‘Food for the body is not enough. There must be food for the soul’- Dorothy Day

Don’t we all agree with this notion? Jaipur has been witnessing a vogue of festivals and carnivals since past ten years. However, this excitement is doubled when there’s a Food Festival in town. Mr Dushyant Singh who is the proud owner of the Cafe’ On The House, and the brain behind the unique culinary affair The Gourmet Getaway,  following the successful inaugural edition of The Gourmet Getaway Food Festival held in March 2017, is all set with a spanking new season which is to be held in January 2018. IMG_9316On 17th August 2017, Mr. Dushyant founder Gourmet Getaway, organized a pre-event brunch at On The House for city bloggers and food connoisseurs. Professional chefs with an experience of more than 15 years from Rambagh Palace and Leela group of hotels were responsible for making the meals a proper delight. In the upcoming Gala Food Festival, there’ll be a wide range of cuisines and emphasis will be paid on those dishes that are not easily available in town- Mr. Dushyant added.IMG_9298IMG_9317What a sheer bliss! We were truly delighted to experience food where the creativity and ingenuity was at its best. There were some spectacularly baked marcoons and the pesto parmesan cheese rolls were over the moon! They simply added to the ecstasy. The happiness after sinking teeth into these dishes was similar to what you feel when you realise the coconut from which you just drank water has malai in it or when you chug coke after eating dominos. Now you surely have understood how heavenly the food was. No doubt we are excitingly waiting for the next season just announced 🙂IMG_9306IMG_9327In a conversation with Jaipur Beat, Mr. Dushyant mentioned that the event will be organized in the first week on January. He further announced that this’ll be a never seen before feast where international chefs would also be invited. He believes that the authenticity and traditional quality of food is what the people desire.

There will be gala event at Nand Mahal and other events based on unique themes which will be scheduled at different times. The venue for these places will be separate and decided accordingly. Moreover, the event will focus on an open market concept. The target would be to promote small entrepreneurs to bring their ideas and specialities forward.

His ideas seem absolutely stupendous and would make every Japurite savour this moment. The aim of Gourmet Gateaway is to usher a revolution in the food industry by bringing the best and the most professional chefs. The best part being that every month from now onwards, pre-events would be organised.IMG_9299So, prepare yourselves for this perfectly miraculous occasion this New Year!





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