Get set for the Navratri Food Trail in the city of Jaipur


As the days are filled with the auspicious Navratri vibes, a nine day long significant festival that is celebrated by Hindus across the country. This celebration of “nava ratris” epitomizes the devotion and love which people have for Goddess Shakti, the supreme cosmic energy!

During Navratri, people all over the country perform several pujas, offer delightful bhog and Prasad to Goddess Durga, wear colourful traditional dresses, sing folk songs and indulge in other fun activities like playing Garba and Dandiya. So, while puja and rituals mark the day, the evenings are for exulting in the dancing thrills.

And while talking about Navratri, how one can miss the most important ritual of Navratri, fasting. Many people keep fast during Navratri, as it’s a very good time to make progress in your spiritual practice or to invoke the energy of mother goddess or to purify mind and body.


Although Navratri fast rules differ from community to community, but those observing the fast refrain from consuming any cereals, non-vegetarian food and alcohol and prepare their daily meals for vrat with special ingredients like buckwheat flour, fresh fruits and sendha namak.

Few handy tips for fasting:

  1. Take small meals and do not starve. This will maintain blood glucose levels.
  2. Try to keep yourself hydrated. Drink lots of water and fluids.
  3. Combine high carbohydrates like potatoes and sabudana together, as carbohydrates are good source of energy.
  4. Try and adopt healthy snacking, you can even try fried makhana mixed with nuts.

But sometimes it could be tedious task to decide what to eat, so to make your fasting easy going and still the most delicious, we at Jeeman, a food trail by Jaipur Beat has crafted a small video guide to all that you can eat and enjoy even while fasting. And you would hardly believe but Navratri fasting can be a great time to experiment and try new delicacies. Go watch it!

Jeeman Season 2 – Episode 3 : Navratri Food Trail

So Stick to basics and we are sure you will have a great time while fasting and feasting. Happy Navratri!

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