17 Things To Experience In Jaipur On New Year Other Than Party & Resolutions

Honestly, don’t you think partying and resolutions on new year’s eve are getting a tad bit over rated? How about moving beyond going to an already overcrowded place and dancing to somebody else’s beats and create your own experience in your city this year ? 🙂

1. Head to Highway King

When it comes to mouth-watering, finger-licking good Punjabi food, you can always visit the HighWay King at Ajmer Road. Located on the highway, Highway King a multi cuisine restaurant that serves delicious preparations of Indian, South Indian and, Continental food. With beautiful indoor and outdoor surroundings, this place set in the outskirts of Jaipur is surely recommended for a short and decent break.

If you want to avoid Ajmer road, one can take Sikar road and even try the equally impressive Sharma and Shankar Dhaba. 

2. Take a Metro Ride

1 metro - Copy (2)

What if we told you that you could go around Jaipur without having to deal with the endless honking on the streets and that too without burning a hole in your pocket.

When riding through the city in traffic becomes too clichéd, you can take the metro to look at Jaipur from a different angle. The easy and convenient ride will let you experience a panoramic view of the city. Enjoy the hustle and bustle of Jaipur from a distance in peace. Even better when you take it in the evening when the city is dazzling in colourful lights.

3. Drive down to Chandlai Lake

What a way to end the year by embracing nature!

Chandlai lake
Greater Flamingo in flight during perfect sunset at Chandlai near Jaipur.


When you want to be a part of a picture perfect scenic view, Chandlai lake is the best spot for you to pose in front of. The unsung beauty is a small lake, 30 kms from the city, to experience the most peaceful picnic you’re in need of.

No wonder you’ll get a bunch of beautiful pictures until of course you’re interrupted by a flock of magnificent pelicans and flamingos which otherwise are rare to spot at any other place in the city.    

4. Relish Saras ki doodh jalebi

Saras Parlour

What can never be ruled out if you’re a sweet tooth living in Jaipur is the luscious Doodh-Jalebi of Saras dairy on JLN road. When you order the perfect juicy jalebis paired with hot milk, you sure will manage to turn a few heads around you for the city knows the taste of this couple made in heaven.

The golden piece of art with boiling sweet milk is the perfect choice to go with to celebrate winters. Nothing more gratifying than welcoming the new year with the sweetest  doodh and jalebi of the town.

5. Watch a Movie in Raj Mandir & enjoy the famous Pyaaz ki kachori 

Raj Mandir

Are you blowing hot and cold about your plans for the new year eve? Do you wish to watch a movie in peace but also wish to go out with friends? How about going for a movie with friends? Raj Mandir is the right place for you to be at to not just enjoy the movie but also to be with friends and experience the rich heritage of Jaipur.

22 pyaaz-kachori

Obviously there are other movie theatres you can go to but where else would you find perfectly hot and crispy pyaaz ki kachori to bite into during the movie.

6. Cycle Tour to Nahargarh

JB (VD) - Nahargarh

None of the Jaipurites cease to lead in the race of how many times they’ve been to Nahargarh but how many of you’ve been to the old fort on a bicycle?

The fort is undoubtedly splendid but what’s equally mesmerizing is the way to the fort. Riding through the green with the appealing view of the city, you can stop anytime you spot a wild flower or a baby monkey. We’re sure this would provide you with an unprecedented trip to the fort because what’s even the point of doing something when you don’t do it differently?

7. Reminisce our Heritage at Ramgarh Lodge

ramgarh Dam1.jpg

Have you been too late to go out of station to celebrate new year? Are you still in need of a perfect getaway?

Here’s for you a rustic lodge just 35 kms from Jaipur which was originally the hunting lodge of the Maharaja of Jaipur. The lodge, built in 1920, is a peaceful venue which was once the favourite getaway for Maharaja Man Singh and Maharani Gayatri Devi. Far from the bustle of the city, it is still favoured by tourists those who want to relive the glorious kingly life that once was lived by Maharaja’s of Jaipur. A stay at the lodge will surely help you with bidding farewell to the troubles of the previous year.  


8. Joyful Bus ride


Who isn’t fond of looking out of the window while passing through cities and towns on a bus? How about looking out of the window, only this time to admire the beauty of our own city?

 A bus ride through the city is just what you need to get into the feel of the pink city at this time of the season. There is no better way to explore the city than being on a local bus because trust us, these bus drivers will take you places and streets you didn’t even know existed in Jaipur. So hop on that bus and grab a corner seat and ride your way into the new year.

9. Boost adrenaline with adventure – Tao & Jungle Safari


Has this year been monotonous and you wish to end it adventurously? How about ending it with a bunch of thrilling activities within the city? Get ready for a leopard safari in Jhalana or visit Tao Experiences located on the Delhi highway for some of the bang you missed this year. Get into the spirit of adventure to fully enjoy activities like Quad biking jungle safari, paintball, rock wall climbing, zipline and camping.

We bet there’s no better way to be prepared to venture into the new year than bidding farewell to the previous with a thrill.

10. Savour Rajasthani Flavour

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 8.08.26 PM.png

While everyone’s out there stuffing themselves with pizzas and pastas, let’s end the year eating something closer to our hearts and tradition. Nothing can sooth us Japurites more than a huge Bejar ki roti along with Aloo Pyaaz ki sabji and lehsun chutney. Imagine sitting around a sigri, dipping the thick roti in a rich, red garlic chutney and putting the perfect blend of flavour in your mouth. Bet your mouth is salivating now! Begin a new year with flavours as amazing as that of the city’s favourite roti and chutney. Mahaveer Rabdi Bhandaar, the best place in Jaipur to have Bejar Roti with Aloo Pyaaz ki sabzi.

11. Baati from Indian Coffee House

dal baati churma

Is baati a little too vegetarian dish for you? How about some keema baati of the indian coffee house for some variation?

The baati is stuffed with Keema, minced meat, and is served with rich gravy for you to fall endlessly in love with the most famous food of Rajasthan. Not a bad time to try something new and taking it to the next year with you.

12. Shopping During Sales 

Pink Square Jaipur Beat

Do you know what’s better than shopping? Shopping in sale, duh! If you’re up for some intense shopping, this is the right time for you to load your carts. Visit stores like lifestyle, central and shoppers stop to buy your favourite merchandise on sale. It’s time to engage in some mind-blowing shopping experience.

What better than buying new stuff for a new year.

13. Buy & Read a book at Crossword or nearby book store


Is there anything more satisfying than reading your favourite book in peace, or better, reading it with likeminded people?

If you’re a bookworm, the best place for you to go is Crossword or any other bookstore or library for that matter where you can buy and read books. While everyone out there is filling their glasses with drinks, fill your cup with a hot cup of coffee to pair it with your favourite book.

14. Drive on Vidhan Sabha Road


Due to the prudent planning of the city, Jaipur does not face the problem of slow and heavy traffic jams. One can enjoy a smooth ride even in the city. One such road is the broad and beautiful Vidhan Sabha road.


With perfectly aligned streetlights and the view of the majestic Vidhan Sabha, you can simply go for a drive and enjoy the beautifully decorated circle, the Amar jawan Jyoti and of course an undisturbed ride 🙂

Roll into the New Year as smoothly as your drive on the Vidhan Sabha road.

15. Chowpati at Jawahar Circle

Jaipur is known for being foodie and chaat is something no one can say no to. The Chowpati at Jawahar Circle is for all the chaat lovers to enjoy fast food. There’s food for everyone, ranging from bhelpuri, aloo tikki and gol gappe to pav bhaji, noodles and sandwiches.

pao bhaji.jpg

Like life, the stalls provide with all kinds of flavors, and what better occasion to enjoy these flavors than the beginning of a new year.   

16. Explore Non Vegetarian Paradise- Ali Chicken

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 8.18.58 PM.png

For all the meat lovers out there, Ramganj area of Jaipur has the best chicken and mutton. The place provides with the most authentic mughlai meat with rumali and Irani rotis and a bowl full of gravy for your taste buds to experience the best they ever had. It’s speciality chicken changezi and chicken fry is a must try. The place offers only non vegetarian. 

17. A Visit to a New Store- Decathlon 


Last but not the least, why not check out the newly opened Decathlon Sports Store recently opened at Ajmer Road. An amazing range of sports equipments and accessories are available here. And if you’re kind of an outdoor person you would want to plan your camping or hiking trips after visiting this place. The big store offers unlimited options at a very reasonable price.

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