plugged to the soft melodies echoing in the distance from across the desert. During day time swim in the immense pool that glistens with the day’s final pink and crimson hues.

Day shot of the place where we had Dinner

Epitomizing a perfect mélange of plush amenities and the best of nature, one can enjoy a relaxing and tranquil weekend with friends and family. Believe us, nothing else can give you the peace of mind the way the serenity of this resort would. The place comes with a promise to transport you to another enchanting world filled with joyful moments in a beautiful natural setting. Don’t expect five star style efficiency though but the ambience will leave you alone with your thoughts as you explore all the tiny details that make it so unique.


Infinity Pool at Talabgaon


View of Jharokha’s
Polo Bar at Talabgaon Castle Heritage Resort

If you are a photographer you would definitely love to pick up your camera and capture the amazing natural vistas surrounding the castle, capture the village life during the village safari!

Talabgoan Story

The history behind Talabgaon Castle began in the early 18th century when Thakur Sardul Singh Kupawat Rathore of Ramasari, Jodhpur came to visit his relatives of Samodh with his army and servants. After staying in Jaipur with his relatives for several months war broke out between the States of Jaipur and Jodhpur over the much sought after Sambhur Lake which was rich in salt deposits. As they had eaten “the salt” of Jaipur the code of honor among Rajput’s would demand that they join the Jaipur side in the war and uphold this honorary tradition by fighting along side them. However, doing so would compromise his position in the Jodhpur Court. 

In order to maintain his great loyalty he first sought approval to fight from Maharaja of Jodhpur and it was granted. As fate would have it the war was won by Jaipur and in honor of the true valor and loyalty shown by Thakur Sardul Singh ji Rathore and his men, the “Jagir” or Thikana (State) of Talabgaon, and its adjoining villages, were bestowed upon him to rule over. Talabgaon Castle, which stands today, was built in 1900 by Thakur Vijay Singh ji Rathore, a direct decedent, and remains in the family today. Talabgaon is the only Jagir of Kupawat Rathors in the erstwhile State of Jaipur Rajputana, India.

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The Fervor of Mahashivratri in Jaipur

Shiva being one of the 3 gods of the holy trinity of Brahma, Vishnu & Mahesh, Mahashivratri is a big festival in India. Shiva with a crescent on his head, the holy Ganga flowing out of his hair, snake around his neck, a Trishul in one hand and a Damru in the other, flying hair and dancing as ‘Natraja’ is a symbolic representation of the Universe or the 5 elements of Nature. In Shiva temples, it is depicted as a ‘ Shivalinga’ which is the ‘Shiva Tattva’ or the God particle.

Jaipur with its 3500 old temples (over at least 100 years old) is endearingly called ‘Choti Kashi’ & undoubtedly has its own tradition of celebrating Mahashivratri in the city.

Though the whole city would be celebrating the festival, If you happen to be in Jaipur on the 24th of February, we have a list of temples for you to visit on Mahashivratri and celebrate the day with Jaipur.

1. Eklingeshwar Temple, Moti Doongri:

bjbAtop the ‘Moti Dungri’ temple, it forms a beautiful skyline to the new Jaipur city. This beautiful temple located inside the Moti dungri hill is accessible to the public only once a year on Mahashivaratri. Be there early morning as the queue to reach the temple gets really long, really fast. The devotees will flock temples to bathe the Shivlinga with water, milk, and honey; offer bel-leaves, and take a vow for purification of the soul.

2. Gaiteshwar Temple, Bramhapuri near Gaitore ki Chattriyan


image courtesy- google

Located in Gaitore ki Chattriyan, Gaiteshwar Mahadev is a popular Shiva Temple in Jaipur. During Mahashivratri a large crowd of devotees comes here to worship Lord Shiva. Also, a big classical Bhajan evening would be organized here by the Gaiteshwar Kala Sansthan on Mahashivartri, invoking lord Shiva.

3. Ambikeshwar Mahadev Temple, Amer, Jaipur

untitled-5This temple situated in the Amer Fort of Jaipur holds great religious importance in Jaipur. To reach the temple one has to climb down steps as this is one of the few temples situated below the ground level. It is believed that the Shivling here is a natural one which was founded buried 22ft under the earth.

untitled-4The legend has it the King Kankil Dev had a cow that gave milk only at this particular spot on the hill. The King then decided to get the place excavated. During the excavation a Shivling was found, the temple was thus constructed & the Shivling lies at the same place, devotees have to peek inside to see the Shivlinga which is now encased by a circular hole. It is believed during the monsoon season, the Shivlinga submerges in 10ft water.


4. Tarkeshwar Mahadev, Temple, Chaura Rasta

untitled-8One of the oldest temples in the pink city is Tarkeshwar Ji Temple Chora Rasta which was built in 1784 A.D with a Black stone of 9” diameter.

untitled-7One of the main attractions here includes an imposing statue of Shiva Lingam and golden pictographs along with huge bull statue made of brass, large bronze gongs and beautiful bells.

5. Pracheen Bhavya Dwadash Jyotirling Temple, Amer, Jaipur

untitled-2 One of the old temples of Jaipur, it is located ahead of Ambikeshwar temple in Amer, near the Jagat Shiromani Temple. As you walk up the ramp and then the steps to the temple, you enter a beautiful courtyard which houses a small marble shiva linga guarded by a copper snake, marble Nandi, and a Trishul-damru. A small dried tree almost fans over it in the shape of a snake.

untitled-3As you move inside the inner sanctum of the Temple, idols of goddess Parvati, lord Ganesha, and a beautiful marble Shivaling with chaturmukh Shiva is seen in the temple. A very peaceful temple to visit.

6. Kala Mahadev Temple, Jaipur – Surrounded by Aravalli Hills, Kala Mahadev Temple is unlike any other Shiva Temple in Jaipur, It is believed that Maharaja Man Singh ordered the construction of this temple following all the Tantric rituals. Open from all four sides, this holy shrine is known for offers a beautiful view of the Jaipur city. The Shivlinga is the presiding idol here along with a statue of Nandi, Goddess Parvati, God Ganesha and Kartikeya. The nearby Kanak Valley and Kanak Vrindavan make the temple extremely peaceful & blissful to visit.

A large number of devotees observe a strict fast on the day sans food and water to absolve them of all the sins by penance. This festival is celebrated by both men & women of the Hindu community. After fasting for the whole day, they devotedly pray to the God. Married women perform the rituals for the well-being of their husbands. Unmarried girls perform these rituals to get a good husband like Lord Shiva. Few people fast without food or water, while others fast eating only bananas & milk.

Some of the Lord Shiva temples observe Jaagaran during the whole night of Mahashivaratri. Only after daybreak, the various foods offered to the Lord are eaten by the devotees as ‘Prasad’.

Here is hoping you all have a blissful Mahashivratri.


22 Rooftop Restaurants in Jaipur That You Just Won’t Get Enough Of

Among other things, one luxury that the people of Jaipur have is to be able to spend time at a beautiful rooftop restaurant, enjoy a good meal, coffee or drinks, in the company of people they love, without being bothered by pollution or too many tall buildings 🙂 The city boasts of some of the best rooftop restaurants in the country, which are spread across the city. Here are few of our favorites, among them.

1.) Jai’pour Café & Bar – The latest favorite rooftop of the people of Jaipur is, Jai’pour café and bar, a place that transfers one to the land of Greece. Its not just the interiors of the place that remind you of Greece but the beautiful bougainvillea, 🙂 which are spread across the rooftop. This place not only serves some amazing dishes to eat but is also famous for the variety of drinks that it offers to its customers. Apart from the varied menu, the place is also credited to introduce the first alcoholic Buntas in the city.

Venue: Devraj Niwas, Khasa Kothi


2.) House of People – With the popularity that this rooftop has gained as one of the best nightlife spaces in the city; it undoubtedly becomes one of the first choice while planning a night out with friends. With a great resident DJ, decent ambiance and hospitable staff this place is a wonderful choice to spend your evenings.

Venue: Sahkar Marg



3.) Skylights Café – With a beautiful view of the city from the top to its wonderful and comfortable ambiance, everything is picture perfect at this café. The café overall has an amazing vibe and soothing ambiance. The cafe has a beautiful selection of food on their menu from around the world. Their Waffles, Pizza and delectable selection of quirky burgers are a must try, if you visit this place.

Venue: Ajmer Road


4.) F Bar & Lounge– One of the most high end restaurants in Jaipur with a beautiful rooftop seating, set around an open Swimming Pool, F Bar can easily pass to be one of the most exciting places to be at. Publicized as an ideal destination for party lovers of the city, F Bar offers people a fashionable ambiance, a handpicked menu and the best of party music and live performances.

Venue: M.I. Road


5.) 3 D’s Resto Lounge– 3 D’s Resto lounge is the first independent rooftop lounge in the city. Not only this, it is one of the highest rooftops in the city as well. Located 32 meters above ground, this place gives the best 360 degree view of the city. The rooftop is also known for their live Italian counter, making it one of the favorites for the foodies of Jaipur. Apart from the delicious food, this is the place to best enjoy the nightlife in the city.

Venue: Malviya Nagar


6.) Hitbhuk Mitbhuk – Since the main reason behind hanging out in a restaurant is food, here is a rooftop that offers the most experimental and scrumptious of delicacies to its customers. It is the one restaurant in the city that offers fusion food. The delicious food items available here have an imprint of both European and Indian food culture. The best element of this restaurant is that they try out a new dish every day and in every few weeks they revise their menu to keep updated. Not only this, it is one of the most vertically spread restaurant of the city too.

Venue: Bapu Nagar


7.) Tapri – Located centrally, this is a rooftop cafe, which everyone of you must have visited atleast once. It won’t be wrong if we say the most popular place in town and why not, after all this is the place that serves the simplest of snacks in the most twisted and tasty manner. Whether it is their famous Vada Pao or Tadka Maggi, we all love to binge on their yummy menu, every now and then. Tapri’s location offer you with treat for you eyes too as it offers you the view of beautiful central park and National Flag. 🙂 

Venue: C-Scheme


8.) Le spring – This recently opened rooftop has gained popularity in the city, in a short span of time. The ambiance of the place has a European feel to it. Known for its non-veg specialties and amazing food presentation, this place definitely deserves to be among the top rooftops of the city.

Vaishali Nagar


9. ) Replay Jaipur– Located at Tonk Road, this should definitely be on the top of the list of people who love dining out in open air. The restaurant is dictated by beautiful ambiance, nice music, super delicious food and great drinks. Whether it is a romantic date, drinks with friends or just a casual dinner, the place works out to be the best for everything.

Venue: Tonk Road


10.) Cocoa House café – With an impressive ambiance and a pocket friendly menu, this is one of the most favored rooftops, by the youth of Jaipur. All the young girls and boys of the city, who are planning out their farewell parties or birthdays, can definitely choose this place to celebrate.

Venue: Tonk Road


11.) Green Apple – A vegetarian rooftop restaurant, located in Malviya Nagar, Green Apple, serves a delightful mix of North Indian, Italian, Chinese, Mexican and Continental cuisines. With comfortable seating and a wonderful vibe this is a place that you will want to visit again and again.

Venue: Malviya Nagar


12.) O2 – The Plant Café – As the name suggests this rooftop is decorated with many beautiful plants that add to a fresh atmosphere of the place. Apart from a lovely ambiance this rooftop is popular for its pocket friendly delights, which is exactly what one looks for, while choosing a hangout place.

Venue: Lal Kothi


13.) Mamu’s Infusion Restaurant-Probably this is the first rooftop restaurant of Jaipur that the foodie’s of Jaipur, think about, while planning a hangout. With an amazing mix of Italian, Chinese, North Indian and to die for Falafel Dish 🙂 , this place should be your first choice if you are a die hard foodie.

 Venue: C-Scheme


14.) Color bar– This place, with its amazingly beautiful, glowing neon furniture, does complete justice to its name. Its furniture is probably the most striking feature about this place. The best place to have drinks with your friends in the city.

Venue: Raddison Blu, Tonk road


15.) Blackout– Located in the heart of the city, at C-Scheme, this rooftop is one of amongst the most famous restaurants in the city. On any given weekend you can see this place jam packed with youngsters and regular days are also no different. If you are planning to have a gala weekend with friends and enjoy a good drink, Blackout is the place to be.

Venue: C-Scheme


16.) Calzone- Dine & Rooftop Lounge – A beautiful and subtle rooftop, which is an ideal place to have family dinners. There are many rooftops in the city where you can go around and have a crazy time with your friends, however if you are looking forward to a comparatively quieter and subtle evening, Calzone is the place to be.

Venue: Vidyadhar Nagar


17.) The Terrace Grill – If your idea of partying is to enjoy amazing barbecue delicacies under a starlit sky, then The Terrace Grill at Hotel Park Prime. The place is also quite apt for romantic couples, who wish to enjoy a good candle light dinner.

Venue: Hotel Park Prime, C-scheme


18.) Ta Blu – One of the oldest rooftops in the city, ta blu at Clarks Amer, is known for its upbeat ambiance and a wide variety of domestic and international liquor available for its customers. The ambiance of the place dominated by white and blue also echoes the rich heritage of the city. well, no doubt old is always gold.

Venue: Hotel Clarks Amer, JLN Marg


19.) Thirsty Owl- With a great mix of international cuisines like Mexican, Chinese and Lebanese, a hooka lounge, live music and live sports screening, Thirsty Own becomes the new favorite place for the youngsters in Jaipur. Located on a different end of the city, Vaishali Nagar, this rooftop gives a beautiful view of the recently developed Vaishali Nagar. The quirky artwork of owls, 🙂 with which this place is decorated, give the whole ambiance an eccentric feel.

Venue: Vaishali Nagar


20.) Jaipur Jungle- This is a place located in the city, which takes you away from the humdrum of the city, into the wildness of the jungle. The décor of the place may be inspired by the jungle but the place is very well furnished which adds to the elegance of the rooftop. The food choice offered at the place are dictated by North Indian dishes but it also offers some amazing Chinese and Italian delicacies.

Venue: Raja Park


21. ) District 9 Lounge– The best thing about this place is that it serves breakfast/quick bites, all day long. A place that serves veg, non veg, drinks and Hookah under one roof, should definitely be one of everyone’s favorite. Additionally if you get a dance floor to grove with your friends, everything becomes perfect. 🙂

Venue: Malviya nagar


22.) Courtyard cafe & Lounge – Courtyard is one of the best rooftop lounges in the city for dining out with your family. The rooftop has a contemporary ambiance and serves delicious food along with your favorite drinks, wine and beer. Furnished with the most charming interiors, Courtyard’s rooftop is divided beautifully into large segment where you can enjoy privacy with your loved ones.

Venue: Bapu Nagar


Hope this has made planning your weekends easy. 🙂




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Ilay Cooper cycles into the heart of Rajasthan

What do you get when you cross Indiana Jones (the fictional Archeologist & explorer) with a soul of a poet? Our guess is you get ‘Ilay Cooper’, the legendary British photojournalist who went bicycling 2000 KMs across Rajasthan in search of ‘Shekhawati ‘Paintings. In Jaipur, to share his exciting story of how Rajasthan converted him from a career in Mining to becoming an author, art historian & Photographer, he has written many books on Shekhawati Paintings.


In a light-hearted tête-à-tête organised at Jaipur Rugs which left Jaipur Beat completely mesmerized (sharing that common love for Rajasthan with Ilay) , he narrated many a escapades during his 15 year travel-travails & spoke about how during the process he encountered not just mythology in the paintings but also interesting events, interpretations, society, economy, perception and undeniable humor, almost reading them like newspapers columns dating back to the 17th century.


On a serious note, he also emphasized, how preservation of this rich cultural heritage of the state vis- a-vis its crafts, buildings, and art forms in the right way is of utmost importance, otherwise, we may only read about it as history in times to come.

He also mentioned how after documenting some 2260 buildings in Rajasthan, Ilay followed British army officers Lockett and Boileau’s 180-year-old trail ( They were in Shekhawati in 1831) recreating the past. Their mission was to inquire into and record the bandits affecting the local trade in 1831. This led to the founding of a ‘Shekhawati’ Brigade to suppress robbery and bring security to the local merchants. When peace and prosperity returned, the merchants commissioned fine buildings and, as a final touch, their walls were painted in this splendid art forrm. Both men are thus depicted in contemporary murals. An interesting anecdote of how a military mission finally led to an artistic one!

One thing is for sure, this colorful state can surely bring everybody’s passion for life to the forefront.


Jaipur Beat Clicked The Beautiful Pink city As An Exotic Backdrop For People’s Car – Volkswagen

Jaipur is called the pink city, but the truth is that this city is a thriving kaleidoscope of a gazillion colors. A living land beaming with monuments, history, forts, culture, infrastructure & some unexplored exotic locales, Jaipur renders a tale that engulfs every drop of beauty that has ever existed in human history. One such tale is narrated through this series of rare photographs where the German automobile and a paragon of class – Volkswagen, meets the city of royals and an epitome of culture, heritage and pure beauty – Jaipur.

  1. A geeky date with Jaipur –  Albert Hall Museum
    The white Volkswagen Beetle standing in front of the oldest museum of Rajasthan which is also the state museum Albert hall. The inside beauty of this museum is supplemented by the stunning view outside with a kit of pigeons always seen alight or flying around it.

2. Under the sunset sky beside Mansagar lake
    Mansagar lake – An artificial lake housing the famous Jalmahal Palace in the middle of it, constructed by                 damming the Dharbawati river, is a natural habitat for more than 150 species of local and migratory birds. Volkswagen Vento against the serene backdrop.

3. Rendezvous with the nostalgic picnic spot – Ramgarh
   Approximately 30 km away from Jaipur city, with the way cocooned by verdant trees on both sides, there lies          Ramgarh dam. A place which once had a sprawling artificial lake and would attract tourists like bees to honey, is    now dry but has managed to resume its freshness by the landscape, greenery and the famous Ramgarh lodge        which people rush to especially during monsoon and winters. Volkswagen Beetle and the great Banyan tree.

Volkswagen at Ramgarh, Jaipur
4. Parked beside a Bird’s paradise – Chandlai lake
Still less explored and a poet’s dream during rains, Chandlai lake boasts of having 8000 winter migratory birds       especially flamingos in the month of February. This surreal sight draws bird and nature lovers from all around         the city and tourists as well. Volkswagen GTI in front of Chandlai Lake.

Chandlai lake Jaipur

5. The one at the abode of tigers – Nahargarh Fort
The place where you might have seen the crazy ‘Paathshala’ dancing in Rang De Basanti and a romantic spot        in Shuddh Desi Romance, Nahargarh stays the best hangout place for residents of Jaipur especially in the              evenings.

Nahargarh & Volkswagen Jaipur
6. Cars + Culture + Camel 
The picture speaks for itself 😉
In front of Jalmahal Palace. Volkswagen Ameo and Vento cars and the ship of desert  at the back.

7. The epitome of development – World Trade Park
    A fantastically developed building with top notch shopping brands, food outlets, kiosks and what not, World Trade park is the best place to visit and to look at when you crave to see the metropolitan side of pink city 🙂

World Trade Park Jaipur

8. Revisiting the shining history – Amer Fort
     A capital of the state before Jaipur, the fort is a shining gem of the city especially in evenings during the Light & Sound show. When this Volkswagen Ameo was parked against this architectural marvel, this unforgettable sight was created.


A sincere thanks to Volkswagen and our beautiful, colorful city for letting us have this rare series of photographs to share with you 🙂

Do you want to come visit Jaipur right now ? 😉 Pack your bags !

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5 ‘Hatke’ Love Cafes in Jaipur for Valentine’s day.

At Jaipur Beat, we always get you a ‘Hatke’ list of things and places to visit whatever be the occasion. How could we not for Valentine’s day! Here is our list of some incredible, out of the box experiences and places to visit with your beloved on Valentine’s day special dinner date. ❤

1. Jai’pour Bar & Café:  Fly away to Mykonos! There is something about foreign locations which make falling in love almost inevitable. Remember DDLJ or Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara? Wouldn’t it be lovely to be able to take your beloved out of the country for a romantic Valentines’s dinner date? We think the gods heard you somewhere because you can do so right here in Jaipur by visiting this picturesque Mediterranean bar which reminds us of one of the Greek islands! Over an eclectic menu which includes Bantas,  Chuskis, and Woodfire Pizzas, here the love story of owners & husband -wife duo of Manish and Pallavi ensured every small detail of the Restaurant was personally chosen & kept utterly romantic. The menu has been designed by food connoisseur Ms. Divija Singh. A pristine Blue and White decor theme, large swings, fairy lights and tinsels under a starry sky, this is one love story waiting to happen.




Location: Bani Park, Jaipur

To know more, click here

2. Tattoo Café: Ink your love! Now Ink your love at this cool new Café called the Tattoo Café bang opposite the breathtaking ‘Hawa Mahal’. With amazing food coming out of the Juhi’s kitchen, the multi-talented chef cum tattoo artist at the tattoo cafe whose love for cooking & Karan’s passion for tattoos ( her husband cum tattoo artist cum owner of the cafe) led to this beautiful cafe coming into existence. Could the place be more romantic? Writing names of your girlfriend /boyfriend is completely a passé. Tattoo your love for life! Your passion, your philosophy, your inspiration for life! Imagine sealing the deal and getting inked together. No matter what happens in life, this ink will remain a bond for life.



Location: Badi Chaupad, Jaipur

To know more, click here

3. Once upon a Time: Travel back in time Perched high atop Nahargarh, there are no better seats in the house than this. While you get treated like royalty as this heritage restaurant adorned with hand painted Shekhawati frescos, miniature painting and the kind of architecture that will simply take your breath away. It is when you are sitting on your table, laden with beautiful China & silverware sampling the traditional authentic Marwari fare, listening to live Rajasthani folk music and overlooking the most mind-blowing view of the twinkling Jaipur city below that you will hear your mind say ‘ Paris, Je t’aime but you have some stiff competition here in Jaipur. 🙂




Location: Nahargarh Fort, Jaipur

To know more, click here

4. The Stag Café: It’s all about Amer: A grassy- knolly terrace cafe overlooking the divinely beautiful Amer fort. These are literally the box seats to see Amer in all its glory. You can see the sound and light show while gorging on some delicious Italian & Chinese delicacies. The restaurant keeps belting out romantic music for the guests to match the exhilarating ambiance.They have filled the place up with roses & balloons for today just to make the day that much more special for the love birds.



Location: Amer Road, Jaipur

To know more, click here

5. Jaipur Safari Restaurant / Virajosa : It’s a bus, it’s a tour, it’s a restaurant! What if we told you that you could really make your date actually experience the beauty & sights of Jaipur while sitting down for a 5-course meal? That is just what the concept of Jaipur Safari tour is. We recommend taking a 4 hour night tour (6 pm -10 pm) with them while you dine on food and chat with the beautiful pink city as your backdrop. Can’t think of a nicer way of serenading your love.


Location: World Trade Park, Jaipur

To know more, click here

So Jaipur, go ahead and Have a ‘hatke’ & loved filled Valentine’s day! Celebrate your love and your beloved today and every day. 🙂

Bird Fair · Jaipur

A bond with the birds @ Jalmahal, Jaipur!


Jaipur is a storehouse of exotic flora and fauna, green spaces, surrounding lakes unique wildlife, set to be discovered by any nature lover. As you walk a path that winds pristinely through the boudoir of tranquility and natural beauty, there exists one big avian attraction- ManSagar Lake in Jaipur.


Amidst a curtain of bougainvillea flowers where the golden sun rays filtered from horizon, gives an endless fascination to watch winged wonders; Yes, some migratory, some local, few big and countless small; some in water and multitudes hovering over the lake but all of them will capture your attention to watch the beauties and photograph them.


Every year in the month of February, the glory of Jal Mahal at Mansagar Lake burgeons as the new winged guests make their magnanimous presence. During this time of the year, with an intention to promote bird watching and nature conservation, the Tourism and Wildlife Society of India (TWSI) celebrates ‘Bird Fair’. This year the 20th edition of Indian Birding Fair was held  on 9th & 10th Feb.

The organizer of the British Bird Watching Fair, Dr. Tim Appleton also participated  and around 38 varieties of Birds were sighted during this time.




Don’t miss to look up the aerial ballet that the birds perform while flocking!


It is simply mesmerizing and you can not stop marvelling at the sight of a murmuration! For such are the treats in store here that it’s hard to think of a place that is more rewarding to the seeker of avian travellers.

So, plan a trip to cherish the bounty of nature, take great photographs and simply enjoy 🙂