Jaipur Actor Irrfan Khan Gets Candid About His Upcoming Film ‘Hindi Medium’ During His Visit To Pink City

Irrfan Khan, the actor from Jaipur, who is a popular face of Bollywood, recently gave a visit to his city to promote his upcoming film ‘Hindi Medium’. The actor visited Sizzlin Scissors, a salon in Jaipur. Irrfan Khan, who is very famous for his offbeat roles and has also given a few commercial hits, was here for a meet and greet session and here are a few excerpts from the meet.6 copySpeaking about the story Irrfan said that it is about a man (Irffan) who runs a boutique in Chandani Chowk and sells duplicate designer dresses and is from a Hindi medium background. The subject of the film talks about the mockery of people who cannot speak proper English by the English speaking population of India. The protagonist’s wife comes from elite class and she is always a little upset about the fact that her husband cannot speak proper English, and is a Hindi medium guy.Irrfan Khan (3)Irrfan mentioned that the film furthermore talks about the slavery of English language in our country. According to the actor today English is not just a language rather it has become a status for many, which shouldn’t be the case. The film exploits the same topic. 2 copyIn a question answer session the actor was asked  whether the actor himself has faced the wrath of coming from a Hindi Medium background, to which he replied that it did happen in the initial years of his schooling however very soon his mother sent him to a convent. Irrfan added that he may have studied at a convent but at heart he remains Hindi medium.  🙂 He concluded this statement with a dialogue from the film “When German banda say wrong English we no problem when French banda say wrong English we no problem but when Indian banda say wrong English to banda hi wrong ho jata hai ji.” 🙂 Hindi Medium Poster
1Hindi medium, which releases on 12th May’17 is a comedy film that explores a serious matter in a light manner. It was great to hear about the film from Irrfan and given the acting talent involved in the project, we can surely bet on it !!5 copy

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