Steam at Rambagh Palace, Jaipur Presents ‘Long Live Bombay’

Jaipur is famous for its culture, fabrics, architecture, history but nothing will match the excitement that is is felt by an epicurean when he or she introduces their palate to the food of pink city. For few such epicureans, Steam at Taj Rambagh Palace – Jaipur’s first and original “restro bar on wheels” has commenced a unique promotion ‘Long Live Bombay’ that unveils the mystery of the world’s number one premium gin – Bombay Sapphire in their carefully crafted cocktails.

As you set your foot inside the lavish premises of ‘Steam’, a life-size steam engine themed lounge & bar on wheels, you are in for a very fancy ride. Making way through the bushes, when you step on to the station like setup, the welcoming breeze and warmth of service crew will prep you for a special evening ahead.The Victorian style platform of Steam along with comfortable seating options inside the coach as well as the lounge, is apt for sipping the exotic cocktails based on Bombay Sapphire – the drink originated from gin’s popularity in India during the British rule.

The cocktails on offer are the Pink Panther, Peach & Lemon, Vanilla and Saffron, Pear & Fennel Seeds.  The different iterations of Bombay Sapphire are all worth a try, depending on your taste & experimental powers. While the Peach and Lemon is on the sweeter side, Vanilla and Saffron is the one that stands out with the floating saffron leaves emanating a strong aroma followed by a divine taste.

Accompanying the cocktails are the delectable & inventive Thai Curry bowls with red, green, yellow as well as Matsaman curries on offer. Served with a choice of noodles, jasmine rice and flat noodles, these bowls are synonymous with comfort, goodness and an authentic taste that sends your taste buds to a walk through the streets of Thailand.

The special menu is on offer till 3rd December 2017 and you must pay it a visit as soon as you can ! Here is the menu –

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