5 Sports Spaces That Brought Sports to Mainstream in Jaipur

“India wins Olympics under Dhyan Chand’s captaincy”

“Dhoni finishes of in style with a six”

“What a smash by Sania Mirza”

“Rajyvardhan Rathore wins silver at Olympics”

……the list is never ending. Indian athletes never fail to make us proud; no matter they win or lose. Their hard work and dedication towards the nation is beyond comparison. But what makes them unbeatable is the opportunity or platform provided to them. On the ‘National Sports Day’, let’s appreciate those platforms of Jaipur that did not let the sports keeda inside us die 🙂

  1. Sawai ManSingh Stadium

From Dhoni’s phenomenal 183* in ODI and Rahul Dravid’s no loss in 2013 to the record of being the most unbeatable home ground for Rajasthan Royals, this stadium has given us the memories to cherish. The cries of “Indiaaaa-Indiaaaaaa” and “Halla Bolllll” probably still echo here and our “Le Panga” cheers will still be heard as Kabbadi matches continue to be played here.



Additionally, the statue of Arjuna in front of SMS stadium stands as a symbol of pride and honors the sports history of our country. The huge idol that stands out completely represents the excellency of the best warrior of all times.

  1. Rajasthan Polo Club

Rajasthan Polo Club, formerly known as Jaipur Polo Club was established in 1918. Since then it has extensively contributed to sports all over the world. It has had the privilege of hosting teams of South Africa, Zimbabwe, UAE, to USA, Australia, Argentina, UK & Brazil. Apart from Sawai Man Singh, RR Hanut Singh and other local heroes, the matches here have been witnessed by Queen of England, Princess Charles, Princess Diana, Mrs Jacqualine Kennedy and many others. Many of Polo club’s members have achieved the success that is desired by all at international championships. Furthermore, the club has organized several tournaments like Federation International Polo Ambassador Cup, India Independence Golden Jubilee Cup.

  1. Rambagh Golf Club

The origin of the Rambagh Golf Club dates back to 1944 with its history steeped in Royal BackgroundRajmata Gayatri Devi of Jaipur is the founder of the Club. After she returned from Gulmarg in October 1944 from a holiday where she got keen on playing golf, she asked for the allowance of Late His Highness to lay a Golf Course on the Rambagh Palace grounds. Talking of contemporary world, lately one of its young budding golfers made it to the top ten India ranking. This club has had a major hand in the growth of golf in India.

  1. Chaugan Stadium

Home for teej celebrations and elephant festivals, Chaugan Stadium is one of the ancient and most valued places that have sustained Jaipur’s cultural and sports roots. The word ‘chaugan’ means open land and the arched end of a hockey stick. The sports ground has 3 octagonal stands, that is to say, the “Chini ki Burj” (on the north-west region of the stadium), “Shyam Burj” (on the north) and “Moti Burj” (towards north-east). During the ancient times, each of these areas once served for a specific reason and carry on doing it even today. Not only that, elephant polo matches are also played here.

  1. Rajasthan University

Rajasthan University is the biggest and central university of the state Rajasthan which has built a modern sports complex after the revamping done in 2013. The university has a provision of a variety of games like, chess, carom, volleyball, kabbadi, badminton, table tennis, cricket, swimming, and athletics. Most importantly, the outdoor games are open to public which makes it easier for those who do not have facilities or feasibility to build their own private courts.

We hope that gems continue to emerge from these grounds and wish y’all a very happy ‘National Sports Day’!

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