8 Food Delicacies to Relish On Lohri In Jaipur

New year marks the beginning of new festivals which are celebrated with great enthusiasm and zeal. The most fêted ones are none other than Lohri and Makar Sankranti and the most fascinating part of these colourful festivals is that the old also rejoices these festivities as much as the young ones do. Whether it is doing bhangra on Lohri or making your music louder than the neighbours on Sankranti, each festival holds its own charm and Jaipurites leave no stone unturned in celebrating them.

Prepping your kites, bonfire preparations and not to forget the most important part of each festival is our favorite “FOOD”. No occasion or party or event is complete without food and, especially in Jaipur, where foodies are in abundance especially those having a sweet tooth. So let’s take you on a food ride where you will only satiate three things “HUNGER. HUNGER AND HUNGER” 😉

  1. GajakLet us begin with the most popular sweet which every Jaipurite can’t get over, Gajak. Made from sesame seeds, groundnuts and jaggery, you will find this sweet in everyone’s hands especially in winters.

2. Rewadi

Rewadi is yet another dessert which is made using sesame seed and jaggery in the form of small candies and is often enjoyed after dinner. Various flavours of rewadi are enjoyed be everyone ranging from children to adults.

3. Sarson ka saag aur makki ki roti

This duo never fails to disappoint us. The heartwarming saag coupled with makki ki roti with lots of butter on top is the most beloved couple and we all love to have them with us.

4. Dal ke pakode with chutney

Sankranti is incomplete without having the fresh aroma of dal ke pakode and when they are served with dhaniya ki chatni, it takes you to a heavenly world 😀

5. Feeni

With sweet syrup or milk, Feeni tastes best with both. What is your preference?

6. Til ke Laddoo

Are you ready to experience some magical moments with the crunchy, sweet  til ke laddoo? Made from sesame seeds, ghee, khoya and sugar, til laddoos will definitely bring some sweet moments to your life.

7. Peanuts & Popcorn

As a gesture to pay tribute to nature’s wonder, popcorn & peanuts are thrown in the fire to celebrate happiness & fertility on Lohri !

8. Makhane ki kheer

And to end your day with makhane ki kheer is right here. A delicious blend of makhana, fruits and milk makes up for a sensational dessert.

Wait no more, gorge on these delicious delights this festive season !
Happy Lohri all 🙂

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