5 Best Chicken Tikka Haunts Recommended by Jaipur Beat In Pink City

With monsoon setting in, Jaipur beat took the delicious task of going around the town sampling the best & the most famed Chicken Tikka delicacies to compile a list of some of Jaipur’s best Chicken Tikka places for you.

One such rainy pleasant evening as we were driving past the milling streets of Raja Park, the heavenly wafting aroma and the inviting orange warmth of the live Coal grill stopped us dead in our tracks. All meetings and important tasks forgotten we were pulled in, as if in trance towards the source of this delight. We thus zeroed in on Raja Park first, the foodie hub of Jaipur.

As we sat waiting for the delicious morsels of Chicken Tikka , marinated in yoghurt, spices, condiments and herbs getting cooked gently over the deep red embers of coal, smoke rising above the grill, the experience itself was mesmerizing, it seemed all of our collective lives had led us to this one answer- chicken Tikka. Even before getting to taste it, the aromas flirted with our palette and senses in anticipation. As we were served the Tikkas, standing next to the grill or on the outdoor steel table, accompanied with sliced, pickled onions and fresh Pudina-yoghurt chutney, we felt our food prayers had finally been answered. The flavors were akin to finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Mouthwatering, finger licking, & deeply flavorsome, the punch of the charred blackened bits of the Tikka contrasting with the deep red, juicy Tikkas itself was a revelation.

Having experienced this deliciousness, and the infectious passion of the owners behind the food, we are here sharing the best of our find with you.

  1. Sethi Barbeque : In its 23rd year in the business, this is easily one of the oldest barbeque places in Jaipur, selling one of the tastiest Chicken Tikkas in town. Run by the young second generation entrepreneur and passionate foodie Anand Singh, he learned all his cooking from his late father and founder Surjit Singh Ji. Highly energetic & hardworking, known for mixing his own spices and keeping a very strict tab on the quality, Anand says, his secret lies in it being a family business run by people who absolutely love food. This is a stand-alone restaurant and they serve their customers only what they consider is good enough for their own discerning palettes.




Jaipur Beat recommends: Peshawari Chicken  / Tandoori Chicken

Location: Raja Park, Jaipur

2. Kebabs and Curries Company:

This story is about Passion meeting professionalism: Trained at IHM, the brother duo of Tarun and Varun started Kebabs and Curries Company 13 years back at Raja Park. Now even though they have many branches, there are no franchises, they are all owned by the Behls. The secret to their success lies in a centralized kitchen where the taste, quality, and spices are still prepared & checked by Tarun Behl every morning. His mastery and command over the taste, original recipes and cuisine make sure that you visit or order from them again and again.




Jaipur Beat recommends : Chicken Tikka, Tandoori chicken.

Location: Raja Park, Jaipur

3. Tawa Factory

This is again a stand-alone food joint, run by Aman Bansal. Originally hailing from Karol Bagh area of Delhi, this lad knows his flavors spot on. In Jaipur which happens to be his Nanihal, he felt there was a gap, with fewer choices for non-vegetarians in the city compared to Delhi. With his deep connect with the pink city, it is right here that he finally set up Tawa factory, his labor of love. Come dusk, as you pass by this small outlet, crossing Birla Mandir, you can see him hunched over his Tandoor fawning-fussing over and guiding his team to dish out perfection.



Jaipur Beat recommends: Malai Tikka, Tandoori Chicken

Location: Jawahar Nagar, Jaipur

4. Talk of the Town (TOTT)

The original talk of the town is at Khasa Kothi, the one at Raja Park deserves a mention as it’s an adorable story about a fan, realizing his dreams. So, the owner of Raja Park TOTT, Tushaar Katewa, lawyer by qualification and a builder by profession is the self-confessed biggest fan of the original TOTT and its delectable food. Eating it day and night and savoring its delicious flavors, this fan finally found salvation by opening up a franchise at Raja Park. Checking the food for quality & flavors as his outlet TOTT, Raja Park is his job that he loves the most in this world. Talk about and dream jobs & dreams coming true.




Jaipur Beat recommends: Chicken Tikka.

Location: Raja Park, Jaipur

5. Chawla’s

The secret of Chawla’s consistency over the last 14 years has been the original recipes, spices and trained chefs from the original Chawla’s at Ludhiana. Even though this is a franchise, no compromises or short cuts in the raw materials, ingredients or quality are ever made. At the helm is the owner Ravinder Pal Singh who nurtures and trains his cooks to never miss a beat.


Jaipur Beat recommends: Cream chicken

Location: Raja Park, Jaipur

Interestingly enough, all the places were started by entrepreneurs who came to Jaipur from outside the city at some point and made Pink city their own in their own unique and delicious way. In the driving seat for all of them is a common passion for good food.

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