When Jaipur Danced to the Melodious Tunes of ROCK Star- Farhan Akhtar!

Farhan 3

The Rock On star Farhan Akhtar, on his musical escapade to six cities in India, kick-started his melodic extravaganza with his first performance in the Pink City of Jaipur. The city witnessed a memorable Sunday night when the vibrant colours of Jaipur reverberated with the flabbergasting live performance of @FarOutAkhtar at the @ImperialBlueSuperHitNights

IB SHN Farhan.jpg

IB Farhan Live11

The magic of @FarhanLiveOfficial in a jam packed ground took the audience by storm. Farhan’s presence on the stage, his stunning live performance during @IBMenWillBeMen along with the boisterous crowd, the claps, and the taps and their rhythmic cheers simply electrified the ambience at SMS Investment Ground in Jaipur.

There’s one more thing other than his performances that swayed our heart for Farhan Akhtar – his shayari. He recited the following beautiful verses, moving the entire crowd:

“Jiski aankhon mein hai jagmagati hui jaise gehri sharafat ki ik roshni

Jiske andaaz mein ek tehzeeb hai.”

Imperial Blue Superb Nights 3

The multitalented actor, director, singer, performer and his band members @farhanakhtarlive with Shannon Donald, compelled the audience to groove to his tunes– Meri laundry Ka Ek Bill, Ek Aadhi Padhi Novel, Na Na Na Na Na.., Socha Hai, Atrangi Yaari, Pehli Baar, and Senorita. Farhan also touched everyone’s heart by reciting few of the lines from his poetry; “Zinda Ho Tum” from ZNMD.

The terrific energy of this great performer took Jaipurites into an unknown realm of happiness, which was experienced at that moment but will be cherished beyond. 

IB Farhan Live544

The excitement at Imperial Blue Superhit Nights was at its peak among the audiences as well as performers throughout the musical night. It was more than just any other regular musical night, and we are still high with the memory of that amazing night in Jaipur!

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