Meet Jaipur Girl Ankita- Runner Up at Miss India Wheelchair 2017

“Don’t’ die before your death”- Ankita Sharma 

Holding this strong belief is the story of a young girl who did not lose her willpower and motivation and is living her dreams now, Ankita Sharma. A jaipurite who has recently won as a runner up in Miss India Wheelchair 2017, is that sunlight which never fails to give a smile on anybody’s face. Injured herself in 9th Standard while attending her cousin’s reception, a tree branch fell on her legs and she paralyzed her lower body. And that was the beginning of her time on a wheelchair.


In conversation with Jaipur Beat, Ankita talks about the struggles for differently-abled women and how she was different and fought against all odds.

But there was no looking back. She lost one year of education, but did not lose hope and finished her school and graduation, and pursuing MBA at present, along with working for Belgium Diamonds New York office from home, she never lost her spirits. Her family has a major role to play in this, never to give up attitude, letting her freely do whatever she wishes to, is what sets her apart from others.


“A strong support system at home especially my mother has helped me pursue all my dreams in life.”

The idea of participating in Miss India Wheelchair came while sitting with friends and having a casual discussion of why not try out something that will break down the barriers for disabled women.That was her eureka moment, when she stumbled upon Miss India Wheelchair, and decided to participate in it. After few queries she came across the fact that the makeup, attire and every other expense she had to bear. We hear so much about glamorization and sponsors when it comes to Miss India, Miss World and the events alike, but when it comes to support for victimized people, nobody is ready to sponsor such events. But with God’s grace she successfully managed everything with the support of her two sisters, who helped her in deciding the outfit and makeup. She reached the final round of this pageant with her smart answers and ultimately won the title of runner up of Miss India Wheelchair.

“I need to change the social perception about  people with disabilities. Every woman in a wheel chair has the right to feel beautiful and to do what she likes” -says Ankita Sharma


Now there’s absolutely no looking back from here, she has her plans clear. Planning to participate in Miss World Wheelchair, already applied for it, and living her life in full enthusiasm, Ankita Sharma, a happy-go-lucky girl, we wish you All The Best for your future and hope you make our country proud by winning the Miss World Wheelchair pageant.

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