Jaipur Beat Gets Candid With Kailash Kher During ZEE JLF 2018

Jaipur Beat got candid with one of the greatest Indian artists and Sufi maestros who has given some terrific soulful music videos along with some beautiful Bollywood songs to us –  Kailash Kher !

1. Is this the first time you are performing at JLF Music Stage?
How is the experience with JLF Music Stage different from the other
concerts you have sung at ?

I am performing for the first time at JLF Music Stage. The experience is different because JLF is not just the biggest literary festival of the city but it has gone national and international now. Also, it itself is a pleasure that the organizers thought of incorporating Live Music in a Literature Festival. 

2. Out of so many wonderful songs that you have sung, which one has
been the most challenging ?

I wish I could answer that in simple words, but the truth isn’t that simple after all, ‘Kyunki mushkil hi meri paribhasha hai, agar mushkil nahi, toh zindagi nahi, agar mushkil nahi toh Kailash nahi, aur agar mushkil nahi, toh mohabbat bhi nahi ho sakti’. 
The song ‘Bum Bum Be Dum Bum Bum Be Dum Dum’ has lyrics that are rugged and challenging and that’s what makes it one of my favorites.

3. How do you foresee the growth & scope of your pure Sufi & Classical
music in the era of rap ?

Just the way real depth & love finds its way through music, real & deep music finds its way to your heart and soul. ‘Jab sangeet mein sachai aur gehrai hogi, woh apne aap aapko apni taraf kheechegi’. We might try very hard and find it excessively appealing to hear various genres of music like rap, but when heart longs for depth & connection, it automatically drifts to Sufi & Classical.

4. If you weren’t a singer, who would you be ?

Though I don’t believe in ifs and buts in life, I would say that if I wasn’t a singer, either I will not exist at all or I will not be a human being but a tree or a river which where people would come looking for serenity and respite. I would be something which attracts a soul- both good and evil without any discrimination or bias, who can come to me leaving all their worries behind.

5. Any message for Jaipur ?

There are some places in this world, which you visit, and then there are some where the smell of earth is so strong and irresistible that they don’t just welcome you but make you a part of their existence that very moment, Jaipur is one of them. Though we are slowly and slowly leaving behind our traditions and culture, but Rajasthan is one of those few destinations which are still holding on to them.

Enjoy his magical performance tonight at JLF Music Stage being held at Hotel Clarks Amer at 8 : 45 p.m. !

Kailash Kher in conversation with Jaipur Beat!

Watch Kailash Kher

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