Jaipur’s new restaurant ‘Public’- a distinctive deli with handcrafted food!

Jaipur has indeed become one of the food hubs in the country. In recent times, a profusion of restaurants have opened but Jaipur Beat believes PUBLIC’– Handcrafted Comfort Food’ – a new restaurant built in the ostentatious environment of C-scheme, isn’t routine. This multi cuisine fine-dining restaurant is worth trying for its exciting menu. Our team of proficient bloggers went to assess the restaurant and came back with contented faces. They could not stop drooling over the tasty food 🙂

P1070048 copy
Front Facade

The restaurant has a fascinating atmosphere which is further enhanced with beguiling hanging lamps and artistic walls whereas the furniture is kept simple and sturdy to give its guests a complete relaxation.

P1070023 copy
Interior of Public

Restaurant  has two floors, first that is open to routine guests while the upper deck is open to accommodate large groups of about 20-25 people. This separate set up with minimalist interiors help the guests to enjoy special occasions like birthdays, friends meet up or ladies kitty parties in complete privacy 🙂

P1070012 copy

The manager himself, Mr.Ashish- who was very polite and courteous, greeted us. Before we could decide what to choose from the elaborate menu of Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Lebanese and North Indian menu, he briefed us about the variety of cuisines that Public is famous for.

As soon as we grabbed our seats, luscious complementary three layer shots were served. A combination of khus, blue caracu, licchi with few drops of lemon that you would verily enjoy.

P1070073 copy

Let’s begin with our food analysis…..

No starter menu is complete without Dahi Ke Kabab! Our personal favorite, these kebabs are something to die for! Moist yet crisp, these tasty bites along with mint chutney will leave you dribbling. Indeed the best kebabs we have had till now.

P1070070 copy


Chef special tacos, made of beans, cottage cheese, baby corn, capsicum and onion are beautifully served with nachos and traditional homemade salsa.

P1070087 copy

Price- ₹290

Sandwiches are everyone’s favourite snack! And cheese makes it even more tempting. This Corn and Cheese sandwich is surely a thumbs-up. However, if you want to try something new, then give Veg Pin Roll sandwich a shot. It has an amazing filling of mustard, mint, ketchup and bell peppers.

Aaaah! A delicious layer of mozzarella topped with corn, onion, tomato and capsicum, this wood fired Americano pizza will make you go ‘Nommmm Nommmm’. This mouth-watering dish is available in both thin and thick crust. The other speciality includes Siciliana pizza.

P1070065 copyPrice- ₹450

Their Chinese food is the best in town. Known for its authenticity, these Vegetable Hakka Noodles are absolutely toothsome.


P1070083 copyPrice-₹290

Longing for good non-vegetarian food? This dish will make you go gaga. Tsing Hoi Chicken, an amazing blend of diced chicken with hot garlic sauce, dried chillies and vegetables. Worth trying!

P1070079 copyPrice-₹375

North Indian food? Yeah, they have that too!!

If you have a taste for chicken, we recommend you trying this luscious curry with Keema Naan, delicious flat bread stuffed with minced meat. Not only are their tastefully balanced Laal Maas and Dal Bukhara some of the best in Pink City, but also their kebab platters are to drool for.

P1070097 copy

Price- ₹400 (Chicken Curry), ₹90 (Keema Naan)

With different menus for the weekend and for kitty parties Public, with its authentic food, fine décor and amazing staff offering a totally brilliant service, this place is a TEN ON TEN!!!!

Don’t miss to check out their Weekend Special Menu cause you deserve a special treat when at Public on weekends 🙂


Now you know your next nosh-up destination! 😉


D-3, Ground Floor, City Corporate,
Malviya Marg, C-Scheme
Jaipur, Rajasthan
Follow on –
Insta – https://www.instagram.com/publicjaipur/

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