5 Reasons Why You Must Attend Smash Up 2017 In Jaipur

After the success of Smashup 2013 and 2014, TiE Rajasthan (The Indus Entrepreneurs) is back with third edition of Jaipur’s most exciting Entrepreneurial Gathering, SmashUp 2017 !!

After following their amazing series of updates, contests and graphics on social media, we are looking forward to listening to top experts, investors, speakers and mentors guide the participants this year to fight the intertia, fears, doubts and start their start up. SmashUp is an ‘unconference’ designed for early stage entrepreneurs focusing on peer learning from contemporary founders. But if you are still unsure about why you must attend SmashUp, let us tell you one by one 🙂

  1. No Gyan

    No presentations, no gyaan and no numbers, so don’t freak out, just chill out as Smash Up 2017 will focus on story telling format with Startup Tales by one of the most successful and fearless entrepreneurs heading from various fields like technology, jewellery, education, etc.

  2. Speakers
    With speakers from various fraternities like banking, fashion, technology etc., there is no other platform which will offer you as much motivation and stories as SmashUp 2017. And you never know, this might be the final blow to the beginning of your dream start up !

  3. Learn & Network

    With so many experienced and successful speakers at such a huge platform, there can be no better opportunity to learn. New skills, marketing tactics, essentials of launching a new business and most importantly, stepping out of your comfort zone are few things that you will surely learn at SmashUp 2017.

  4. Share Your Ideas & You Might Find Your Sponsor

    At SmashUp 2017, you can share your craziest ideas without thinking of being mocked or dismissed and you might get a chance to find out right away whether your idea resonates with people. If your idea does make it through, you might get one of the sponsors present right there.

  5. Have Fun

    All things aside, Smash Up will be all about networking, stories, ideas and if you are having a good time there, you automatically are cut for a career of entrepreneurship 🙂

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