Rajasthan’s Holy Town Pushkar Comes Alive During Pushkar Fair 2017

Come the month of Kartik, and the holy town of Pushkar is seen buzzing with a burst of colors, rhythm of Rajasthani folklores, hustle bustle in the narrow bucolic streets, a plethora of delish cuisines and a large stadium surrounded with thousands of camels and turban clad Rajasthani men because it’s the time of the annual Pushkar Mela once again in 2017 😀

Preparations of Pushkar Fair can be seen in full swing when livestock owners from all across the country come here to trade cattle especially camels – the Ship of Desert. It’s priceless to see the expressions on the faces of these men when they sit patiently in the Pushkar Mela Ground for days and wait for the trade to take place.

Not just their faces, there are few more sights that are truly glowing and precious during this time. Though Pushkar’s streets are known for their colorful fervor and unique shopping experience, they are swathed in their own charm at the time of Pushkar fair.

Did we say thousands of camels ? Well the only living beings who have started giving a tough competition to the cattle in the last few years is the ‘Photography Enthusiasts’ who come from all around the globe in large groups and are seen more in number than the cattle itself 😉

And why won’t they? After all, who would want to miss these magical spectacles ?

The fair officially starts on 28th October i.e. Saturday and if you love photography, culture, Rajasthan, streets, food, adventures, camel rides or any beautiful thing on the planet, we suggest you to pack your bags are start your journey to Pushkar !

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