Justified Jaipur- A Poetry

Amer Fort.jpg

I stepped onto a familiar land,

Pink walls and golden sand.

I carried hopes and desire,

That left me something to admire.

Though, I had travelled to this place before,

But, this time it was something more.

This time I explored the place,

That time I was followed by the race.

The land has multiple stories,

Heroic tombs are still echoing with the glories.

They born, they fought.

They gave away lives without a thought.

Art is perfect exemplification of this city,

At every corner, you will be engaged with its beauty.

From sky to roads,

From tiny shops to homes,

Or from fools to sages,

Everything has an art that will hold on you for ages.

I heard voices in the night,

That talked about city’s sanctity and its delight.

I saw those roads that did not need security,

But, in my city, walking alone is never a priority.

If winter’s night are so beautiful and calm,

How can we not think about the morning and its charm?

People wake up so early,

They work with ease and are never in hurry.

They genuinely care about your likes and dislikes,

And they don’t hesitate to bring you smiles.

How beautiful is this city!

Jaipur man.jpg

Named as northwest region,

Small, dry, yet a beautiful creation.

They share a border with an enemy,

Still they live brave and freely.

A complete contrast is my city,

Huge, cosmopolite, yet so deadly.

People are afraid to come close and get friendly.

Metropolitan is nothing but a fallacy,


In countryside, you can proudly live your story.


Guest Post

By- Kumkum Chandak


If you have something to share so beautiful about Pink City, send us at jaipurbeat@gmail.com


One Comment

  1. Vani

    Beautiful poem….u have got that spark kumkum that can make people admire not only your beauty but also the beauty of the lines written by u…

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