Must Visit Vada Pav joints in Jaipur!

Vada Pao Trail

Those living in Jaipur are brought up on Samosa Kachoris but a true Jaipurite is the one who accepts and adept to anything new and flavorsome. Be it Dosa from South India, Momo’s from China, we’re always ready to welcome new flavors that satiates our taste buds with open heart 🙂

Today we bring to you the humble Vada pav, which is the life of any Mumbaikar. Vada Pao is slowly and slowly making its space in the heart of every Jaipurite. The delectable, spicy yet pocket friendly, served with finger licking chutney and the deep fried green chilly, is something so tempting and mouth watering that you couldn’t resist having that one bite. Thankfully, while living in Jaipur today we have multiple places that serve this Mumbaiya favorite to us. And to top it all, the wintry Jaipur days allow you to gorge on these hot and peppry snacks at any time of the day without any guilt. So why wait 🙂

If you are in Jaipur, and near Raja Park area you must grab your vada pav at any of these joints:

  1. Bombay Special Vada Pao- Near Jain Temple-Sector 7, Jawahar Nagar

Jaipur Beat Bada Pao 3

You are definitely going to love this sole preparation by Mukesh Jain. Only when you place your order he prepares hot Vada’s. Soft and little sweet pav stuffed with a spicy golden-fried potato vada will make your day. There is just one variety with him so when you go there- don’t ask-Bhaiyaa aapke pass kitne tarah ke vada pao hai ☺

No doubt the vada Pao is worth every penny.

Jaipur Beat Bada Pao 9
Cost- Rs 20

Chutneys- 3 types

Time- 4 pm-9 pm

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 5.20.02 PM

2. Ghungroo Seth- Raja Park/Crystal Palm

Jaipur Beat Bada Pao 4

In Jaipur Gungroo Seth is based at 2 locations. One is on the busy street of Raja Park, where the sight of inviting truck will lure you. Cause of parking hassel we got it packed. No doubt the packaging was impressive and now was the time to taste it. Though it served 7 varieties like Alibagh Veggie, Mirchiya Maza, Paneer tapore, Corn palak and the Great Ball of China (what a creative name) but we sticked to the authentic Classic Vada. We really like classic flavors as it did not meddle much with the original flavours.


The authentic taste of vada pav- served with green chillies was truly authentic to its mumbaiyaa flavor.

Cost- Between 20/–55 /-

Chutneys- No

Time- All Day Open

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 5.20.02 PM

3. Dadi’s Asanjo

Jaipur Beat Bada Pao d

Asanjo means Apna in Sindhi. Serving in a Food Truck right opposite the A.C Market; this is the newest from the list run by Divesh and his companions. It has ample variety of Vada Pao’s with almost 7 types of flavors.

Vada Pao Trail

We tried OTC Vada Pav, which was filled with onions and lots of tomato and capsicum. The taste does not match to the one with Mumbai wala Vada Pao but for the one who has never tasted authentic flavor can not make the difference in two.

Cost- 20/-

Chutneys-Green Chutney

Time- 7 pm onwards

4 star.jpeg Average 

4. Bombay fast food corner

Located at Arya Samaj Rd, Raja Park, Bombay Fast Food Corner run by Rahul Sharma is open for a longer duration . As he serves variety of other Mumbaiya dishes like Bombay Sandwich, Bhelpuri, sevpuri etc his main focus is just not Vada Pao which was well reflected in the taste that was average.



Cost- 30/-

Time- 3 pm-11 pm

Chutney- 2types (spicy garlic and pudina chutney)


To Hungry Kya? Vada Pao Hai Na 🙂




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