A New Breakfast Haven in Jaipur – Begin your day with ‘Namak Ishq Ka’

‘Khaane mein namak kam hain, thoda upar se daal do’, ‘I think it’s too salty’, every thing we taste every day is driven in taste by one thing – namak. But there is one type of namak you would be dying to taste but will always be at the crossroads is ‘Namak Ishq Ka‘ 😉 Well, not anymore ! Opened as a kiosk of all things savory, ‘Namak Ishq Ka’ in Tilak Nagar is a small haven for all the salty and spicy food lovers 😀

Like the name goes, Namak Ishq Ka is blooming with a namkeen menu like namak paare, samosas, bedmi aloo, but what’s so special about them? They are cooked in desi ghee, yes.

Started by Mr. Vivek Chaturvedi – Founder & Chief Mentor at WIWO.Global, a creative agency, ‘Namak Ishq Ka’ endeavours to bring the taste of Uttar Pradesh to Rajasthan.

“Rajasthan has an arid environment and has a dire need for people to consume desi ghee  in their diets according to the weather conditions here”, said Vivek.

Vivek and his entire team belongs to Uttar Pradesh. All the spices used to cook the food are directly called from UP especially hing or Asafetida that changes the basic taste of everything is specially brought from Uttar Pradesh. The most distinctive dish of this place is its mouth watering Bedmi AlooA full meal with crispy puris, Aloo accompanied by Kulhad Chaach made with bundi, Bedmi Aloo is a dish that belongs to Mathura, Agra and other Western parts of U.P. A plate worth just Rs. 50 is a full meal at any time of the day. Also, it is served in a special thali and you can really have your buds feeling like their rolling on the taste of Nawabs and culture of Rajasthan.

Bedmi Aloo

When asked about the quirky and fun name of the food place, Vivek chuckled and said ‘I don’t have a sweet tooth and am very fond of savory items. Also, I love the popular song from the movie Omkara and hence came up with Namak Ishq Ka.’

All things aside, let us share with you what made us fall for this place, the samosas. Made in shuddh desi ghee, the samosas were hot, crispy and they absolutely melted in the mouth unlike a lot of refried oily samosas we sometimes encounter. Also, the samosas are just worth Rs.15 per piece and the permanent accomplice – Kulhad Chai soothes your soul.

Healthy, hygienic and succulent, we had our breakfast meal sorted with Namak Ishq ka, it’s your time now 😉


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