6 Conversations With Mom That We All Have at Different Times!

Mother’s Day is almost here and all of you must be preparing something or the other for your lovely mothers. After all, this is the day when you get to give special attention to your mom, who takes care of you day and night. However, it’s not just a one day affair, we love our mothers every day, even when she scolds us for eating outside or wearing something completely foolish.

She is involved in all our decisions but at the same time her opinion about everything in our life sometimes leaves us happy, baffled, surprised, shocked or even sad. Let’s celebrate this Mother’s Day with some conversations that we regularly have with our mothers.


Food is answer to all our problems or atleast our mothers think so.


CR5 (1)

As they always say: OLD is GOLD. 


Beggars cannot be Choosers…and our mothers make us realize that quite often. 

cr2 (2)

And if nothing works she always brings Dad in between our conversations. 


Why she is always worried about healthy food? We don’t like actually 😦

cr6 (1)

Come what may, she loves us the most and we know that already. 

We are sure you agree with us. Feel free to share your set of interesting conversations with your mom. 🙂

Happy Mothers Day!

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