Gear Up For An Exciting Travel Cafe Session ‘The Story Live’ In Jaipur This Weekend

Some live their experiences and some share them and inspire. The city of Jaipur is hosting an exciting travel cafe session –  The Story Live- Travel cafe with Vimal Geethanandan !!

The event – “The Story Live” is an initiative aimed towards bringing best stories which can really ignite the spark in them. This is an initiative by Jaipur based young student entrepreneur Shrey goswami who believes – “We should often organize meetups and networking events for youth in Jaipur through which they can draw the inspiration towards doing something amazing in their life. The Story Live is such initiative which can help them in providing them a platform to connect with amazing minds and inspiring people. We wish to present it as an inspirational networking platform.”

The Story Live is presenting this event and inviting Vimal Geethanandan as its speaker/mentor. Vimal who has traveled across 11 Indian states penniless, will share his travel stories & experiences to inspire youth to follow their dreams and passion while breaking all kinds of barriers 

‘The Story Live’ bases its event on the belief that life is a journey, and travelling through it teaches us a new perspective towards itself. The mission of the event is to inspire people and prove that no matter what the situation is, each one of us can follow our dreams and can get freedom to express our thoughts. Travel is all about freedom and adventure as it helps you get free from the constraints of family, society and even from your own boundaries and teaches you more experiences and learning as the journey passes by .
While Vimal was in college, he used to give talks about following one’s passion but ‘How to do so?’ was always a query. So in order to really inspire youth, he decided to venture into travelling penniless thus collecting lot of experiences and memories which care really ignite the spark among the youth.

“We believe in breaking all kinds of stereotypes and barriers to win the struggle for the passion”, said Vimal Geethanandan.

‘The Story Live’ will be an exciting travel cafe session where Vimal will share a lot of experiences, learning, struggles and even stories that will make you want to pack your bags and run for your favorite destination right now !

Event Schedule
4 PM Onward
WAYLAY CAFÉ & RESTAURANT- C-12, Lal Bahadur Nagar, Jawaharlal Nehru Marg, Opp. WTP, Jaipur
Rajasthan 302018

Shrey Goswami – 7014459456



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