Soak In The Spirit Of Art And Colors At Jaipur Art Summit!

Lacing the mystic of art and colors Jaipur Art Summit began with a fresh wave as a pleasure for every art connoisseur. Yesterday, on a crisp winter afternoon, Jaipur Beat decided to witness the global art carnival going on at the famous Ravindra Manch, at Ramniwas Garden Jaipur and witness a palette of colors which is being displayed on various platforms.
This fifth edition, being curated by eminent artists and experts is nothing less than a celebration of art aimed at putting Jaipur on the map of contemporary art world. The art work in many forms is disseminated through Exhibitions, Installations, Talks, Art Performances, Workshops, Films and Open Forums.
Let’s take a walk through different colors, emotions, patterns that exudes happiness-
Colourful inaugural at JAS

Sands of Time by Swaroop Biswas

Artwork at JAS

Bangles artwork at JAS

The 3 D geometrical structure made of bangles by Ruchi Seth portraying Rural rajasthani woman

Jaipur Art Summit 2017

Installation dedicated to hard working Cart Pullers by Goverdhan Mandal

Display at Jaipur Art Summit

Kaleidoscopic view at Jaipur Art Summit

Bioscope- An interactive Live Installation by Sandeep Gomay to peep inside a wooden bracket

JAS artwork

Journey of Mankind’s History composed in a park by Dilip Kumar Toppo 

cycle .jpg

Circles depicting emotions of our daily lives by VB Studio

JAS 2017

Jaipur Art Summit

Installation Staircase to the heaven by Nilesh Vede and Nandu Sharma 

My Chai Tamasha

JAS artwork 2017

My Chai Tamasha by Ritu Dua (Used Tea Bags )


Jaipur Art Summit 1

Installation by Savita Sharma dedicated to Indian Women longing for Equality

 This 5th edition of JAS 2017 promises an experience like never before and tops the wish-list of passionate artists and art-lovers. So, get ready to soak in the colorful, warm and festive spirit of the city during the ongoing art festival!


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