It’s Time To Say ‘Hey Dosa’ As The New Dosa Truck Comes Rolling To Jaipur

The blushing streets of Jaipur is continuously seen dotted with markets, street side stalls, cafes and now the pink city is seeing a new trend – Food trucks. But when we look at food trucks, we surely have one question in mind – What’s cooking inside ? – Quite literally.

A new food truck that rises when the sun is on its way down in the summer evening is – Hey Dosa. An attractive little blue colored truck right out of a euphoric animated movie, Hey Dosa serves what its name suggests – the savory Dosas.
Started by 4 Jaipur residents – Nikesh, Siddharth, Isha & Jitesh, each of whom is in a separate professional field on the side & a foodie, the idea of Hey Dosa struck them when they least expected it. While vacaying in Southern India and gorging on Dosas, they felt an urgent need to bring the same flavor and more to Rajasthan.
Hey Dosa is the first exclusive Dosa Truck in Jaipur and perhaps the first in Rajasthan as well, opened in one of the most popular food hubs of jaipur – Raja Park.

Siddharth & Nikesh – Partners & Founders of Hey Dosa
What’s different about them?
You might think they are bringing the authentic Dosa flavors from the South ? You are right they are. But they ain’t stopping at that. They bring to the table a fusion formula you can’t say no to.
Variety ?

Dosas at Hey Dosa come in 99 varieties and 6 special dosas with 3 kinds of chutneys where dosas are fused with all kinds of cuisines that exist and thrive in this world ! Starting from plain & Mysore, dosas keep getting interesting and are made with the most unusual flavors offering choices like Pao Bhaji Dosa, Chinese Masala Dosa, Pizza Dosa, Schezwan Sweet Corn Chilly Dosa and many many more. Drooling already ? 😉

Why Dosa ?
‘Because Dosa is one food item that is relished by a 5 year old and equally enjoyed by an 80 year old’, replied Siddharth to our curious question.
Value for price ?
Well we got you more reasons to try this out. The range of dosas start from a mere Rs. 70  and go up to Rs. 120 so that means you can have a fulfilling family dinner here under Rs. 300 !

Hygiene and Preparation
The top point of worry for every street food eater (and more for a non street food eater) who is craving to try something new on the street is hygiene. Hey Dosa has taken care of it by having its kitchen open from the back side and hence you can see what and how is it cooking. The stoves and shelves are spic and span and also, all the leftovers at the end of the day are thrown away and fresh raw material is used everyday to prepare the food barring the frozen items like butter, cream, cheese etc. Just like all others in India, Hey Dosa is a fan of Amul, and only sticks to Amul for all the dairy products used in preparing dosas.
Last but not the least – Taste ?

When we talk about and review food, in the end it all boils down to the taste. We tried a few and the dosas are fresh, crispy/soft as per demand, and refreshing in terms of moving away from the classic Dosa flavor. We particularly liked the Pav Bhaji Dosa and simply love the Pizza Dosa with vegetables, spices and cheese spread all over it.

Hey Dosa is open from 6:30 p.m. to 10:45 p.m. and also does Home Delivery within 2 km of distance, mainly in the nearby areas. The food truck is also a perk if they get an order for 50 or more dosas at a party or occassion, they can come rolling to your venue with their delightful cuisine. They are closed on Thursdays and can be easily found on Social Media –
They also have the classic South Indian options on their menu, but if you are experimentative and open to fusions – Go for the eccentric choices and let us know how they are 🙂
We give ‘Hey Dosa’ 4 Beats !

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