Murals in Jaipur- A Whole New Fantasy World

It is reckoned ‘the earth without art is eh’ and we do follow this conception and believe that creativity of visuals is indeed one of the best ways to express one’s contemplation or existence 🙂

We are already familiar that Jaipur has had an interesting history in terms of arts. Its monuments and forts echo the splendid stories of past times. We are glad that a platform has been given to those who can continue this patrimony. Indian street art has experienced a major reform in the contemporary world. Wall arts like graffiti and murals have made their way through and are becoming an admired form of artwork for locals and tourists. These aesthetic portrayals have finally been introduced to the pink city and the latest trend of making the walls prettier is being enjoyed by the audiences as it is tremendously pleasing for the sight 🙂

The expertise of these artists has aggrandized the charm of city. These incredibly stunning and captivating images have adjoined the originality and elegance of our loved city. Most of these focus on signifying the cultural genes of Jaipur and are built on the walls of metro stations and railway stations.

Let’s delve into some of these eloquent depictions,

This marvellous stroke of colours is built on the walls of Ram Nagar Metro station. It is an epitome of unity and love for each other as citizens of J town. It is made by the brilliance of Mr Akhlaq Ahmad, famous graffiti designer of Delhi. He is the artist behind the creations, ‘We love Chandigarh’ and ‘We love Delhi’.

This mural is opposite to the ‘We love Jaipur’ art. It shows reverence and honor for the iconic Hawa Mahal by highlighting every small element of it. Furthermore, the characters at each side gloriously present the civilization.

This masterpiece is painted at Vivek Vihar metro station and signifies the importance of inter sex society. “Though a third category has been added as part of reservation and gender equality, the reality is that nobody is willing to employ inter sex people [sic],” said artist Poornima Sukumar.

We respect the way inter sex community has managed to pave their way through this not-so-acceptable and judgmental society.

Exactly facing the last mural, this is another addition to the Cartist project. It is aesthetic and charismatic. The eyes of the lady look real and possess the ability to form a direct connection with the public. The mural is distinctively drawn up, considering minute details 🙂

The Delhi based artist Arun Kumar displayed his skills at Shyam Nagar Metro Station. It is highly attractive and couldn’t be more apt to today’s need for water conservation. Even though the motive is based on a social concern, he has made sure that the culture is depicted.

Location being the same, this is extremely captivating as it represents the voice of mother. Kahili Young indeed manages to render a bold and fearless impact of flora and fauna.

Easily recognizable, this artwork can be spotted on the side wall of the mall, Crystal Palm. It highlights the authentic Rajasthani get up as the mustachioed man wears turban and the common Bandhani print 😀 Even though typical, the bright colours make this mural as graceful as it is !!

These murals on the walls of Gandhi Nagar railway station are quite famous and have been created along the basic traditional theme. The mustache, clothes, camels and elephants add to the show of heritage and customs and ooze the culture of Rajasthan 🙂

We bet you didn’t know most of these before. However, if you hold any other information, please do not hesitate in sharing it with us!
And do visit these magical wall arts, you’ll surely be awed 🙂

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