‘Jeeman’ by Jaipur Beat Launches Season 2 With Restaurant Review of Handi Vaishali, Jaipur

Rajasthan has a lot to offer in terms of cultural richness, festive fervor, architectural wonders and last but not the least – the Food. People from all around the world visit Rajasthan for its both spicy & sweet varieties of dishes but there are few places which stand out of the crowd and serve something which instantly distinguishes them and pull people like a magnet to their exclusive food.

Before the launch of Season 2 of Jeeman – A Food Trail of Rajasthan whose Season 1 ran in 2016, covering some unique types of dishes made only in Rajasthan, Jaipur Beat picked one of those places in Jaipur, which has had a legacy of 35 years and has consistently served a mind-boggling taste & continues to please the palate with Rajasthani, Mughlai, Tandoori & Continental cuisines – Handi Vaishali. 

The name ‘Handi’ meaning an earthenware or metal pot used in Indian cooking, brings with it an aromatic story and deep connection with traditional style of Indian cooking and its roots which this place still holds on to and persists to grow on.

Located in one of the fastest developing lifestyle & food hubs of Jaipur – Vaishali Nagar, Handi Restaurant looks like the place which invites you to its get-away-from-the-citylife vibe and looks 24 x 7 fresh with a green-rich outdoor ambiance and soothing elegant interiors. Handi, before having this name, was called R’s Barbecue aka Rashmi’s Barbecue named after its founder and a profound food connoisseur – Rashmi Kuchhal. The most popular dish of Handi – Handi Meat is an invention of Rashmi Kuchchal and apart from having some unique spices mixed during the preparation, Handi Meat’s essence remains its clay pot in which it’s both cooked and served.

The indoor ambiance is flamboyant and depicts a soothing character with elegant interiors and a classy decor. The dim lighting, some handicrafts and colorful artifacts add to tasteful ambiance there is. The restaurant also offers a private dining area along with rooftop which is mostly used for parties & buffet.

IMG_9537 copy

Handi Vaishali is a must-visit in evenings as the place lights up like fireflies at night and blankets you in its pure beauty.

Last but not the least, the food of Handi exceeds all expectations and leaves you craving for more. Apart from Handi Meat, the Tandoori Chicken Pataka, Dal Makhani and Chinese preparations are the must things to try at Handi Vasihali. To see it yourself and hear it from the horse’s mouth, watch the episode of Jeeman Season 2 by Jaipur Beat on the link below –

*To get your restaurant featured on Jeeman Season 2, call us on 01412622443 or email us at jaipurbeat@gmail.com

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