10 Things Jaipur City Teaches Us Everyday

We all have people in our lives that teach us something new. Why only people even the events in our lives make us learn new things. How can our very own town Jaipur stay behind when it comes to teaching. The beautiful city has its own way of making us learn things that no other place can. This Teacher’s Day, lets see what we have learnt living here-

1. That Metro can be constructed and be on rail in a matter of days

Jaipur Metro was completed in record time that too with first in country elevated rail tracks. When we put our hearts into something, we work wonders.

2.’Swachh Bharat Ka Iraada’ is your new morning alarm

Because Swachh bharat ka iraada..iraada kar liya humne 😀

3.To live a life sans traffic jams


The rush hour traffic is increasing in Jaipur but we are still better off than many other Metros and even smaller cities. Jaipurites still don’t understand traffic jams because we rarely have to face them.

4.That you can reach the farthest destination in a Metro city within 30 minutes


No traffic jams mean less time in commuting. Our city is large but the broad roads make the distances smaller. Travelling between 2 corners of Jaipur like Malviya Nagar and Vaishali Nagar takes just about 30 minutes. Compare this to an hour spend in traveling just 5 kilometers in Bangalore.

5.Having Samosa early morning is our daily exercise


The healthiest breakfast when you’re in Jaipur is samosa 😀 ❤

6.That Hawa Mahal is visited more often by the world than Jaipurites

hawa mahal 1

Hawa Mahal is a daily site for many citizens of Jaipur so most of us simply pass by it. The fact is that for other people Hawa Mahal is still the symbol of Pink City 🙂

7. For us Pandit is not any Brahmin but Pav Bhaji

Yes, we are talking about the delish, hot Pav Bhaji served outside Birla Temple 🙂 There are many Pandit Pav Bhaji stalls there but a true Jaipurite knows the real one !!

8.That no rooftop cafe, night club or fancy bar can replace the feeling of watching the city from Nahargarh at night

Jaipur has become a hub for cafes and they are everywhere. Still, this café culture hasn’t been able to make us forget the breathtaking view of twinkling lights from the highest fort in our city. We love our little quirks that much.

9.That Pyaaz ki Kachori is synonymous to Rawat Kachori


Ask any Jaipurite and they will guide you to Rawat Kachori if you want to taste the yummiest Pyaaz Kachoris. Pyaaz Kachoris are available everywhere but the legacy of Rawat is going strong.

10.That GT can beat swanky malls


Yes, the humble Gaurav Tower is still much loved by the people of Pink City. New malls like WTP, Metropolitan and others have their place but the charm of GT is magnetic.

What have you learnt from Jaipur?

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