5 Unfiltered Poems About Indian Society You Need To Hear Right Now

Everyday when we pick up the newspaper and read about latest developments that are happening in our city we feel proud. However off late, with every passing day, the city is seeing a rise not only in the crime rate but also in the brutality with which these crimes are being committed. The same story runs across the whole country and it’s time that we stop here and take a strong stand against these crimes. Especially when the law holders in the country are quiet, it is time that some of us take the initiative to speak, what is unspoken.

Luckily for us, the young generation is taking up this duty and how? In a poetic manner, something that neither can be suppressed nor forgotten. Taking up this responsibility further, we are sharing some ‘Unerased’ poetry that not only won our hearts but also spoke about matters that no one has had the guts to speak.

1.) A brown girl’s guide to gender 

Slut shaming, acid attack and marital rape, so these words ring a bell. Well why not they have been making rounds on the internet and the media for a while however our society fails to will recognize these words because marriage  means a license to sleep with your spouse even if it is against her wishes and there is no harm in calling a girl, who wears short dresses, a whore. Do you tend to disagree with this?  Then you will definitely agree with this millennial who talks about these sensitive topics and more.

2.) Before you commit suicide

Depression and fear of failure have taken more lives in our country than any other accidents. The pressure that many and specially youngsters feel everyday that sometimes pushes them to end their lives 😦 in order to run away from it, is huge. To all those who have gone through such days here’s a poem that talks about all that you have been through and probably many others like you.

3.) Pyaare baba – Who hasn’t heard about Nirbhaya. We all know the plight that she went through. The saddest part of her story wasn’t that it happened but the fact that it is happening again and again. The worst part is that thousands of people came together for a candle light march to raise voice against the incident and then… WENT BACK HOME. The point is that such incidents create a stir for a while but later on people just move on. We bet that the pain in every word of this poetry will create a hurricane in the society, which will end only with the end of such brutality. 

4.) The legal Rapist – Marital rape strikes again and why not? After being subjected to this crime not just for days or years but for centuries, finally someone has had the courage to speak it out loud. You need to listen to this one till the end.

5.) Sex Talk – The topic of the poem is enough to create a hullabaloo about it but there is more to the poem than its title. The young poet has brought up many topics around sex that are completely avoided by our society. Whether it’s the matter of LGBTQ or talking about sex with your children, this young poet has done justice to these issues with her subtle words.

If like us you also think that it is important to share these messages then kindly do so.

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