The New Age Bio-Degradable Plastic for Swacch Bharat

Swacch Bharat, a campaign whose tune wakes us all up early every morning, isn’t new to anyone. However, even after listening to it daily it still hasn’t registered with us. Every single household to this date uses products that are harmful for the environment. One of the most harmful products for our environment and yet most regularly used in every Indian household is: Plastic.

If you don’t believe us then please walk up to your kitchen, can you now see a bag hanging behind the door carrying more of its like inside it? Yes, this is plastic. How many of you actually know that plastic or ‘polythenes’ as usually referred to take 500 years to decompose in a landfill. Given the number of these poly-bags in each household, we can say that we do not need anything else to destroy our environment.plastic.jpgIf we roam around in the residential areas of Jaipur, we will easily find one corner of every street filled with garbage packed in polythenes. As per the reports on usage of plastic, the world’s consumption of plastic bags has been on a rapid increase with around 25 million tons of plastic getting accumulated in the environment. On an average a plastic bag is used for hardly 20 mins but stays in the environment for hundreds of years. In our country alone the per capita consumption of plastic is 5kg annually. Every 5 years the consumption is getting doubled.IMG_5071Given such a grave situation wouldn’t it be better that we move away from such harmful items and look for alternatives. Recently Jaipur Beat came got a chance to learn about Biodegradable bags developed by Biotec Bags. Luckily they are a convenient alternative to using plastic and are 100% degradable. Biodegradable plastics are made up with polythene mixed with an enzyme that helps in shortening the chemical bonds within the polythene, which in turn makes it easy to decompose.IMG_5063These bags have a shelf life of two years and are affordable in comparison to paper, cloth and jute bags. The bio-degradable plastic can be used as a carry bag and also as a garbage bag.  Do you wish to know how much time does a Biotec bag take to decompose? The answer is 180 days. It is so because of the construction of these bags. The bacteria present in the soil can easily chew on these bags once they are disposed off.IMG_5059This product by Biotech bags comes at an affordable price of Rs. 2.30 and is multipurpose. It comes in two different sizes to offer more utility to the customers. Not only this, the company also manufactures small packages containing four of these bags for placing it in your cars.

IMG_5054Now that you have learned about a 100% harmless option to plastic, we are sure that you will prefer to use this affordable option instead. To get your hands on bio degradable plastic bags you just need to get in touch with the company on 9414070245 or mail them on

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