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Jaipur’s Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas Jewellers Present an Ode to Indian Bride at India Couture Week 2017!

Celebrating the magnificence & valour of the glorious women of India, Jaipur’s Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas Jewellers today presented their spectacular collection – Adaa on the opening day of FDCI at India Couture Week 2017 in an Installation Show by leading Indian designer Anamika Khanna, –‘Happily Ever After’ at Mehrauli.
The array of jewellery designs adorned by around 50 installations was a surreal walk through an Indian bride’s wonderland where she meets some wondrous rituals and unveils a different shade of her at every step. With allusions to ancient India in its hints of modernity, each design entwines in it a concoction of boldness and delicacy, just like a beatific Indian bride. 
The signature pieces of the bridal collection by Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas Jewellers have been designed with inlaying of rose cut diamonds and other gemstones in bold pieces of emeralds & rubies adorned by various mannequins representing the different moods of an Indian bride. 
The customs & traditions of a wedding are woven in the jewellery designs and swathed in flamboyant colors enveloping all the pious ceremonies of an Indian bride.
Jaipur’s Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas Jewellers stands as a paragon of innovation and panache for six decades in the segment of luxury jewellery houses with Yash Agarwal being the brain behind all the designing concepts and themes of new collections.
Yash Agrawal of Birdhichand with Designer Anamika Khanna
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7 Speakers To Look Forward To at Talk Journalism 2017

Talk Journalism the only dedicated festival that celebrates Journalism and gives a platform to the fraternity to discuss and debate about related issues, will soon begin its fourth edition in Jaipur City. Jaipur, after becoming popular for the biggest literature festival in India now has also become a huge platform to attract the pioneers in media and let them share their experiences about the industry with the audience. We are sure that the people of Jaipur are equally excited to meet these speakers and hear the words of wisdom from them. Jaipur beat brings to you the speakers that you must look forward to in Talk Journalism 2017.

1.) Arun Shorie – Arun Shorie, a leading economist and author has contributed a lot to the media industry as a journalist. Among the huge lists of his achievements he has been awarded with Ramon Magsaysay award and Padma Bhushan, has been an economist with World Bank and a consultant to Planning Commission of India. The veteran journalist speaker is for sure one of the biggest reasons why you should attend the event.   arun2.) Rajdeep  Sardesai – Now this is one name that needs no introduction. Rajdeep Sardesai is probably amongst the first few celebrated journalists of the country. Given his rise in the sphere of journalism from being a city editor at TOI to running his own channel, his session will definitely be an enlightening one for both the enthusiasts of journalism and the fraternity members.   rajdeep3.) Barkha Dutt – An undisputed leader in the Indian Journalism, Barkha Dutt is a pioneer of not only journalism in India but also of creating a space for females in this male dominated industry. For all the aspiring female journalists, we definitely recommend you to join Talk Journalism and get a chance to interact with Barkha Dutt.barkha4.) Sumeet Vyas– The man of the hour, the writer and actor of many a famous web series, Sumeet Vyas is one of the speakers at the event. The climb that this celebrity has seen lately in the media sure gives us a reason to listen to his journey to success and his idea about the current traits of media journalism.  sumeet5.) Piyush Mishra – A graduate from National School of Drama and a famous theater and film personality, Piyush Mishra-specially know for his recent roles in the films Gangs of Wasseypur and Gulal, is definitely the kind of speaker, whose opinions you will like to listen to when it comes to media. After having spend nearly three decades in the industry we are sure that his experience about the same must make a worthy session. piyush mishra6.) Sagarika Ghose – With a wide spectrum of experience in media spanning news anchoring, journalism and authoring two books, her session at Talk Journalism is definitely one of the most informative one to look forward to.sagarika7.) Christina Lamb – Co-author of ‘I am Malala‘, Chiristina Lamb is an author and the chief foreign correspondent for The Sunday Times.  Her presence at the event ensures that the platform will not only discuss Indian Journalism but also journalism across the globe.christinaNow that you are well acquainted with the speakers of the event, we are sure that you are looking forward to Talk Journalism as eagerly as we are.  🙂

Venue: Fairmont Hotel, Jaipur

Date: 28th – 30th July 2017

Registration for free at:


5 Things That Jaipur Roads Say After Monsoon Showers

Like every year with the onset of monsoon the roads of the city speak for themselves. So, time to brace up to deal with potholes, water logging, traffic jams, damaged roads when you are out walking/driving but never miss the fun.

  1. Daag Ache Hai

Just in case you fall in one of those pits, or someone splashes some keechad on your clothes, just close your eyes and say ‘daag acche hai’ 😀


  1. Ae Bhai Zara Dekh Ke Chalo!

Stagnant water on the roads with people stuck in the middle is definitely a joy to see. It’s difficult to locate even the gaddhas on the road and you tend to fall, listen carefully to the road singing to you ‘ae bhai zara dekh ke chalo’!


  1. Once upon a time I was a pakka road, or that’s what you thought.

It was so smooth to drive and enjoy, but all good things come to an end 😉


4. Aise na mujhe tum dekho, seene se laga lunga 😉

Don’t even try to stare at the bumpy roads, you never know when they are in a mood to hug you tight 😀


  1. Ruk jana nahi, tu kabhi haar ke.

The water filled road, definitely makes you stop and think twice. But not everyone stops. It is an experience itself!


Take it positively as everyone was waiting anxiously for rains to start. Smell the rain or feel the wind  but let it rain ☔☔☔


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The New Age Bio-Degradable Plastic for Swacch Bharat

Swacch Bharat, a campaign whose tune wakes us all up early every morning, isn’t new to anyone. However, even after listening to it daily it still hasn’t registered with us. Every single household to this date uses products that are harmful for the environment. One of the most harmful products for our environment and yet most regularly used in every Indian household is: Plastic.

If you don’t believe us then please walk up to your kitchen, can you now see a bag hanging behind the door carrying more of its like inside it? Yes, this is plastic. How many of you actually know that plastic or ‘polythenes’ as usually referred to take 500 years to decompose in a landfill. Given the number of these poly-bags in each household, we can say that we do not need anything else to destroy our environment.plastic.jpgIf we roam around in the residential areas of Jaipur, we will easily find one corner of every street filled with garbage packed in polythenes. As per the reports on usage of plastic, the world’s consumption of plastic bags has been on a rapid increase with around 25 million tons of plastic getting accumulated in the environment. On an average a plastic bag is used for hardly 20 mins but stays in the environment for hundreds of years. In our country alone the per capita consumption of plastic is 5kg annually. Every 5 years the consumption is getting doubled.IMG_5071Given such a grave situation wouldn’t it be better that we move away from such harmful items and look for alternatives. Recently Jaipur Beat came got a chance to learn about Biodegradable bags developed by Biotec Bags. Luckily they are a convenient alternative to using plastic and are 100% degradable. Biodegradable plastics are made up with polythene mixed with an enzyme that helps in shortening the chemical bonds within the polythene, which in turn makes it easy to decompose.IMG_5063These bags have a shelf life of two years and are affordable in comparison to paper, cloth and jute bags. The bio-degradable plastic can be used as a carry bag and also as a garbage bag.  Do you wish to know how much time does a Biotec bag take to decompose? The answer is 180 days. It is so because of the construction of these bags. The bacteria present in the soil can easily chew on these bags once they are disposed off.IMG_5059This product by Biotech bags comes at an affordable price of Rs. 2.30 and is multipurpose. It comes in two different sizes to offer more utility to the customers. Not only this, the company also manufactures small packages containing four of these bags for placing it in your cars.

IMG_5054Now that you have learned about a 100% harmless option to plastic, we are sure that you will prefer to use this affordable option instead. To get your hands on bio degradable plastic bags you just need to get in touch with the company on 9414070245 or mail them on


10 Events to Look Forward to in Jaipur Before July Gets Over!

The month of July has brought in some rain and loads of fun to the city. July gets over in just 10 days and you can make the most of it. Many interesting events are lined up for these days and you can join the ones you find suitable. Here are our picks of 10 Events to Look Forward to in Jaipur Before July Gets Over-

1.Shimmer Rakhi and Lifestyle Exhibition- This is a Hi-end Rakhi & Lifestyle Exhibition. Here you will be able to shop from 60 stalls from all over India showcasing wide varieties of rakhis, accessories, bags, shoes, gift items, apparel ,home furnishings and more.

Date- 21-22 July 2017

Venue- Hotel Sarovar Portico, Vaishali Nagar

july events in Jaipur (2)

2. National Silk Expo- There is more shopping in store. You can get your hands on beautiful silk products at this exhibition.

Date- 21-30 July 2017

Venue- B. M. Birla Auditorium

july events in Jaipur (1)

3. TEDxYouth@NMS- It is an independently organized TED event. The theme of the event is Spectrum of Ideas.

Date- 22 July 2017

Venue- Neerja Modi School

july events in Jaipur (1)

4. Womenpreneurs- This incubation program is being organized to promote entrepreneurial ecosystem for women across Rajasthan. It can be a good opportunity for you if you are looking to start your own business.

Date- 22 July 2017

Venue- IICD Jaipur, J-8, Jhalana Institutional Area

july events in Jaipur (5)

5. Letter Earthlings- The event is organized to bring smile on faces of strangers who are living a life that’s a lot like yours. Here you will write kind letters to people in different parts of the world. The handwritten notes are sent to people via snail mail and this unexpectedness makes people happy.

Date- 22 July 2017

Venue- O2 The Plant Cafe

july events in jaipur

6. Stand-up Comedy Night- Acclaimed comedian Jeeveshu Ahluwalia is all set to make you laugh heartily this weekend. Head there for your dose of  lighthearted entertainment.

Date- 22 July 2017

Venue- Maharana Pratap Auditorium Jaipur

july events in Jaipur (4)

7. Jaipur Bird Walk 1- Here is a treat for all nature lovers. In this bird walk, you can hear calls of various birds and click them as well.

Date- 23 July 2017

Venue- Kulish Smriti Van, JLN marg

smriti van jaipur beat

8. Club Night with Nikhil Chinapa-

The ex-Sunburn Director, RJ, VJ and a popular presenter on MTV India Nikhil Chinapa will be in the city to make you groove. Music lovers! You can’t miss this.

Date- 22-23 July 2017

Venue- House of People

nikhil chinapa in jaipur

9. Indian Youth Model United Nations- This event provides opportunities for inter-cultural interactions, learning and skill development to delegates from across the country as they come together to discuss, debate and build upon ideas.

Date- 27-29 July 2017

Venue- Hotel Ramada

july events in Jaipur (3)

10. Talk Journalism 2017- You can listen to some of the finest voices in Indian journalism and also meet them socially at this event. The event has been designed to benefit all the professionals, students, companies and enthusiasts of journalism and is completely free of cost.

Date- 28 July 2017

Venue- Fairmont Hotel Jaipur


The end of this month looks quite promising. Where will you go?


9 Photographs giving Bird’s Eye View of Jaipur City in Monsoon!

No you don’t have to always fly in a helicopter, or airplane to get a bird’s eye view of anything. Why? Because we live in a city like Jaipur where you can always drive up on  Nahargarh or Jaigarh Forts set on the Aravali Hills to witness the city’s true beauty.

You might have been there at some or the other time of the year but there is no season like monsoon when you can see fresh green landscape of Jaipur breathing with new life from the top.

Here’s, presenting ‘Pictorial Melodies of Monsoon’

  1. View of Amer Fort covered in cloud


2. Lake ‘Sagar’, Jaigarh Fort and the fresh green landscape


3. Like a wondrous dream clouds looming over Jal Mahal at Mansagar Lake

Jal mahal

4. View of Rajasthan Legislative Assembly or Vidhaan Sabha


5. Rain washed Wall City, Jantar Mantar, City Palace in one frame

City Palace

6. Green cover on otherwise Barren hills of Jhalana and the Pink Houses


7.  The City doesn’t stop even when it rains. View of Tripolia Bazaar and Choti Chaupar


8. Monsoon spell on Amer Fort and Jaigarh Fort


9. Believe us!! We are still in Jaipur 🙂


If you are a photographer and you intend to photograph the true beauty of rain drenched Pink City, there is no other time better than the monsoons.
So, why wait? Take out your photography gears but remember to protect them in weather-proof camera bags and don’t forget to share your images with  Jaipur Beat 🙂
Happy Rains ☔☔☔


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Intra-state Air Services in Rajasthan to take off on 6 new routes

IMG_5909The intra state air services between Jaipur- Udaipur, Bikaner and Jodhpur launched in 2016 was a great success in Rajasthan! In no time now, the intra-state air service will be extended on six new routes of Rajasthan that’ll include Ahmedabad and Delhi. Rajasthan Government has given consent to this proposal and the same to the Union Civil Aviation Ministry for necessary formalities.

A letter has been sent to the Civil Aviation by Chief Secretary Ashok Jain, that states, “It has been decided to expand the intra-air services on six routes which are Jaipur-Kota, Delhi-Sawai Madhopur, Delhi-Kishangarh, Delhi-Shri Ganganagar, Jodhpur-Ahmedabad and Jaipur-Jodhpur-Jaisalmer”

Earlier, Supreme Airlines, with the commendable 19 seater flight, was commissioned for operation of flights on a regular basis on Jaipur-Udaipur-Bikaner routes. In the previous Budget the CM had announced to expand intra-air services to other cities and the letter written by the CS comes in its continuance. In the letter, the CS has recommended for the same air operator Supreme Airlines to run the operations on new routes.

View of Supreme Airlines Flight from inside
View of Supreme Airlines Flight from inside
View of Supreme Airlines Flight from inside

This initiative by Rajasthan Government in collaboration with civil aviation department will boost tourism in the desert state as Sawai Madhopur, where Ranthambore National Park is located, will get connected to Delhi. Also, Ajmer, known for Dargah and Puskhar, has also been proposed to be connected under the proposal. The two states, Delhi and Gujarat have come under the expansion of the services, which will further fetching more tourists from various locations.