Jaipur’s Rendezvous with Fashion, Style & the all New Volkswagen Tiguan

Jaipur Beat has been at the forefront of presenting rich experiences to the Jaipurites at several events earlier but this time we are excited to present one of the most stylish and flamboyant campaign showcasing some spectacular and inspiring congregations of fashion, power, luxury and adventure !
The automotive and fashion industry have always shared an artistic relationship, which was recently witnessed by the world during GQ Best Dressed 2017, where country’s most stylish individuals shared the stage with none other but the stunner ‘New Tiguan– a premium car by Volkswagen.

While the New Tiguan in itself is a fashion statement, Jaipur Beat decided to take it to another level with its association with one of the prime Volkswagen Dealer of the city—Tanya Cars, and moves into creating some engaging and memorable moments to be cherished by fashion and automobile lovers.

Tanya Cars – Volkswagen Jaipur took us to the exotic and some unexplored locales of Jaipur, where New Tiguan was seen, felt and photographed.
 So, let’s get to grips to witness how the beautiful landscape of Jaipur blends with the All New Tiguan !!
New Tiguan against the backdrop of majestic Amer Fort, a landscape of opulence that speaks of a magnificent and a well-built era.
 With this campaign, we played with some colors, prints, style for both for men & women by roping in Color Buckket ! A brand that spells colors and joyously play with them in its wide range of digitally printed collection of stylish shirts, authentic tees be it round neck, polo tees and blazers.

The Highline model of Volkswagen Tiguan comes with a 2.0-litre diesel engine paired to VW’s 7-speed DSG gearbox with 4WD. The Tiguan is the first Volkswagen car designed on VW’s modular transverse matrix platform (MQB) in India. In addition these, the fully-loaded top-spec Highline grade gets a panoramic sunroof, illuminated front scuff plates, key less entry with push-button start, 8-inch touch screen display with navigation, Apple Car Play, Android Auto and Mirror Link connectivity, self-sealing tyres and reverse parking cameras. Instead of the standard 17-inch alloys, the high-spec model features 18-inch alloy wheels.

New Tiguan- Experience a whiff of magic about the most beautiful city of Jaipur from here – Jawahar Circle

Packed with advanced safety and security features, the second-gen Tiguan received 5-star rating in the Euro NCAP crash test.

As we bathed in hues of men’s clothing, women’s cozy vibes weren’t far behind. Naav by Avneet Adwani came to the rescue by bringing to the palette a fresh wave of coolness in the rising temperature – Summer Dresses !

The new Tiguan is more than just a vehicle. It’s the beginning of your next adventure with your family. Time to live your dreams as we have just done 🙂
Brand Association-

Volkswagen Jaipur, Tanya Cars- https://www.facebook.com/vwjaipur/

Color Buckket https://www.facebook.com/colorbuckket/

Naav by Avneet Adwani- https://www.facebook.com/naavfashions/ 

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15 Cinema Halls Of Jaipur That’ll Give You A Rush of Nostalgia

In the days of bubbling Multiplexes around the city, we have almost forgotten about the time when we Jaipurites used to go to single screen cinema halls for entertainment !

There are many reasons for the loss of single screen cinemas in the city, the major reason being the rise of multiplexes, better technology and quality, and most importantly the range of options that multiplexes provide to us. It’s clearly impossible to find the time in our busy schedules to go and watch movies with the 4 restricted show timings of 9 am, 12 noon, 3 pm and 9 pm. Movies are shorter now and you will hardly find anyone who will say “3 se 6 wala show chale?”

JAIPUR BEAT went on throwback ride along the city and visited the oldest cinema Halls of Jaipur. Some are working, a few have been renovated and some are just abandoned or in ruins. Just to live the forgotten nostalgia, we are here with a glimpse of some of these forgotten cinemas of the Pink City. If you are one of those few “cinephiles” and die-hard movie lovers then maybe you could skip the multiplex next time and go watch a movie in one of these few old cinemas of Jaipur which are still operating. You might not get the same comfort as a multiplex, but this definitely could be a different experience.

  1. Prem Prakash – now Golcha

Situated in Chaura Raasta this movie hall’s claim to fame was that it came up  with the first 70 mm cinema screen in Rajasthan. The hall also gained popularity for its delicious samosas which is now sold as Prem Prakash samosa . Some how it survived and revived with new wave and is now known as Golcha Cinema which has been converted from a single screen to multi screen theatre now.

golcha 1

  1. Gem Cinema

Gem Cinema which at one point was the favorite among movie lovers somehow lost its battle to multiplexes and closed permanently. Now it is used as a parking spot for Saraogi Mansion, Bapu Bazaar and nearby areas. There was a time when Gem was the favorite choice for cine goers for its 10 am show for English movies especially those James Bond movies 🙂

gem 1

  1. Polo Victory Cinema

The game Polo is almost an integral part of Jaipur’s history. Not many are aware that Polo Victory Cinema hall  reminds us of India’s Victory, when India won Polo World Cup in 1933. Owner of polo Victory Cinema Keshuram went to England with Indian team in the same year, so in memory he created Polo Victory Cinema. Then Governor of Independent India  Lord Mountbatten inaugurated the Polo Victory Cinema. The audience had to wait for the tickets for as along as a months time. Close to Sindhi Camp bus station, this was one of the first cinemas of the city to be renovated to comply with the multiplex culture which came up in the city.

polo victory 1

  1. Man Prakash Cinema

While crossing the police memorial at Ajmeri Gate you would never think that instead of GTC which is a shopping complex there actually used to be a really famous cinema of Jaipur called Man Prakash.

man prakash 1

  1. Ram Prakash Cinema

The oldest cinema in Jaipur this was originally built as a theatre to adhere to the growing demand for entertainment in the budding city and probably was the first theatre to be built in Jaipur, where plays from around the country were conducted. This old cinema with its Indian architecture is situated at Chandi Ki Taksal. It is closed and Built in 1879 by Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh II.  It was closed down by the administration due to poor maintenance.

ram prakash 2

  1. Moti Mahal cinema

Located in Bani Park on Sawai Jai Singh highway, this old cinema with its distinctive building is no longer working with some construction work going on.

moti mahal 1

  1. Kohinoor Cineplex

One of the first few cinemas opened in Sanganer area, this theatre named a world famous diamond found in India has been renovated recently and is still showing movies.

kohinoor 3

  1. Lakshmi Mandir

An old cinema hall in Tonk Phatak, it was a famous among movie goers of Jaipur which is now getting renovated.

lakshmi mandir 1

  1. Ankur Cinema

Situated near Ghat Gate, this cinema hall is working but definitely off the limits as they hardly show Bollywood movies also notorious for having two haunted seats !

ankur 1

  1. Minerva

Few remember it as Ganga Talkies which was later changed into Minerva.Named after a Roman goddess this old cinema near Sanganeri Gate is permanently closed and is used for parking now.

minerva 1

  1. Paras Cinema

Situated at Zorawar Singh Gate, this single screen theatre with its pink building is still showing movies.

paras 1

  1. Samrat

The oldest theatre in Brahmapuri area, this theatre with its uncommon architecture is closed indefinitely.

samrat 1

  1. Sangam

This small establishment at Dada Bari road is permanently shut but what caught our attention was the place for posters with “chal raha hai” and “aara hai” written above it.

sangam 1

14. Mayur

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the wall city’s Nehru Bazaar Mayur Cinema was one major attraction. But now it has been converted into a shopping mall and is a major business center.


15. Raj Mandir

Raj Mandir.jpg

Raj Mandir is not just a Cinema Hall but the ‘Pride of Asia’ that opened on 1st June 1976 with the film “Charas”. Located at Paanch Batti, Raj Mandir is designed by architect W.M. Namjoshi, back then it was the only cinema hall with carpeted floor. Constructed in the Art Moderne Style of architecture, Raj Mandir was considered as the finest architecture building in the history of the cinema halls. The beautiful chandeliers, carpeted floors, crafted walls and everything about the place makes it a royal experience for the visitors. One can never forget the mouth watering Pyaar Ki Kachori being served there 😀 Now, it holds a position among top tourist destination of the city.

Nostalgic much ?

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6 Events in Jaipur during the last 6 days of June!

As the month of June having its last weekend, Jaipur city is already buzzing with various fun events for all age groups ranging from art, shopping, creative writing and not to miss DJ and pool parties for the party freaks. Jaipur Beat has already sorted some activities to choose from before the same old routine of school and college starts in July. Let’s have a quick glance on what’s in store in the last week of June 2017-

  1. All about pottery – 24TH June


Pottery is considered extremely therapeutic so if you had a long week loaded with work, this fun event is the right place for you. The best part is that you don’t need any prior experience for this workshop and also you get to take back home whatever you create. Activities at the workshop include:

Hand Pottery Rs 470/-
Wheel Pottery Rs 470/-
Paint a mug Rs 370/-
For more details contact 9945950169. Also, e
njoy chai and snacks in between 🙂

Venue- Tea Tradition, C- Scheme


2. Dahleez Exhibition – 24th-25th June


Shop till you drop at this multi designer exhibition featuring labels from all around the country. They have a range of exclusive accessories, apparels, footwears, cosmetics, sarees and many more. This two day exhibition will be your one stop for all the latest trends and the season’s must haves. The exhibition will start from 10 am and will go on till 10 pm on both the days.

Venue – KK Square, Crossword, C-scheme.

3.Aqua noon party – 25th june


Chill down with your friends and enjoy this pool party before the monsoon sets in and spoils all the fun outings.

Venue- Playa By zone

Call for entry and more details- 9680565151

4. The Tale Tellers


The summer vacation is about to close but before that happens, TheTaleTellers, are coming up with a ‘Creative Writing’ workshop for the young brigade of the city. The workshop will include the art of storytelling, story writing, and poetry writing. That’s not all; they will also give you some tips to improve your English language. It will be a one day affair (4 hours). If you wish to participate then call them right away to register-at 9413341616  Age group: 9 – 18 years. Fee: Rs. 600/-

Time: 10 am to 2 pm

Date: 26 June 2017 (Monday)

Venue: The Brew Company, Crystal palm

5. DJ Night at Jaipur Adda – 24th June

Jaipur Adda Night

Put on your dancing shoes with the best DJ night in the city at the most happening place.

The party starts at 8 pm sharp so don’t be late because the music here is especially selected according to the demands of the crowd. Take your non dancer friends too because we are sure with the amazing music even they will start to move along the beats. The best part is at Jaipur Adda  you needn’t rush home because they are open till 2 a.m.  🙂

Venue- Jaipur Adda

4-D Villa, Khasa Kothi Circle Station Road, Jaipur

6. Girls Night Out- 29th June


Why do boys have all the fun? It’s time to dress like a diva and put on those dancing shoes! Girls Night out is here again to make your Thursdays better! Go crazy partying with unlimited drinks and foot-tapping music this Thursday at Club Naila,

Venue- Naila Bagh Palace, MD Road

Have Fun 🙂



















Fun Fireless Cooking Workshop at O2 – The Plant Cafe In Jaipur

On 21st June, 2017, a “Fireless Cooking Workshop” was conducted at O2 – The Plant Café. Just entering the venue gives you a breath of freshness. As you make your way inside, you find the place standing up to its name, since the whole place is garlanded with plants. But trust us when we say that, the ambiance wasn’t even the best part.

Ever had a moment when you wanted to make something special, but Google just wasn’t kind enough to understand that not everyone has the power to make exquisite recipes as a light evening snack? If yes, then this workshop was just the right thing in town.

The mentor and cook Divya Jain held the talent of turning the simplest everyday ingredients into a delightful treat for foodies. Let it be an appetizing treat of ‘Biscuit Bhel’ or ‘Bread Paapdi Chaat’, you just couldn’t say no. And in case you’re a little health conscious, their ‘Coconut Cabbage Salad’ would be perfect for you. Other mouth watering recipes like ‘Paan Mojito’, ‘Rainbow Sandwich’, ‘Berry Cheesecake Sandwich’ and ‘Chocolate Swiss Roll’ were taught, and we, being the foodie that we are, would surely be waiting for the next sessions.

The food connoisseur – Divya Jain (left)


Written by Mihika Hajela – Intern at Jaipur Beat (Student of Rukmani Birla Modern High School, Jaipur)

Photographs by Anjali Sarda –  Intern at Jaipur Beat (Pursuing philosophy honours from Delhi University)

Editing by Jaipur Beat


20 Places to visit when travelling to Jaipur

1. Albert Hall Museum
Situated in Ram Niwas Garden, Albert Hall Museum is home to many beautiful paintings, sculptures and other distinct objects of historic significance. Dated back to 1876, it’s the oldest museum in the state and is quite popular for its Indo-Saracenic architecture. With lush green lawns alongside, you can sit and enjoy the beauty of this gigantic museum from outside.


2. Amar Jawan Jyoti
Amar Jawan Jyoti was established as a tribute to the martyrs who fought and sacrificed their lives for the pride and honor of the nation. In the evenings, the place is lit with beautiful colored lights which makes the view all the more spectacular. Here one can view art, sculptures and audio visual movies dedicated to the defense force of the country. It is a perfect place for those who are keen to hear the gallant tales of the soldiers of our nation.


3. Amer Fort
Amer or Amber Fort is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is among the most visited places in Jaipur. The fort situated high on a hill overlooking the Maota Lake, is spread over a vast area with four levels, each having a courtyard. Every evening, the fort hosts a spellbinding Light and Sound Show, scripted by the great poet and lyricist Gulzar and voiced by Bollywood superstar Mr Amitabh Bachchan. With a blend of folk music, the show brings to life the legends, history, traditions and cultures of the Rajputs and Jaipur City. The high walls of the fort, made of red sandstone and marble, create an awe-stricken backdrop for the light – effects. This is something to be witnessed by every Jaipurite at least once in their lifetime.

4 amer

4. Birla Mandir
Birla Mandir, also known as Laxmi Narayan Temple, is a marvel made entirely of white marble. Situated on the elevated platform of the Moti Dunagri Hill, it looks splendid glowing in the night light. The major attraction is towards the idol of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi, which is carved out of one single piece of marble. With the pure and peaceful aura of the temple, surrounded by lush green lawns, it is the ideal hangout place for many Jaipurites as well as tourists to spend their evenings.


5. Chokhi Dhani
For an ultimate Rajasthani experience, Chokhi Dhani, located approx 23 km from Jaipur on Tonk Road, is a place you can’t afford to miss. With the artificial village environment, soak in the spirits of Rajasthani culture and traditions. The lip smacking, traditional Rajasthani food adds to the charismatic appeal of Chokhi Dhani. Once you visit the place, the paintings, the wall art, the camel rides, the dance performances, the enthusiasm, the traditions, the Rajasthani attire and the smiling faces are all bound to mesmerize you and make you feel ecstatic.

45 chokhi-dhani-jaipur

6. Chulgiri
Situated in the lap of the Aravali Ranges, is a beautiful Jain temple, Chulgiri. It’s famous for its 60 ft tall dome, which shelters the enormous 21 ft tall sculpture of Mahaveer Swami. The way to the temple is an adventure in itself. Hiking and trekking on the Aravali Hills is altogether a different experience and many tourists visit Chulgiri just for this. The Ghaat Ki Ghooni tunnel which eventually leads to the temple, is a major tourist attraction. During monsoon, surrounded by the greenery, the place looks all the more beautiful and attractive. With many scenic views, it’s a perfect place for a peaceful picnic.


7. City Palace
Located in the heart of the old city of Jaipur, City Palace is where the Kachwaha Rajput clan ruled from. Built in the 18th Century, the Palace is a blend of Rajput, Mughal and European styles of architecture. Within the premises, one will find many gardens, ravishing courtyards and a Museum displaying many artefacts from the bygone era. Buildings like Mubarak Mahal, Chandra Mahal, Maharani Palace add to the allure of the Palace. Their richly crafted walls and ceiling, marble flooring and the mirror work are just an addition to the beauty of the palace. Govind Dev Ji temple, which is in the palace premises, is also a major tourist attraction and sees a heavy footfall daily.

8. Galtaji
An ancient pilgrimage site, Galtaji, surrounded by the Aravali Hills has a series of temples built in a narrow crevice. From the hills flows a natural spring, that fills the seven sacred kunds, which the pilgrims consider as holy and come in thousands to bathe here. Galta ji is also famous for the hundred of monkeys that live here in the Galwar Bagh or also known as the monkey temple. It is considered very auspicious to visit the temple and to bathe in the kund on Makar Sankranti.

galtaji temple

9. Hawa Mahal
Hawa Mahal or Wind Palace, built in the shape of Lord Krishna’s crown, is the world’s tallest building without a foundation. With 953 Jharokhs, it was built for the Royal Ladies to witness the day to day activities happening on the streets without actually being seen. It was a great retreat in the summers as the winds would blow inside and cool the entire palace. No tourists can ever resist admiring the beauty of this Wind Palace.

hawa-mahal-1 (1)

10. Jaigarh
Jaigarh, situated on the Cheel ka Teela of the Aravali Ranges, over looks the Amber Fort and the Maota Lake. Also known as the Victory Fort, it is very similar to the Fort of Amber in terms of structure and architecture. The fort has a cannon named Jaivana which was once the world’s largest cannon on wheels. It is convenient to visit Jaigarh and Amber Fort on the same trip as they are considered as one complex.
11. Jal Mahal
Situated in the heart  of the Maan Sagar Lake, is the fine masterpiece of both Rajput and Mughal architecture, Jal Mahal. A five storied building, Jal Mahal has 4 floors underwater and only one floor above it. While it is not open for tourists to visit it from inside, one can marvel at the beauty of this Water Palace from outside, enjoy the picturesque view and have a treat at the nearby Chowpatis.


12. Jawahar Cirlce
Jawahar Circle, located near the Jaipur International Airport is considered as the largest circular park in Asia. The park has many musical fountains, swings jogging track and a chowpaati place to gorge on tasty food. Having a calm and soothing atmosphere, many people come here to spend some quality time.

13. Jantar Mantar
Jantar Mantar, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has many stone, brass and masonry instruments which were made based on astrology and ancient Hindu Sanskrit texts. The place has the World’s largest stone sundial which has created a major buzz among the tourists.

37 jantar-mantar

14. Kanak Vrindavan
Located at the foot of Nahargarh Hills, is a beautiful garden surrounded by lush green lawns and trees and fountains. It has many exquisite ‘Chhatris’ that depict the architecture of the bygone era. The Kanak Vrindavan valley, often being used as a backdrop for my Bollywood movies and a perfect picnic spot, offers a breathtaking view of the Jaipur City and the alluring nearby places.


15. Nahargarh
At the edge of one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world, Aravali Hills, stands a magnificent fort named Nahargarh. It’s the favourite hangout place of many Jaipurites because of the height on which the Fort is situated and the breathtaking view of the city that it offers. Trekking to the top of the hill, where the fort stands, is an experience like never before.

JB (VD) - Nahargarh

16. Panna Mian ki Baori
Panna Mian ki Baori, located near the Amber Fort, is an architectural marvel of the 16th Century. This step well was constructed as a community gathering place for the locals. During the monsoons, the place looks very attractive and soothing. The beauty of the place lies in the unique concept of symmetrical staircases. Legends say that a person can’t use the same staircase to go up and down and many tourist visit this place to check it out themselves.


17. Raj Mandir
Constructed in the Art Moderne Style of architecture, Raj Mandir was considered as the finest architecture building in the history of the cinema halls. The beautiful chandeliers, the carpeted floors, crafted walls and everything about the place makes it a royal experience for the visitors. Titled as the ‘Pride of Asia’, this cinema hall is very popular among the tourists as well as the locals.


18. Sisodia Rani Ka Bagh
Located near Ghat Ki Ghooni, Sisodia Garden was constructed by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh as a token of love for his second queen, Queen Sisodia of Udaipur. The garden is adorned with beautiful flower beds, musical fountains, water channels and murals displaying the eternal love story of Radha-Krishna. The place serves as a very famous tourist and picnic spot.


Image via Google

19. Sargasuli
Constructed as a symbol of victory of Maharaja Sawai Ishwari Singh over Maharaja Sawai Madho Singh, the tower is also called ‘Victory Tower’. The specialty of this sky-high building is that, from its roof one can get a 360 degree panoramic view of the entire Pink City. Located in the heart of the city, this tower is a very popular tourist destination in Jaipur.

46 Sarga Suli

20. Vidhadhar ka Bagh
A pristine garden, Vidhadhar ka Bagh was built in the memory of the architect of the ‘Pink City’ of Jaipur, Vidhadhar Bhattacharya. Located near the Sisodia Garden, the place is a display of scenic beauty surrounded by beautiful fountains, lush green flower beds, royal pavilions and murals of Lord Krishna. It’s a very famous tourist attraction and an ideal place for a peaceful getaway.

Enjoy the architectural beauties of Pink City and connect with the glorious history of each monument as this is the best time of the year to visit the city of Jaipur.



5 Places In Jaipur To Enjoy ICC Ind vs Pak Final Tomorrow

Tomorrow there will be no lies, no fake excuses for not going to work, no guilt for being a couch potato all day, because tomorrow is the day all Indians are eagerly waiting for – It’s India vs Pakistan clashing for the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 !! And the best part, it’s a Sunday 😀

So sorry for all those film makers who decided to release their movies in India on this weekend 😉 Tomorrow is also Father’s Day and hence we are listing few places in Jaipur where you can enjoy the final match between India & Pakistan with your dad over drinks, food and lots of screams 🙂

1.) Jaipur Adda – A new adda that has opened up in Jaipur for food, hangouts and fun, has ICC screening for its visitors !! With an amazing view of the pink city from the top, scrumptious food delights, in company of other food enthusiasts, watching your favorite team play to win will get even more fun when you are doing that over good food, music and drinks !

2.) Crikafe – Cricket + cafe with a simple ambiance and a projector is an absolute fit to watch a good game of cricket while surrounded by an amazing and sporty vibe !

Pic via Zomato

3.) Jai’pour Cafe & Bar – If you wish to enjoy the most celebrated tournament of cricket world while enjoy your favorite drink in a luxurious & beautiful setting then Jai’pour Cafe & Bar is the place to be ! The cafe cum bar has delicious snacks and drinks in the offering for its visitors. So go ahead and check it out !

4.) The Forresta Kitchen & bar – What’s better than watching Ind vs Pak match in the comfort of your house? Watching it under the open sky with good food, great ambiance and some amazing offers in the best restaurants & cafes in town! Watch out for some unbelievable offers at The Forresta Kitchen & bar in Jaipur and you never know you might get lucky 😉

5.) Warehouse Café – The café is already popular for its flawless ambiance that has replaced the interiors of previous warehouse that this place used to be. Above that the café boasts of some luxurious food delights that can serve as an amazing companion for your final ICC journey.

If you know some more cafes that are hosting live ICC screening, do share with us in the comments. 🙂

Let the best team win 😀


A Circle of Colors, Culture, Food & Life – Jawahar Circle

On your way to the airport or while driving on JLN Marg in Jaipur, you see a tall pink structure standing right there surrounded by a gamut of trees and lush gardens, that structure is Jawahar Circle – the biggest circular park in Asia on a traffic signal.

Rather than just crossing it after giving it a glance, stop by the circle, park your car far away, and walk towards this stunning spot to see a different kind of architecture on a busy traffic signal of the pink city !


The entrance of Jawahar Circle is through the Patrika gate, which has been designed beautifully.  If you ever feel the need to get back in touch with the traditional side of Jaipur but are scared to go to the crowded walled city because of the traffic, this is the place to visit. This gate has been made keeping in mind the other 7 gates which are present in the walled city.


Patrika gate gives you a sneak peek into the vibrant culture of Rajasthan as each pillar is dedicated to some or the other part of the state. Hand paintings of temples, forts, palaces, portraits of Jaipur rulers, blue pottery, jewelry, photographs of Amer, Hawa Mahal, City Palace, Jal Mahal are found here to give a glimpse of the entire history of Jaipur. There were some nostalgic & proud examples of scenes depicting weddings, wars and daily lives of people showcasing the way they earned their livelihood, all artistically portrayed in lively colors.


What will definitely catch your attention are the classic windows which have been put in to give the gate a more authentic look. But other than showing the history of our city, this gate also has illustrations of the new age architectural wonders of Jaipur like World Trade Park and Amar Jawan Jyoti to name a few.  The motifs which have been painted all over the gate speak volumes of the meticulous work done by local artisans.


The area opposite the gate has also been landscaped to give an old fashioned look. The huge circular garden is surrounding a fountain which offers a musical light show every Sunday from 7 p.m. The park is well equipped with benches and a jogging track, and if you like a less crowded park over a crowded one, choose this.


There is also a children’s park to enjoy various swings followed by everyone’s favourite – Chowpati 😀 The food here is definitely a huge incentive to plan an outing in the evening. There is a total of 7 Shree Nath pav bhaji wala (we counted) and around 5 pandit pav bhaji stalls. There are stalls selling baraf ka gola and kulfi to beat the heat and yes it works. Bombay sandwich and bhelpuri is a must-have if you are a street food junkie because the whole concept of Chowpati comes from Mumbai anyway ! The best part about this chowpati as compared to others in the city is the ample space to sit and eat 😀


So the next time you go to World Trade Park which you definitely will soon as the sale season is coming up, skip the food court and go for more desi food at Jawahar circle and visit this less explored part of the city 🙂


Written by  Anjali Sarda – an Intern at Jaipur Beat

Edited by Jaipur Beat

Photographs by Jaipur Beat