Jaipur’s Young Photographers Get Sensitive About The City In Photo Exhibition at JKK

It is overwhelming to see how Jaipur and its residents especially the young generation is growing up to be more opinionated and individualistic along with being sorted about their careers and interests. Among these, there are some who are openly embracing their inclination towards art & photography. In regard to this, a 3 day photo exhibition – ‘City vs Sensitivity – Edition III’ was organised in Parijat Gallery at Jawahar Kala Kendra in Jaipur from 10th -12th April.

Beaming with an array of thoughtful captures by the young and fearless students of Rajasthan University, the photographs was a result of a 3 weeks workshop curated by the renowned photographer & Bureau Head of Deccan Herald, Rajasthan – Dr. Tabeenah Anjum Qureshi along with chief photographer & columnist with Hindustan Times at Jaipur – Himanshu Vyas.

Dr. Tabeenah Anjum Qureshi

During this workshop, a group of 30 students were taken for 2 photo walks – one in the walled city of Jaipur and another in an old village called Goner of Rajasthan. Each student clicked with their own perspective and 2 photographs by each of them were chosen to put up in the gallery along with unique captions which made us think more sensitively than we generally would while looking at an ordinary photograph. All the photographs reflected a different perspective and varied emotions of the city, lives, childhood, freedom, daily chores, etc. and what made these pictures extra ordinary were their captions. Every caption provoked another look at the picture and bewildered us with the talent that lies behind weaving a thousand stories with every capture and captivating the beholder with its purity and sincerity.

‘Nanha’ Aaj – A photo depicting the contradiction of past and present through the little kid sitting with a newspaper with a blackboard in background that says ‘Aaj ke mukhya samachar’

“Most of these students had borrowed a camera, but their ‘seeing’ is their own. For many it was their first experience with camera, but their photographs reflect they had profound tales to share.”

~ Tabeenah Anjum Qureshi, Bureau Head of Deccan Herald, Rajasthan & Curator of City vs Sensitivity – Edition III

Dreamy landscapes, blooming flowers, colossal monuments are things that we see in beautiful pictures very often. But what’s challenging and daring is to show the reality, the truth and the sensitive side of life in photographs.

“We walk in the streets every single day, be it to work, towards a market, house, but we often miss the little moments around us which makes this routine life worth valuing”, said Siddharth Jain, a doctor and a student of Mass. Comm. in Rajasthan University.

“Their nascent work is a thoughtful metaphor. It reminds me of what photojournalist Robert Frank said, “when people look at my pictures, I want them to feel the way they do when they want to read the lines of a poem twice.”

~ Himanshu Vyas, Chief Photographer, Columnist with Hindustan Times at Jaipur & Curator of City vs Sensitivity – Edition III




  1. Durgaprasad Agrawal

    City Vs Sensitivity was an exhibition to remember. The students amazed with their creativity. Good Job Himanhsu ji and Dr Tabeenah.

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