5 Places to enjoy Live IPL screening in Jaipur

The Indian Premier League is here and we can already feel the enthusiasm for the tournament in the air. We guess that a lot many cafes and restaurant across the city also realize the importance that this cricket event means to people in the city, which is why they have come up with live screening of the event. 🙂 So get ready to experience an amazing mix of food and sports at these cafes as we share with you the 5 restaurants that are hosting Live IPL screening.  

1.) Jaipur Adda – A new adda that has opened up in Jaipur for food, hangouts and fun, will soon have IPL screenings for its visitors. With an amazing view of the pink city from the top, scrumptious food delights, in company of other food enthusiasts, watching your favorite cricketers showcasing their skills on the cricket field should sure be a fascinating.


2.) WTFWatch Treat Freak a.k.a. WTF sports café is one of the most popular sports café in town. With a beautiful ambiance that talks about sports and only sports it will be fitting to watch a good game of cricket while surrounded by an amazing and sporty vibe. P.S. – You can also play some amazing sports like Pool and Billiards during the break time.

1 (2)

3.) Lounge 18 (Hotel Marriott) – If you wish to enjoy the most celebrated tournament of cricket world while enjoy your favorite drink in a luxurious setting then Lounge 18 at Jaipur Marriott is the place to be. The Lounge has unlimited snacks and drinks in the offering for its visitors. So go ahead and check out their amazing offers.

lounge 18

4.) Hithbhuk Mithbhuk – What will you say to a Live IPL screening with daily new offers, great Sheesha and amazing food? Well we would say yes. 🙂 So, if these are the elements that you are looking forward to while enjoy your game then Hitbhuk Mitbhuk should be your choice this IPL season.

hithbhuk mithbhuk

5.) Warehouse Café – The café is already popular for its flawless ambiance that has replaced the interiors of previous warehouse that this place used to be. Above that the café boasts of some luxurious food delights that can serve as an amazing companion for your IPL journey.

If you know some more cafes that are hosting live IPL screening, do share with us in the comments. 🙂

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