5 Fun-Frolic Events In Jaipur That You Cannot Miss

Already bid a goodbye to summers, the cold chilling weather is here and we can’t get over it. The late sunrise and the feeling of wearing woollens are simply amazing. Wait, this is not it about December, it has a lot of fun-frolic events in store for you. Right from music to workshops to engaging sessions, all is here to make your year-end thrilling. Jaipur Beat has made the plans and all you have to do is be a part of them!

  1. Ta BLU Music Festival

A medley of bands performing at the 3 day Ta BLU music festival will surely sooth up your evenings. This musical evening will surely soak you in its rhythm, beats and lots of dancing. Music lovers, don’t miss this one for sure !

Date: 6th-8th December

Venue: Ta BLU, Clarks Amer

Time: 7:30 p.m. onwards


  1. Feather Painting Workshop

Love painting? Here is a right opportunity for you to learn the skill to paint a feather that will be add on. Paint the colours in the beautiful ambience of Peach Trunk Show and learn from India’s first feather artist Aditi Agarwal who will show the step by step creation of feather painting. Paint with her soon.

Date: 7th December

Venue: Royal Haveli

Time: 11 a.m. onwards

feather painting workshop.jpg

  1. Soundscape Home Sessions VOL II

The most enchanting session of musical escape is coming right in our Pink City. Young artists are coming to fill every soul with their melodious tunes, so be there to get yourself mesmerized in the world of music.

Date: 9th December

Venue: My Place Café

Time: 6p.m.-9p.m.

soundscape vol II.jpg

  1. Open Mic

Are you ready to showcase your skills and talent to the world out there? An open platform for all the artists is coming soon and we want you to be there!

Date: 10th December

Venue: Mutuals Café

Time: 6p.m. onwards

open mic at mutual's.jpg

  1. TEDx Jaipur

Jaipurites, gear yourself up for TEDx Jaipur, where leading thinkers will be gathered to give you a unique experience in Jaipur. Witness the most engaging, highly curated sessions, cocktail dinner and music at nowhere other than TEDx.

Date: 16th December

Venue: Marriott



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