9 Foodie Favorites at Pushkar Covered on A Special Food Trail by Jaipur Beat

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Though the annual Pushkar Fair is famous for live stock trading but do you know Pushkar is also one heaven for foodies. From street stalls to roadside cafes, wide range of cuisines waits for food lovers to visit and enjoy sumptuous cuisine of Pushkar. In this holy town Non-veg food is strictly prohibited and when it comes to vegetarian food there is always a feeling of limited options available. But there’s no other place that can match the variety of veg cuisines offered here.

When Jaipur Beat decided to be at Pushkar Fair, we left no street uncovered to find out some food gems of Pushkar and we zeroed on a handful of them to try their food owing to some strong recommendations.

As we walked down the streets amidst the aroma of freshly made Baatis, steaming hot tea being served in mitti ka kulhad(earthen pots), puris and kachoris being fried right on the street, the whiff of gulkand and the sight of tempting malpuas dipped in sugar syrup were oozing out utter bliss.

Let us take you through a safar of the Pushkar streets during the annual Pushkar Mela where Jaipur Beat tried some rarest mouthwatering dishes so that next time, you don’t have to think before you eat –

1.Tea Stall Hawker– In India wherever you travel, having a cup of tea is no big deal. Roadsides are dotted with chai wallahs who serve tea boiled up with spices, sugar and milk. But here at Pushkar this Chai Wala adorning pagdi serving steaming hot tea in mitti ka kulhad will surely grab your attention.

ADDRESS – Brahma Temple Road

2. Poha Pizza Pakwan- You must have heard of Poha, Pizza, and Dal Pakwan but here comes a crazy fusion called Poha Pizza Pakwan which is available only here at Pushkar Breakfast Corner. This is one of the most relished breakfasts in Pushkar. A crispy crunchy mathri is topped with dal (cooked lentils) and regular poha with onion, tomato sprinkled  with chatpata masala.  But remember you could only get it if you hit the streets before 10 am.

ADDRESS – Pushkar Breakfast Corner

3. Kachori- A popular local breakfast dish in Rajasthan are these round fluffy Kachoris stuffed with tempting masalas and fried till golden brown, but this crispy kachori being served with tamarind chutney at ‘Ugma Ji Ki Kachori,  is an absolute treat that needs special attention.

ADDRESS – Ugma Ji Ki Shop
Opp Maheshwari Seva Sadan

4. Out Of The Blue Café- The crowded streets of Pushkar during the fair time leave no space to relax. But here we see this calm and serene lake view rooftop cafe – Out of the Blue. With the soothing blue interior this café is your ultimate relaxation point and one stop destination for all your cravings of delectable Italian and continental cuisines and of course for some truly delectable pizzas. A perfect retreat for our “Firangi Mehmaan” and those with videshi taste buds.

ADDRESS – Out Of The Blue Cafe’

Kapra Bazaar

5. Malpua- Malpua is a sweet delicacy that is made best only in Pushkar and that too in Halwai Ki Gali. These little ‘pancakes’ coated with nutty sugar syrup are the ultimate sweet indulgence. Malpuas are quiet heavy on stomach but no one can stop at just one. They are made even richer when served with Rabdi (sweet condensed milk). Sarvadia Mishtan Bhandar is the name to remember as they serve the best Malpuas in Pushkar.

ADDRESS – Sarwadiya Mishthan Bhandar
Halwai Gali, Badi Basti, 

6. Poori Aloo- The popular Indian breakfast of Poori Aloo needs no introduction. We all have had it at different places but the poori aloo served at Pushkar is unique as the use of curd in their aloo curry distinguishes it from the rest.

ADDRESS –Shri Sarveshar Sweets and Namkeen 
Halwai Gali, Badi Basti, 

7. Falafel

Pushkar is a much sought-after destination for international tourists and that is the reason along with all the Rajasthani delicacies, Pushkar is also famous for its continental cuisines. You can find many street shops serving Falafel and hummus wraps. They have so many kinds of laffas  (what’s this) that you can sit here for an entire day and you still can’t finish trying them all!

Address- Pawan Restaurant
Narsing Ghat

8. Makhaniya Lassi

Pushkar is famous for its Gulkand- a sweet caramelized preserve of rose petals. And here we get to taste the lassi with a unique blend of mawa, yogurt and gulkand. For the best Gulkand lassi, the top in town is Kumawat Lassiwala, a small stall near Brahma temple.

Near Brahma Temple

9. Dal Baati

Once known as Rajasthan’s staple food, Baati is eaten with Dal and Churma and varies in tastes and sizes all across Rajasthan. In Pushkar Baatis are quite big in size, which are dipped in desi ghee and served in this tempting Thali.

Address- Pooja Restaurant

Mela Ground

We tried to eat everything possible but still missed many. If you think it’s over, wait there is a long list pending for our next visit. Till then- Happy eating 🙂

Let’s watch this Special Episode on Pushkar Food Trail-

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