Bask in Nature’s Bliss by Chilling at These 10 Cafes in Pink City

It’s World Environment Day today. If you ask yourselves about how you are contributing to the environment, some of you will know that you are looking after the environment in your own little ways, while some of you still need some motivation to start to do that. There are thousands of ways to keep the environment cleaner and greener, but there are some people who are doing it in creative ways as well, for instance, have a look at these cafes & restaurants in Jaipur which have been created either around nature or with nature as their central element. This is the reason why, they will always stand out because nothing comes even remotely close to hanging out, eating, drinking and talking midst nature while breathing fresh air 🙂

1.) Full Power Rooftop
With one of the most breathtaking panoramic views of the city, the rooftop of Full Power, situated near Hathroi Fort, instills you will full power and pride about Jaipur and its beauty. But what makes this rooftop more special is the ambiance that is full old greens with planters all around spreading a fresh vibe all over the place !2.) Hats Off Cafe
Situated in Kukas at a comparatively remote location, Hats Off cafe is a sports Restro Cafe with vast stretches of greens, sports activities and a chance to spend a lot of time especially during monsoons and evenings in Jaipur !

3.) Jai’pour Cafe & Bar
Built with interiors inspired by Greece, Jai’pour Cafe & Bar has an ambiance that oozes nature with its fresh bougainvillea plants, small planters and trees surrounding and contrasting the blue and white theme !Location – Bani Park4.) Brown Sugar Lounge

Have you visited the Brown Sugar Lounge on Tilak Mark in C-Scheme? Completely distinct from the other Brown Sugar cafes in town, this one is not just a bakery, but a beautifully designed cafe with interesting vintage props and garden feel at the entrance. The small wooden gate opens to the cafe which smells of freshly watered plants and you can see some of them hanging on the roof !5.) Taruveda Bistro

A restaurant that started with a small store & spa along with serving some delectable cuisines in Jaipur, Taruveda Bistro gives you a feel of having a table set right in the middle of a green and dense jungle. More than the indoor, it’s the outdoor rooftop setup cocooned by the trees, that attracts denizens to come here for feel, food & conversations.Location – Near Civil Lines6.) O2 – The Plant Cafe

As the name goes, this cafe is all about breathing fresh oxygen !  If you are looking for a garden kind of place where all you want to do is sip on some coffee, iced tea and read a book or just catch up with your friends peacefully, this is the place to be at. O2 – The Plant Cafe, in Lal Kothi is one of those gems which takes you away from the noise & closer to the nature 🙂7.) The Forresta Kitchen & Bar

What’s there in a name ? Well sometimes, the name has it all. Forest ambiance, pebbles on the floor, an open bar and a kitchen that cooks magic – this is Forresta Kitchen & Bar for you. Situated in Bani Park, Forresta is known for its incredible ambiance and mist liners making it heavenly to hang out in the outdoors inhaling fresh oxygen from the surrounding trees and eating till your heart and soul is full.8.) Decked Up by Garden Cafe

Garden cafe is not unfamiliar to any resident of Jaipur ! Serving food for more than 20 years and being the first ones to have delicious South India food in Jaipur, Garden Cafe now has a branch ‘Decked Up’ in Vaishali Nagar. It is green, clean, with great food and a perfect hangout joint for family, friends and may be some old-school dates ?9.) Home Cafe

Converted into a cute summer doll house kind of cafe from the first of its kind cafe in Jaipur – Mr. Beans, Home Cafe doesn’t just offer a homely ambiance with a delicious menu, but an outdoor space which is set up with a garden ambiance with fairy lights and empty cages to accompany you while you get cozy in your chairs and conversations.10.) Wassup

One more thriving in the exotic jungle theme, Wassup is a cafe set right on the main road in C-Scheme, but it just takes one step inside the cafe to forget where you came from.

*Images for points except 1, 3, 7 and 9 have been taken via Google.

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