Is Jawahar Kala Kendra moving away from the culture & art of Rajasthan?

The ultimate hub and center of art, craft, culture, theatre – Jaipur’s own Jawahar Kala Kendra, is seeing winds of change, that are perhaps coming at a big cost.

Around 150 artists from all over Rajasthan including Padma Awardees staged a protest against the Rajasthan government for unlawfully altering the constitution of Jawahar Kala Kendra (JKK) the art and Culture centre of Jaipur.

Around 150 artists hailing from all genres and age groups ranging from 18 years to 80 years staged a protest by performing poetry, sketching, clay modelling, singing, nukkad natak and and raised slogans outside the Jawahar Kala Kendra. Led by Rajasthan’s Padma awardees Shakir Ali, Tilak Gitai and Padma Shree Arjun Prajapati, the artists aimed to highlight the neglect of Rajasthan’s own art forms and artists by the management of JKK.

The primary concerns of the protesting artists was the unlawful alteration done to the original constitution of JKK, the state’s foremost art center to accommodate unqualified members and neglect of state government and JKK’s management towards its architecture by tampering it.

Amit Kalla, Renowned Visual artist and Refined Hindi Poet told Jaipur Beat ‘JKK is one of the master pieces of architecture which was designed by famous architect Charles Correa. The design of this art institution is taught in the best Architecture colleges but the management of JKK has ruined it by making use of glass and plastic, materials discarded by its architect Correa.’

Another big reason for the protest is the transformation of the 4 main art galleries at JKK into souvenir shops where products mainly target tourists and not relevant to Rajasthan’s art & culture.

Speaking to DH, Ranvir Singh, National President of IPTA (Indian People’s Theatre Association) explained, “As per the original constitution of JKK, there is a clause for a General Council which clearly states that the centre should have heads of three academies (music, art and literature) and national and international scholars of eight art disciplines as its members. This has been terribly revoked and the new governing council list consists of only two artists of Rajasthan and is dominated by industrialists who are least concerned about art forms and are mostly forthcoming in money generation.”

At the protest site, Jaipur’s theatre artist Himanshu Jhankal presented a small skit based on the altered constitution of JKK, whose governing council is headed by Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje.

Another Padam Shri artist Arjun Prajapati who made a folk portrait in clay to highlight the neglect of Rajasthan’s own artists lamented, “Jawahar Kala Kendra was known for guiding the artists but now within a span of 2 years, it has converted into a sheer event company and a hub of nepotism. Its new Director General and her staff are exhausting funds to organise lavish events instead of honing the local talent.”

Congress party’s national general secretary and Ex Chief Minister of Rajasthan – Ashok Gehlot also expressed his concerns and opinions in his tweet ‘Jawahar Kala Kendra was established to encourage State’s art and artists and not to make them a spectator of events.’

Memorandum to Chief Minister

Artists also gave a collective memorandum to Additional Director General of JKK which was addressed to Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje, who heads the governing council. Memorandum also shares an instance in which the architect Charles Correa’s expressed displeasure over the tampering done with JKK, months before he passed away in 2015.

It also raises concern over government’s alleged privatisation plans of the city’s old theatre Ravindra Manch and non-appointment of committees of various academies in Rajasthan.



In the Competent World of Online Shopping, Visiting ‘Sabzi Mandi’ Still Holds Its Own Charm

Everyday we talk some or the other thing linked to food; be it is the new café or the street fare, the choice of fine dining or simply “Ghar ka khana”, we can’t just live without ‘FOOD’- our ultimate savior and a universal experience that brings happiness 🙂 But it is not just which is being served on your plate. Before that there is a long journey.

People of Jaipur have its own set of food preferences based on the local flavors. Do you know beyond your favorite grocer there is a vast agricultural industry in Jaipur. For that we believe it is must to experience local life of your city especially the truly local mandis. Strolling around these markets, you can enjoy the happiness brought by various local products and the joys of grabbing some for your home too.

To believe, join us on an unusual journey on Friday evening and do shopping at the local Lal Kothi Sabzi Mandi at Tonk Road in Jaipur.

How many of you have actually been there?

Even if you have not been, there are some or the other persons of your family who must be in charge of getting veggies cause without that survival is not possible. Though today we all have an option to order vegetables while sitting at home through internet or through phone call, but we bet there is a lot of fun in hopping the vegetable market on your own. The sight of green fresh vegetable will make you drool.

On normal days, we end up buying vegetables/fruits from nearby vendors of our area but exploring the wholesale market of Lal Kothi, situated near Laxmi Mandi Cinema Hall has its own charm. Moreover, the prices at these shops are far cheaper as compared to those at the vegetable seller near your home and other places in the city.

On a routine day, tons of fresh fruits & vegetables arrive from Chomu. The shops are set up in paved streets. Most of the produce is kept in boris and is displayed for customers to see and choose.

As you reach there, you need to park your car at a distance and walk through the mandi street.

You will find that the mandi accommodates all big and small shopkeepers. There are ‘thelas’, even selling dry nuts, seasonal fruits, coconut water etc.  Few of the shops are of permanent nature where you can’t reach to the counter especially the fruit sellers. There are again some shops with in your reach and you can buy standing at the counter. Some are covered with asbestos sheet, some with plastic or few others with ‘taat’. But the pleasure comes from buying from the one (we preferred the lady) who is sitting on the floor straight under the sky and where you are almost on the floor so that you can start picking up on your own fresh mint, coriander, some saags like spinach etc. She has limited vegetables to sell but while covering her head she will insist on selling some more vegetable to you.

There is just not one or two but lines of shops and everyone around will try to get your attention inviting you to have a look at his/her products calling you as Behenji/Bhaisaab/Bhabhiji. You feel like a VIP but also you don’t want to disappoint them so you keep moving as if searching for some really fresh stuff. At times, it’s fun to see some vegetables which are not used in your family like we found drum sticks.

When you are at mandi you are bound to fill your bags with kgs of vegetables so as to fill the stock for at least one week or more.  The cheap prices is perhaps the reason that a vast majority of people are ready to experience “little” inconveniences of these crowded vegetable markets but getting everything under same roof is a benefit.

As the cars are parked far away it was not easy to carry that entire load in one trip.

And this was the time when we came to know that this is not the business place just for vegetable sellers but on another side there are males and females who do the job of carrying the load and dropping to your car. They will charge 10 rs. It’s like a blessing 😉

Busy sellers, weighing scales, filling bags and shopkeeper’s calculating the cost of produce purchased some calculating mentally and few using calculator, the rush of people is some sight to behold.

So from next Sunday, why not you also try to get your supplies from local and you can support them by simply doing what you already love – shopping

Moreover, just the sight of fresh green vegetables will be your instant mood enhancer also 🙂

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5 Dance Forms That All Dance Lovers Can Learn In Jaipur

To dance means: to let yourself free, to let yourself go wild and to set your soul free from all bondage. On this World Dance Day we wish everyone in the city the ability to dance like no one’s watching. 🙂 And to make this wish come true here are some beautiful dance forms that are being taught in the Pink City. Many of us are already a part of one or the other of these forms for others; you can choose your favorite and start dancing your way to freedom.


Kathak, one of the oldest forms of dances was originated in Northern India and is one of the seven classical dances in our country. It is also a popular form of classical dance in Jaipur. You can easily spot many young kids and women, joining various classes to learn Kathak. Jaipur is one among the major Gharanas of Kathak along-with Banaras and Lucknow. If you are a classical dance enthusiast you can easily take up a summer dance class at Jawahar Kala Kendra or join the famous Jaipur Kathak Kendra to earn a degree in this dance form.kathakPic Credit: Google


Among the latest forms of dance that have gained popularity in Jaipur, Zumba has earned a unique place. People of Jaipur specially youngsters join Zumba for two reasons, one it is an amazingly entertaining dance form and two because it is also one of the best ways to lose weight. Zumba has become so popular that many cafes around the city are also hosting Zumba parties in their premises. For the Zumba enthusiasts in the city, you can learn the same at several gyms that have incorporated Zumba classes in their fitness routine or you can join Tonique- the fitness studio, which is fully dedicated to Zumba.  zumba fiPic Credit: Google

Bollywood Dance

This is a dance form that somehow every Indian knows. However, to get finesse in your Bollywood dance moves or to bring perfection in your thumkas it is important that you take a little bit of training. After all these classes will be you saving grace during sangeet functions in your family. Bollywood lovers know that to learn this art in Jaipur the best choice is Buskers Dance classes that have been teaching and performing dance for more than two decades now.bollyfinalPic Credit: Google

Belly Dancing

Undoubtedly Belly dancing is the most sensuous form of dancing. Given the rise of belly dancing classes that have come up in many parts of the city we can surely say that people of Jaipur love this dance form. Almost all the dance schools in Jaipur have included the dance form as a part of their curriculum. If you too are looking for one you can find it at Dance & Soul classes, C-scheme, Jaipur.bd.jpgPic Credit: Google


Another dance form that is not only sensuous but romantic too. This dance form is said to ignite romance among new couples. Probably this is the reason why the newly engaged couples in the city prefer to learn this dance form. Luckily many leading Salsa dancers like Sandeep Soparrkar have conducted many workshops in the city. many leading dance schools like Buskers also provides training for Salsa for people, ho want to learn this dance form.salsaPic Credit: Google

So forget your troubles and Naach meri jaan 😀

Happy World Dance Day. 🙂


10 Midnight Hangouts In Jaipur To Drink, Eat & Talk All Night

Since summers are here, summer vacations can’t be too far behind. Summer vacations mean fun, picnics, ice creams, and…Late night fun! Of course you all love to sit in your living rooms and watch movies with popcorn at night, but the other side of fun lies on the quiet streets and cool breeze that can be felt only when you hit the road at night. This summer, don’t just spend your nights in the sheets, take your keys and drive around Jaipur while we guide you to some happening places in pink city where you can’t just sit and chat for hours, but also gorge on some delectable food: D

1. Jai’pour Cafe & Bar

Recently opened above the famous Forresta Kitchen & Bar, Jai’pour Cafe & Bar boasts of an ambiance inspired by the glorious blue and white theme of Greece along with an array of cuisines to die for! The added blessing is that the place is open till 1 a.m. The variety of buntas & tacos along a delicious palak chaat will call you again and again ! Hungry at midnight, head to this beautiful cafe under the stars 😀

2. Marky Momos

The favourite point for Honey Chilli Potato & mouth watering momos, Marky Momos in Raja Park is open till 4 a.m. to serve you with milkshakes, drinks, tandoori dishes and steaming momos to make your tongue tickle with taste and pleasure !

3. Cafe Bae

Cafe Bae has caught our attention with their consistently good and flavoursome food and to top it all, it is the only restaurant to serve Buffet Breakfasts on Sundays. But well, life isn’t all about pleasant mornings, it is equally about the exciting nights and where you spend them 😉 Located on Tonk Road in Hotel Las Vegas, Cafe Bae is open till 1 a.m. for you to go and enjoy its exotic starters like Twice Baked Potatoes & Mezze Platter in a lovely ambiance.

Picture Credit – tellyouwhat.in

4. Jaipur Junction

Let’s step out of the fancy cafes, and enter the minds of street food lovers – we see a street of roadside stalls at night with bulb lights and 90s music playing in the background, with the smell of lemon & spices in the air. Such a sight is spotted outside the main railway station of Jaipur near Bani Park where you will see hulchul 24 x 7 and the stalls offering garam garam poha, with a small restaurant that serves delicious Pav Bhaji where you will crave for extra pavs while chit chatting with your long lost friends in the middle of the night 😀

Picture Credit – Indian rail info

5. Dhaba.com

Like the name, the place is a bit hat ke! Situated in the central and one of the most cafe-rich areas of Jaipur, Dhaba.com is a small restaurant that eats, drinks and shows Bollywood. Starting from the stairs with Hindi movie posters from 1970’s, 80’s and 90s to the fairy lights on trees, the place has a total Dhaba feel and with limited menu option to eat, you can enjoy your time over a plate of Honey Chilli Potato 😉 The place is open till 2:30 a.m.

Picture Credit – Dhaba.com

6. Replay

Here is one more in the 1 a.m. slot! This rooftop restaurant on Tonk Road has one more feather added to its cap after an amazing ambiance, food and location. When you want to have some beer and talks with friends, you can go there and enjoy your drink with chakna and some yummy Arabbiatta while gazing at the stars and feeling the silence of the pink city sink in your night 🙂

Picture Credit – Google

7. Badi Chaupad

The area at Badi Chaupad where Metro work is going on is surprisingly buzzing at night. You will find at the corner a small tea shop where an old man makes steaming cups of tea with a rustic taste that you will find only in these small streets or in hilly areas of Himachal. Also, streets of the walled city is a terrific drive at night !!

8. Cafe Blackout

A rooftop cafe at Ahimsa Circle near C-Scheme, Cafe Blackout attracts the millennials like bees to honey. This cafe is famous for its girls nights and party feel and the best part – it is open till 2 a.m. even if you want to sit and simply banter for hours and hours !

Picture Credit – Google

9. Romeo’s Treat

This is a hidden treasure in Raja Park area of Jaipur. Situated on Govind Marg, Romeo’s Treat is a hookah place best suited for this who like to it in a comfortable though a bit dingy place and just relax in the aromatic smoke with friends and cousins at night ! The interiors are cool with funky wallpapers and Bollywood posters. It’s open till 1 a.m.

Picture Credit – Google

10. Jaipur Adda

Last but not the least, the recently opened Jaipur Adda in Bani Park opposite Hotel Country Inn & Suites, is a rooftop heaven created with interesting interiors and a menu that will make your mouth water within seconds ! The aroma flowing from the open kitchen gets better when mixed with the night breeze in the city. Chur Chura Papad crisps and Jar potatoes are to die for and juicy chuski drums will immediately take your heat stroke away 😉 The good news is the bar menu of Jaipur Adda which keeps you going when all you want to do is open up and dive in the night 🙂 It’s open till 1 a.m. so plan and leave 😀

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Cherish Romance: The Pink City Way

Love is in the moments that we spend with our loved ones and the memories we create. 🙂 If you too are looking for such experiences to cherish forever then look no further as CherishX brings to Jaipur some of the most beautifully planned dates.cherishxCherishX is a young team from India and around the world. The goal behind Cherish is to make people stop to stop worrying about how to plan a date and start thinking of how to enjoy one. The platform has a wide range of experiences not just for the young but for people of every age group who are still young at heart. Providing a premium customer service and experience is the primary objective of this organization.

People of Jaipur can choose from a huge variety of plans that CherishX has to offer to people for planning romantic dates.  🙂 Some of their amazing packages include the following:

Night under the stars

Go for a super romantic & a super fun holiday at Sariska Tiger Reserve. Unwind in a premium black collection destination camp, with a special candlelight dinner arrangement for you and your loved one. Couples will also get a chance to go for hiking/cycling or go for a heritage visit to the Neelkanth Temple complex ruins during this date.night under stars1Nature Resort

This package is the most apt mix of luxury, nature & value for money. Located 15kms north of Jaipur (closer to Delhi), Lebua Lodge offers futuristic accommodation set amidst landscaped gardens and rocky hills, close to the Amer fort. Each private villa-like tent comes with attached bath, lawn & open-air romantic pavilion seating. You can immerse in a whole host of activities such as croquet, badminton, cycling and camel riding, marvel at the tastefully appointed decor; or just laze around in the pool.nature resortForgotten Fort

Give the hectic city life a skip, explore and stay at 10th century fort in Alwar. The fort is located on a secluded hill, where you get to enjoy nature and the graceful history of the Fort. To make your trip complete, the experience includes breakfast, lunch and a special candlelight dinner. So you focus on unwinding & connecting with your loved one, while Cherish handles all the details.forgotten fort1Alwar Bagh

Escape the city life for a grand getaway to Alwar Bagh resort. Enjoy an elegant drive to this heritage property of sorts. Here you can unwind in your luxurious rooms, beautiful & green resort ambiance, and refreshing spa & amenities. And to top it up you have a Cherish special candlelight dinner arranged for a perfect reconnect with your loved one.alwar baghRoyal Horse Riding

Don’t miss this perfect opportunity for some good conversation whether you are newly dating or have been together for a long time! Certainly, horse riding at Rajasthan (Rambagh) Polo Club, could be your ticket to a memorable time together.royal horse ridingMovie date Night

Do you prefer staying at home on your special days? Transform your house to a romantic theater for an evening. Tasteful decoration with balloons, candles and fresh flower petals will set the mood for the evening. Soaking in the ambiance, enjoy your favorite movie on a big screen set by CherishX team. A memorable evening within privacy and comforts of your home.movie date nightTo learn about more date plans, visit: https://cherishx.com/experiences . Do share your experiences with us. 😉


Jaipur Citizens Blessed With Affordable Meals at ‘Annapurna Rasoi’ Vans All Around The City

In the times where Jaipur is seen pouring with new age cafes with different themes and all creative minds at work to make them work, there is one simple mobile kitchen which has risen like a shining star for the ones who actually need food.

‘Annapurna Rasoi’, launched by the Rajasthan Government, is a mobile kitchen that serves food at nominal prices in food trucks parked in different areas of the city. An orange colored van, that is visible from a few kilometers away, has been placed in 25 areas of the city. As you go closer to this attractive looking van, there is a team clad in neat orange uniforms working to feed the city dwellers with a delicious menu offering Breakfast at Rs. 5 and other meals at Rs. 8.

And what’s the catch ? They have a different menu every single day ! Breakfast items include Idli, Poha and many other healthy and filling breakfast options just at Rs. 5.

Is the food hygienic ?

The next thing one might be wondering is the raw material and cooking conditions. Jaipur Beat checked with the team who informed us that they get all the raw material and healthily made food from Kota, and they cook it in extremely hygienic conditions in the van where the kitchen is also visible to a common man.

But who eats this food ?

Everyone. Every one ranging from student to employees to the needy, everyone is seen buying a plate for themselves and having the food comfortably and enjoying it. Believe it or not, 300 plates per day per van are sold and relished by denizens.

Is the food tasty ?

The meals include rice, kadhi, dal and also some staple Rajasthani dishes like Gehu ka Mitha Khichda, Besan Gatta Pulao, jawar ki Mitha Khichra and Dal Dhokli. To top it all, the food is made of wheat, rice, corn, nutritious grains and vegetables. It looks and tastes delicious with the right amount of spices along with a dessert to end it sweetly. The desserts served are puddings, ice creams and many more according to days. There isn’t one boring day at Annapurna Rasoi.

Where can you spot the vans ?

The vans can be spotted in various areas such as JLN Marg, Panchwati Circle, SMS Hospital, Jaipuria Hospital, Railway Junction, Sindhi Camp, Gandhi Nagar Railway Station, Sanganer, Riddhi Siddhi Chauraha, JK Lon Hospital road to name a few.

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5 Events You Must Not miss This Weekend in Jaipur

Being an ever entertaining city you can never guess how much Jaipur has in store for you. 🙂 Apart from the in numerous entertaining hangouts in Jaipur, the city keeps coming up with many events and exhibitions that entertain people and also bring the best of everything, from across the nation, to the pink city. Here is a list of events that are going to keep you busy this weekend and in the upcoming week.

Rajasthan Real estate Expo’17 – The state chapter of the national real estate organization, CREDAI, has rolled out its yearly real estate expo that has the biggest names in real estate of Rajasthan showcasing huge variety of residential and commercial projects. For all those, who are looking for a property, this exhibition is the place to be as it brings together all types of property in every range available across the city. The home seekers should definitely not going to miss it.

Date: 21st April – 24th April

Venue: Ambedkar Circlereal estateGITB – The Great Indian Travel Bazaar is here with yet another edition of a world class buyer seller meet with focus on inbound tourism. The event will be instrumental in improving significant transaction and capitalization of business opportunities between International buyers and Indian sellers. More than 2000 delegates are expected to be a part of GOTB 2017. The event will surely be fruitful for sellers from Jaipur.

Date: 23rd April – 25th April

Venue: Jaipur Exhibition & Convention Centergitb finalLagan Mandap – One of the most famous wedding and lifestyle exhibition is back with various brands in clothing, jewelry, wedding management and all other things that you require for designing a perfect wedding. 🙂 For years Lagan Mandap has been creating unique, traditional, fun and personalized wedding experience.

Date: 21st – 22nd April’17

Venue – Holiday Inn Jaipurlagan mandap
Yoga Classes by Shilpa Shetty
– The leading actress of Bollywood and a yoga enthusiast, Shilpa Shetty will soon be here in Jaipur to teach yoga to people of Jaipur. For those, who consider fitness a priority, this event is a must attend.

Date: 22nd April

Venue: SMS Investment Ground, Jaipurshilpa-yoga-1489151795

Bollywood Music Festival – Bollywood Music Festival is a festival that celebrates music by bringing together some of the best Bollywood singers, Iconic Bands and India’s best Dj’s. The Bollywood enthusiasts of the city are in for a treat as they will get to hear some of their favorite singers and musicians play for them.

Date: 30th April

Venue: the Heritage Valley, Jaipurbmf So get ready and tell us which one is your pick for this weekend. 🙂



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The 10 best heritage sites of Jaipur to mark the World Heritage Day 2017

Right after the Easter holidays the world, on 18th April every year, marks the “World Heritage Day” , also known as the International Day for Monuments and Sites. This day is marked to promote awareness about the commendable heritage of our country and how we can protect and conserve them. In support of this day, let us explore Jaipur’s marvelous epitome of great heritage- Amer Fort- the UNESCO’s World Heritage Site and other fathoming epitomes of grand heritage in Jaipur .

Jaipur is always honored for its magnetic heritage beauty which is indiscreet from more than thousands of years. And, if you are a lover of the wild, culture and history, then travel to Jaipur and celebrate this day by visiting some of its Heritage Sites.

  1. Amer Fort

Elephant ride , Amber fort

Poised on a high hillock of Aravalli, Amer Fort is a majestic citadel built by HH Maan Singh Ji I.  The capital of Rajasthan before Jaipur ,  it is popular among local and overseas tourists for the temples , elephant rides right up to the fort and the Sound and Light Show narrated in Amitabh Bachchan’s baritone, which is a pure tribute to Rajputana heritage. The Sheesh Mahal within the fort, which is festooned with thousands of glass mirrors on its walls and ceiling, offers a fascinating aura to the visitors of this UNESCO’s World Heritage Site in Jaipur.

  1. Nahargarh Fort

Padao, Nahargarh, JaipurBeat

The Abode of Tigers, Nahargarh was once a strong defense ring, creating a tough protection for Amer and Jaigarh. The fort comprising 7 palaces within its walls offers the highest point, which happens to be a restaurant called ‘Padao’ gives awesome aerial view of the city from top. The recently inaugurated zoo and wax museum at Nahargarh are added treat for the visitors.

  1. Jaigarh Fort

Jaigarh JB

Among all the three forts that watch the city of Jaipur, Jaigarh is the most striking of them all. Built in 18th century around15 kms from Jaipur, Jaigarh is a majestic palace, which is surrounded by huge battlements, world’s largest canon originally built to protect Amber Fort. The two forts are also connected through secret tunnel.

  1. Jantar Mantar

jantar mantar

Discrete observatories were conceived to reel out untold mysteries of the universe that have always fascinated man and Jantar Mantar in Jaipur is one of them. This heritage site of intrigue is a phenomenal expression of the astronomical skills.

  1. Albert Hall

JB (VD) - Albert hall

The State Museum of Rajasthan- Albert Hall is situated in Ram Niwas Garden of Jaipur. The fascinating building houses marvelous paintings, sculptures and interesting objects of historic significance. Since its construction in 1876, Albert Hall is Rajasthan’s oldest museum, which is also popular for its Indo-Saracenic architecture. The lush greenery surrounding the museum allows you to sit and admire its marvelous beauty from outside.

  1. City Palace
City Palace Bvlgari Jaipur.
City Palace

Covering a major portion of the walled city, the City palace is a historic land mark of Jaipur. It comprises of several temples; also the famous Govind Dev ji Temple, gardens and multiple museums. City Palace also showcases world’s largest silver containers which were used to carry water on Maharaja’s entourages.

  1. Hawa Mahal

hawa mahal 1

Hawa Mahal is also known as the palace of Winds because of its striking five-storey exterior, which is akin to honeycomb 953 peep windows that keep the palace cool when wind blows. Interestingly, Hawa Mahal is the tallest building in the world without any foundation and there’s isn’t any door in the front; the palace can be entered from behind.

  1. Jal Mahal

Jal Mahal at night

Jal Mahal is a mesmeric five storey palace with just top two floors visible in the middle of Maan Sagar Lake. The palace appears floating in water and looks surreal especially at night when lit with colorful lights. The recent facelift and the installation of Shashi Savri cenotaphs offer a glimpse of royalty.

  1. Gaitore Chhatri
Via Google

This prominent tourist attraction is the final resting place of the departed souls from the royal family of Jaipur. The valley on Jaipur-Amer road has cenotaphs built from marble and sandstone with Rajastani carvings, dedicated to the legendary kings and queens.

  1. Galta Ji Temples

Galta Ji

One of the most precious gems of Jaipur heritage, Galta Ji comprises huge number of temples, natural fresh water springs and 7 holy ‘kunds’. Galta ji temple is also famous for the various monkey tribes dwelling in this area. The religious chants and hymns blending with the natural settings of encompassing Aravallis, provide peaceful ambiences to anyone visiting here.

Happy World Heritage Day !!




5 Big Brands Celebrating Their 10th Anniversary in 2017

ICYMI, 2017 is turning out to be a milestone year for many. A whole lot of brands, events, companies are celebrating their 10 Year Anniversary this year and although we are still wondering about how many brands made their debut in 2007, here are a few that either belong or are connected to our own city of Jaipur and are celebrating their successful ten years with pride and joy !

1. Jaipur Literature Festival

A festival that began from being a small and classy literature event at Diggi Palace in Jaipur, Jaipur Literature Festival aka JLF has turned into a world famous & grand affair in the last 10 years. What started in 2007, went through controversies, popularity, attracted every single genre from authors to musicians to celebrities to foodies and is now an event that has become a style symbol for all ! Happy 10 years of awesomeness JLF 🙂

JLF 2017

2. Volkswagen

The German automaker and the candy of our eyes – Volkswagen is celebrating its 10 year anniversary in 2017 and to make the nation a part of its success, they also ran a special discount offer on the Volkswagen Vento, Polo and Ameo. Not only this, we saw a beautiful video and a series of photographs of Volkswagen shot in Jaipur in 2017.

Volkswagen Jaipur

3. IPL – 10 Saal Aapke Naam

You must all have either a crystal clear or a vague memory of the first time Indian Premier League went live in 2008 and the words ‘Tu laga Daav’ echoed in our ears all day long ! There was a fresh wave of energy for all the cricket fans and even the ones who did not have the patience to sit through 50 overs or test matches, have been seen glued to televisions during the IPL season ever since. It has gone through controversies, stories of match fixing with Rajasthan Royals & Chennai Super Kings expelled till 2017, but has proudly completed 10 years with 8 teams playing right now in April 2017 🙂

IPL 2017

4. Anantaya

A globally recognized lifestyle design studio in Jaipur by the leading architects of India, Anantaya showcases UNESCO award-winning luxury decor objects, furniture, textiles and accessories and is right now hosting the cultural event ‘Maahi Roj’ and celebrating its 10 years of preserving ancient crafts 🙂


5. Vogue

One of the leading fashion magazines in the world, Vogue entered its 10th year in 2017. To celebrate the decade of fashion in India, Vogue curated a special show titled Sari 24/7, showcasing the works of 60 leading designers at Amazon India Fashion Week in March. The highlight was the models on the runway donning the jewellery of a Jaipur based jewellery designer – Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas Jewellers.

Vogue India 10 years