21 Photographs By A Jaipur Man Who Captured The Beauty of Himalayas With An iPhone

In a world where we are so engrossed in technology and the addictions related to it, we often forget to look up and see the beauty that lies there in front of our eyes – raw and unfiltered.

But here is a man who hails from Jaipur, is a passionate traveller, active social media enthusiast and a creative photographer who has travelled to more than 10 countries and has been clicking Rajasthan with a different perspective for over 10 years – Gaurav Hajela*. His photographs have been published by the leading websites, newspapers & magazines and he knows Rajasthan like the back of his hand. With two editions of coffee table book ‘Soul Of Rajasthan’ under his belt, his thirst for seeing and capturing new horizons refuses to stop. This time, he desired to explore the Himalayas and experimented with clicking these mesmerizing vistas of Himachal Pradesh with his iPhone.

Jaipur Beat is excited to take you on a road journey from Chandigarh-Rampur-Sangla-Chitkul-Kalpa-Fagu and back to Chandigarh through this beautiful Photo Blog, where India just kept getting more beautiful at each turn.

Be ready to skip the beat when you get to see beauty all around surrounding the nature 🙂

On the way from Shimla to Kinnaur, there is a small town called Rampur. And this is what the journey offers you 🙂

Rampur - Gaurav Hajela

The journey to Sangla (situated in Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh at a height of 9000 feet) is no cakewalk. Hence the umbrella rocks are here on NH 22 highway to protect the roads and vehicles which look like some tiny kids crossing a tunnel !

En route Sangla - Gaurav Hajela

Continuing on one of ‘world’s deadliest roads’ but what makes up for it is the company of River Sutlej flowing along the highway and accompanying till Kinnaur 🙂

NH 22 - Gaurav Hajela

The grand and quite a clouded entry to the divine Sangla Valley !

Sangla Valley - Gaurav Hajela

A sight worth melting for 🙂 Tiny tots on their way to school in Sangla, all of them wearing the flowered Kinnauri caps, distinguishing them from other school kids !

Sangla Valley - Gaurav Hajela

A small beautiful hotel Apple Pie at Rakcham much ahead of the Sangla village spotted while heading towards the snow peaks !

Sangla Hotel - Jaipur Beat

Sunshine falling on snow capped mountains = A Golden Moment.

Golden sunrise at Sangla - Jaipur Beat

Sangla Valley seen en route Chitkul – the last village on India’s side of Indo-Tibetan border, 28 km away from Sangla 🙂Chitkul Village Himachal Pradesh - Jaipur Beat
Not a very smooth road ahead, let’s get distracted by the warm sun, cold breeze, tall mountains and pine trees !

Chitkul In Himachal Pradesh - Jaipur Beat

Do you see a green establishment on the bottom right of this picture ? That’s the little gorgeous Chitkul village from far away. Chitkul Village - Jaipur Beat

An auspicious welcome with flying Tibetan prayer flags 🙂

Chitkul - Jaipur beat

The much needed dose of steaming Maggi noodles at Chitkul village.

Maggi in Himachal Pradesh- Jaipur Beat

Eye-to-eye. A local connection 🙂

Sangla - Jaipur Beat

On the way down the hills. Slight drizzling and the greens get greener. On the way to the tiny little Kalpa Village !

Himachal Pradesh - Jaipur Beat

A panorama of Sangla, with a sight of Kinnaur Kailash visible, the peak that is on ever avid trekker’s to-do list !


Vishnu Temple at Kalpa – Can you stop staring at the wooden architecture?

Temple at Kalpa - jaipur Beat

A famous monastery in Chinni village !

Monastery at Chinni Village in Himachal Pradesh - Jaipur Beat

Tiny Dhaba with a tiny soul peeping out.

Flowing clouds and foggy sky blur the sight of the towering hills and make a picture perfect landscape. This is the town of Fagu, and the netted view you see on the bottom right, is just a glimpse of how the residents protect their precious plantations.

Fagu - Himachal Pradesh

A Pahadi sunset.

Sunset in Himachal Pradesh

That’s quite a dramatic farewell, only till we meet again.

Himachal Pradesh

For those who cogitate that having great shooting gear will help in taking fantastic photographs and it’s just the equipment that give enough competitive edge in taking great photographs, Gaurav Hajela reinforces this belief that its just not technology at every stage but it’s creativity that gives you an edge ultimately.

*The photographer of this astounding series clicked in Himalayas – Gaurav Hajela is also the founder of Jaipur Beat.


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