10 Unique Gift Ideas For Your Valentine

Romance is a different thought for everyone. For some it is flowers, chocolates and soft toys but for others, it is one person doing something nice for someone else. And what is nice thing to do for someone? Of course, buy them gifts!

We at Jaipur Beat brings to you the most unique gift options that will make your loved one feel special and love you even more. Let’s have a look at them.

  1. Adventure Kit

If he is the one who love sports and adventure and can’t stop telling you stories about it, then gifting an adventure kit is a perfect valentine gift idea for him. The best place to shop from in Jaipur is Decathlon, located at Ajmer Road, where you get a huge variety to choose from.


  1. Sunglasses

She is looking for a perfect pair of sunglasses that can go with her beach dress for the next vacation that you are planning, why not gift her one? Choose the best sunglasses that will suit her face-cut and bang, your Valentine’s Day gift is sorted.


  1. Trekking Trip

You both love to trek and have failed to go to one together. This is the right time to plan for your long pending trekking trip where you can spend quality time and there will be no one to disturb you.


  1. Fish Pot

In love with fish and can’t stop drooling over them? Why not buy your first fish pot together and keep it at your place that will multiply your love many times.

fisah pot.jpg

  1. Eco-friendly Gift

A couple who have similar views on saving the environment and takes various initiatives to make a change in the world, then why not gift a cute bamboo plant. It will create a refreshing and healthy environment at home and always remind him/her of you.

bamboo plant.jpg

  1. Boots

You have heard enough from him about boots and that he is willing to buy one soon. Gift him one pair that he has been saving for since a long time and we are sure he will cherish the gift forever.


  1. Headphones

For the music freak couples who are not willing to go anywhere without their favourite music along with them, why not gift your loved one headphones. Whenever your lover will listen to music he/she will remember you.


  1. Rent A Bicycle

Rent a bicycle and explore the beautiful city of Jaipur by taking a trip to Nahargarh. The lush green way out and the pleasant weather will surely rekindle love between you two.

nahargarh fort by bicycle.jpg

  1. Watch

You know her favourite brand and you can’t think of anything else, and then buy her a watch. Whenever she will see time, she will remember that it is your time.

watch for girls.jpg

  1. Eco-conscious Clothing

Want to give her something special and you know that she is eco-conscious even in her attire. Shop from Mayori, a fine cotton and silk clothing brand that will leave you impressed with its collection. She will have a unique wardrobe filled with vibrant colours.


Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂

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