Meet Jaipur’s Only Railway Station Cocooned In Greens

We bet every one of you has at least one train travel memory from your childhood and why not, we all have waited for summer holidays simply to embark on a new journey or probably the same old journey to grandma’s place, riding on a train. 🙂 Most of us in Jaipur have been travelling through trains since forever. The whole idea of trains doesn’t seem like a novelty to us as we were served with this medium of transport since we were born. However the introduction of railways in the country marked a new era of transportation and the same goes for introduction of railways in Jaipur.

All of us have been train travelers for quite a long while now but how many of you actually know about the first railway junction in Jaipur. We know that most of your answers will include Gandhi Nagar and Jaipur Junction but to your dismay both the answers are incorrect.IMG-20170712-WA0006Very few of us will know that the first broad gauge that was commissioned in the city was at Durgapura Railway station. When the Mumbai Jaipur express started functioning in the city, Jaipur Junction was not ready. Therefore Durgapura railway station, which luckily was ready, became the first station where first broad gauge of the city arrived. From there on, it became the station from where people could travel to other stations like Sawai Madhopur, Kota and to stations across the nation like Bombay. Given such an important place in the history of Jaipur’s interstate transportation, one would think that Durgapura railway Station should be an important landmark in the city.IMG-20170712-WA0003However, the city has somehow completely forgotten about the place. Most of us have not even heard about the station and when it comes to the stations in the city all we can remember is the Gandhi Nagar Railway Station or the Jaipur Junction. However, since Durgapura station has such an important place in the city’s history, Jaipur Beat thought to bring this amazing junction to the forefront and in the eyes of the citizens.

Visit this station once and you will realize what we are talking about. One of the most beautiful and probably the cleanest stations of all, Durgapura station, is surrounded by greens from everywhere. We mean, when did you last spot, flourishing and tall green trees at a railway station? The greens add to the complete feel of this place. Probably one reason why people would love to wait for trains here. Definitely the first comers get the best things, that is why the railway authorities, back in those days, must have taken so much pain to plant these trees around the rails and the station, to make the first station of Jaipur look unique.

Apart from the greens the station has a beautiful and old-fashioned entry. Not only will the entry but the vibrant colors that the station is painted in will charm the onlookers.IMG-20170712-WA0005Apart from the beauty the station also needs to be applauded for its clean surroundings. We bet you haven’t visited a cleaner station in the city like this one. Probably this is the only junction in the city that has taken both, Swachh Bharat campaign and Clean Jaipur Green Jaipur seriously.IMG-20170712-WA0002All said and done, the station that once was held glorious for being the first station in Jaipur is now struggling for its survival. In today’s time many trains do not even stop at this station. So, the next time you happen to pass through this station or board a train enjoy the picturesque surroundings 🙂

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