Talabgaon- A Castle near Jaipur that tells a story!

Can we live the life of a story in real that we often hear- about the castle, the king and his queen? This one castle is the closest thing you will get to a fairy taleIf you are the one who bonds with the same feeling and want to take a Pause and walk where the life is kingly but peaceful; then stop parking yourself in front of the TV this weekend and get set go for some naturalistic experience to recharge your tired mind and soul.

We are just back with this great escape so definitely we are here to share our experience of this place which is not very far from Jaipur, Rajasthan. There’s is something overly romanticized about the castle and is waiting to be readHere’s  bringing you, a weekend getaway from Jaipur – Talabgaon Castle !talabgaon-1

Way to Talabgoan-On Kaithun – Lalsoth road just 75 km away from Jaipur there exist a small village’ Talabgaon’. In the land of desert even the name ‘Talab’ that means pond is enough to charge you up. Just 15 km before Lalsoth, on NH 11 keep a watch for a right hand side turn towards the village Talabgaon and drive for another 3 km. Crossing the green fields, you will enter into a village with many chai stalls and few people. Women clad with orange ‘Odhini’ are a sight to behold.

FullSizeRender 8.jpg
Tractor ride by villagers

Before you could even realize here you are- standing in front of a Castle –Talabgaon Castle Heritage Resort– a beautifully restored fort built in the year 1818.


As you enter into the gigantic gate of this castle the gleaming white walls, beguiling architecture, ample tall trees and the ever-graceful peacocks will come forth to welcome you. The chirping of birds will let you know that you are most welcome by the natural wanderers of this resort. Just like them we too were excited to see not just our room but also the entire resort so as to unfold the charm that it holds.

talabgoab 6.jpg

After settling down with all formalities the manager took us for a sundown stroll through the castle gardens where we captured some gorgeous sunsets.

Sunset View from Polo Ground


Along with the stroll we kept listening to the stories about the village, the resort, why it is named Talabgaon. It was amazing to see the huge pond (man made) where the water is collected and used later and that’s why it is called talabgaon.


The place also hosts a polo tournament every year in the month of April on their own polo field, (Owners are professional Polo League Players) in the memory of owner’s son, who died at a very young age and his passion for Polo was followed with the incomplete venture of creating the Polo Ground there.

Manicured lawn where we were served lunch

Further, we moved towards organic farm and we were told that all the produces of that farm are used in the hotel kitchen, even the dairy products. The people and the land contribute to the richness of the rural experience. The staff is mainly from the local village, use of local produces and organic things was well reflected in its food which was prepared tastefully not just one but all the meals.

Organic Farm at Talabgaon

In between lots of birds, peacocks, parrots there was one stunning Ostrich inside the premises. We were told that it was found somewhere near the jungle where wild dogs were after him so they safely brought him here.


During night, you can ask for starlit buffet being served at the roof top under the starry nighty and we bet there is nothing as comforting and soothing for your senses; your taste buds relishing the delicacies served on your platter, your eyes on a sojourn gazing the stars and your ears are plugged to the soft melodies echoing in the distance from across the desert. During day time swim in the immense pool that glistens with the day’s final pink and crimson hues.

Day shot of the place where we had Dinner

Epitomizing a perfect mélange of plush amenities and the best of nature, one can enjoy a relaxing and tranquil weekend with friends and family. Believe us, nothing else can give you the peace of mind the way the serenity of this resort would. The place comes with a promise to transport you to another enchanting world filled with joyful moments in a beautiful natural setting. Don’t expect five star style efficiency though but the ambience will leave you alone with your thoughts as you explore all the tiny details that make it so unique.


Infinity Pool at Talabgaon


View of Jharokha’s
Polo Bar at Talabgaon Castle Heritage Resort

If you are a photographer you would definitely love to pick up your camera and capture the amazing natural vistas surrounding the castle, capture the village life during the village safari!

Talabgoan Story

The history behind Talabgaon Castle began in the early 18th century when Thakur Sardul Singh Kupawat Rathore of Ramasari, Jodhpur came to visit his relatives of Samodh with his army and servants. After staying in Jaipur with his relatives for several months war broke out between the States of Jaipur and Jodhpur over the much sought after Sambhur Lake which was rich in salt deposits. As they had eaten “the salt” of Jaipur the code of honor among Rajput’s would demand that they join the Jaipur side in the war and uphold this honorary tradition by fighting along side them. However, doing so would compromise his position in the Jodhpur Court. 

In order to maintain his great loyalty he first sought approval to fight from Maharaja of Jodhpur and it was granted. As fate would have it the war was won by Jaipur and in honor of the true valor and loyalty shown by Thakur Sardul Singh ji Rathore and his men, the “Jagir” or Thikana (State) of Talabgaon, and its adjoining villages, were bestowed upon him to rule over. Talabgaon Castle, which stands today, was built in 1900 by Thakur Vijay Singh ji Rathore, a direct decedent, and remains in the family today. Talabgaon is the only Jagir of Kupawat Rathors in the erstwhile State of Jaipur Rajputana, India.

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