Jaipur Gets a Fresh Dose of Men’s Fashion with Karnpratap Couture

A new Fashion Store

Men of Jaipur have a reason to rejoice as Jaipur gets a high end fashion store dedicated completely to men. Now that something so amazing is happening on the fashion front in the city, Jaipur Beat decided to review the store for its readers. This one of a kind, small yet fashionably extensive store has a lot more to offer to men then meets the eye. Whether you need to look dapper for a formal event or want to create a statement at your friend’s wedding, this is the place that will fulfill all your clothing needs.


The Designer

The moment we entered the store, the colorful, quirky and stylish Nehru jackets caught our attention. Karn Pratap Khunteta the man behind the label, acknowledged that these jackets are their forte. A jeweler by profession, Karnpratap, never knew that his impeccable fashion style will one day lead him to a career in fashion. For him designing happened when a few of his friends asked him to design for them and the rest is history.


The Jaipur Connection

In words of the designer,“You can take me out of Jaipur but you cannot take Jaipur out of me” and that is precisely the reason why he launched his first store in the pink city. He was born and brought up in Jaipur and he thinks that this is the place that best defines him. His designs may have been inspired by his travels across the country but they do exude the charm of the Pink City. The designer has a thing for colors and you can tell that by the beautiful use of colors in his design and that’s what knowingly or unknowingly makes them Jaipuri. Among other things from the city the designer is inspired by the beautiful turbans of Rajasthani men, Achkans (coats) and the beautiful Dupatta in women’s wear.  

The designer definitely has his style and fashion sense in place. But, apart from a man’s fashion sense what could be more charming, well his ethical sense. The designer believes in the current trend of Glocalization, which means to produce locally and sell globally. He also believes in giving the artisans their fair share. Looks like, ethics and fashion do go hand in hand.


Fashion Advice to Men of Jaipur

To Jaipur men his only fashion advice is to come out of their comfort zone. They have tried a lot of solid patterns, which definitely have their own charm but it’s time that they experiment. It’s time that they start adorning attires that have beautiful colors and some quirky prints. To make these experimental designs look good on you, you can definitely leave it all to this new designer in the city.


P.S. – While you plan out a visit to this store do not forget to check out the vibrant, peppy and colorful jutis that the designer has in store for the men.


Now go and check out the latest designs in Men’s fashion.

Venue: Karnpratap Couture, 59B Devi Niwas, Dhuleshwar Garden, C-Scheme

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