Jaipur’s All New Food Truck Dadi’s Asanjo

Come winters, and our appetite for street food shoots up faster than the oil prices. Succumbing to a constant craving for a hot street side treat, Jaipur Beat spotted a shiny attractive blue truck right opposite the A.C. Market and fresh aroma of Pav Bhaji which pulled us towards Dadi’s Asanjo. You must be wondering what Asanjo means in he first place ? Asanjo means Apna in Sindhi.


As unique as the name, the dishes that they serve are exquisite too. You must have had Pav Bhaji several times in your life, but you will find yourself falling for the firangi pav bhaji where Indian taste meets international flavor. If you are a cheese fan, their Cheese Burst Pav Bhaji will take you to the little house of cheese, except with a lovely smell 😉

The specialty, OTC Vada Pav, was filled with onions and lots of tomato and capsicum, which was delicious to gorge on along with chutney and green chillies.

Dadi’s Asanjo offers about 11 types of Pav Bhaji and 7 types of Vada Pav to satiate your evening hunger pangs especially for the ones who are cuckoo about spicy food ! It opens at 7 p.m. in the evening when a large crowd pours of students and children pour in along with family and friends.

“Jaipur has been overexposed to café culture now, so we thought why not try our hand on a food truck that too in the major hub of the city Raja Park.”, said Divesh, the owner of the food truck who along with his 6 companions decided to start this food truck.


Must dishes to try – Mushroom tikka masala pav bhaji, OTC Vada Pav, Cheese Burst Pav Bhaji

Highlight – Serves 4 pieces of Pav which are enough for 2 people and a good quantity of bhaji.

Jaipur Beat gives this place – 4/5 Beats

“Thodi Thodi bhook lagi hai?  Dadi’s Asnajo haina” an evening to spend with your loved ones without creating a hole in your pocket, head towards Raja Park and gorge on where Bombay meets Jaipur ! Wait for more till they add new surprising elements to their menu, till then happy eating.

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