Drown in Fervor of Lord Krishna With These Performances At Govind Dev Ji Temple

Janamashtami is round the corner and we can already feel the charm of the festival in Jaipur city. Like every year, the authorities at Govind Devji temple have come up with week long festivities, prior to the festival. The Janamashtami festival will take place on 15th August and we are sure that devotees of Govind Dev ji will definitely be there to visit the Jhanki on the festival day. Before that the ardent devotees also have a chance to drown themselves in the fervor of Lord Krishna through these performances. 🙂 IMG_8969The festivities started on 8th August and are scheduled to go till 14th August, an evening before the festival. As we all know the festival of Janamashtami marks the birth of Lord Krishna. The Govind Dev ji temple in Jaipur, dedicated to him, celebrates his birthday with fun and frolic and the whole temple gets painted in color of their beloved Krishna in form of devotional songs and dances. IMG_8937IMG_8972Given the high regards for this festival in the city, Jaipur Beat decided to cover the event and give the people of pink city a glimpse of the performances. Amongst the various performances being held at the temple, we got a chance to view the melodious performance by Pandit Alok Bhatt. He mesmerised the audience with his beautiful devotional songs, but that is not all, the temple hosted many more such beautiful performances including the performance by Shri Nand Kishore Sharma on 11th August, devotional songs and dance performance by Shri Sanjay Raizada and Manju Sharma on 12th August, and will be hosting a performance by Girraj Satsang Mandal on 13th August and Swara Akhand Kirtan by Vrindavan Kirtan Mandali on 14th August. IMG_8951Apart from these beautiful performances, being held inside the temple, the roads leading to the temple are also adorned with various offerings, which devotees can buy and offer at the temple. The beauty of performances, devotion of people at the temple and sight of Murli Manohar Lord Krishna are all set to steal the heart of the onlookers. IMG_8928IMG_8931We are sure that this sight is a delight to watch and will transport the devotees to a heaven of devotion. 🙂


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