10 Midnight Hangouts In Jaipur To Drink, Eat & Talk All Night

Of course you all love to sit in your living rooms and watch movies with popcorn at night, but the other side of fun lies on the quiet streets and cool breeze that can be felt only when you hit the road at night. This season, don’t just spend your nights in the sheets, take your keys and drive around Jaipur while we guide you to some happening places in pink city where you can’t just sit and chat for hours, but also gorge on some delectable food: D

1. Jai’pour Cafe & Bar

Recently opened above the famous Forresta Kitchen & Bar, Jai’pour Cafe & Bar boasts of an ambiance inspired by the glorious blue and white theme of Greece along with an array of cuisines to die for! The added blessing is that the place is open till 1 a.m. The variety of buntas & tacos along a delicious palak chaat will call you again and again ! Hungry at midnight, head to this beautiful cafe under the stars 😀

2. Marky Momos

The favourite point for Honey Chilli Potato & mouth watering momos, Marky Momos in Raja Park is open till 4 a.m. to serve you with milkshakes, drinks, tandoori dishes and steaming momos to make your tongue tickle with taste and pleasure !

3. Cafe Bae

Cafe Bae has caught our attention with their consistently good and flavoursome food and to top it all, it is the only restaurant to serve Buffet Breakfasts on Sundays. But well, life isn’t all about pleasant mornings, it is equally about the exciting nights and where you spend them 😉 Located on Tonk Road in Hotel Las Vegas, Cafe Bae is open till 1 a.m. for you to go and enjoy its exotic starters like Twice Baked Potatoes & Mezze Platter in a lovely ambiance.

Picture Credit – tellyouwhat.in

4. Jaipur Junction

Let’s step out of the fancy cafes, and enter the minds of street food lovers – we see a street of roadside stalls at night with bulb lights and 90s music playing in the background, with the smell of lemon & spices in the air. Such a sight is spotted outside the main railway station of Jaipur near Bani Park where you will see hulchul 24 x 7 and the stalls offering garam garam poha, with a small restaurant that serves delicious Pav Bhaji where you will crave for extra pavs while chit chatting with your long lost friends in the middle of the night 😀

5. Dhaba.com

Like the name, the place is a bit hat ke! Situated in the central and one of the most cafe-rich areas of Jaipur, Dhaba.com is a small restaurant that eats, drinks and shows Bollywood. Starting from the stairs with Hindi movie posters from 1970’s, 80’s and 90s to the fairy lights on trees, the place has a total Dhaba feel and with limited menu option to eat, you can enjoy your time over a plate of Honey Chilli Potato 😉 The place is open till 2:30 a.m.

Picture Credit – Dhaba.com

6. Replay

Here is one more in the 1 a.m. slot! This rooftop restaurant on Tonk Road has one more feather added to its cap after an amazing ambiance, food and location. When you want to have some beer and talks with friends, you can go there and enjoy your drink with chakna and some yummy Arabbiatta while gazing at the stars and feeling the silence of the pink city sink in your night 🙂

Picture Credit – Google

7. Badi Chaupad

The area at Badi Chaupad where Metro work is going on is surprisingly buzzing at night. You will find at the corner a small tea shop where an old man makes steaming cups of tea with a rustic taste that you will find only in these small streets or in hilly areas of Himachal. Also, streets of the walled city is a terrific drive at night !!

8. Cafe Blackout

A rooftop cafe at Ahimsa Circle near C-Scheme, Cafe Blackout attracts the millennials like bees to honey. This cafe is famous for its girls nights and party feel and the best part – it is open till 2 a.m. even if you want to sit and simply banter for hours and hours !

Picture Credit – Google

9. Romeo’s Treat

This is a hidden treasure in Raja Park area of Jaipur. Situated on Govind Marg, Romeo’s Treat is a hookah place best suited for this who like to it in a comfortable though a bit dingy place and just relax in the aromatic smoke with friends and cousins at night ! The interiors are cool with funky wallpapers and Bollywood posters. It’s open till 1 a.m.

Picture Credit – Google

10. Jaipur Adda

Last but not the least, the recently opened Jaipur Adda in Bani Park opposite Hotel Country Inn & Suites, is a rooftop heaven created with interesting interiors and a menu that will make your mouth water within seconds ! The aroma flowing from the open kitchen gets better when mixed with the night breeze in the city. Chur Chura Papad crisps and Jar potatoes are to die for and juicy chuski drums will immediately take your heat stroke away 😉 The good news is the bar menu of Jaipur Adda which keeps you going when all you want to do is open up and dive in the night 🙂 It’s open till 1 a.m. so plan and leave 😀

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