7 Best Spots to Drink Whisk(e)y and Get Frisky in Jaipur

To’e’ or not to ‘e’!! There is a difference between “whiskey” and “whisky”. But did you know, what it is!! Whisky is generally denoted for Scotch liquors, while whiskey generally denotes Irish whiskey and American whiskeys.

Starting with this interesting fact, on ‘International Whiskey Day’ we would like to guide you to the most happening whiskey bars in our smokin’ hot Pink City.

  1. ta BLU

TaBLU-1 copy

TaBLU has to be one of the best cocktail bars in Jaipur and serves amazing drinks with great food. Amazing open rooftop ambience and great music, they deliver what they claim- Dreamy Cocktails. Their interesting blend of ‘Cosmopolitan’ has the mix of vodka, Cointreau whiskey infused with cranberry juice and a touch of lime.

Here comes the best part, to celebrate International Whiskey Day at TaBlu you can relish scotch even more with their amazing offer of ‘order 2 serves of Black Dog and get the 3rd one for free’!

  1. The Forresta Kitchen & Bar


Forresta is definitely the most favorite hangout place for the Jaipurites. Their lush green surroundings along with an outdoor bar counter provide an ultimate experience for a wonderful evening. The food and music are amazing too. But what makes it really stand out is its take on cocktails.

Forresta’s interesting twist on blending Jameson Irish whiskey in Hot Coffee is also one of its kind. Also, its blend of three whiskey legends, labeled as ‘Three Wise Men, includes Johnnie Walker, Jim Beam, and Teachers Highland.

  1. Conversation Resto Bar

Whiskey Day

Located in the Wall Street hotel, Conversation is best known for its non-veg appetizers, buffet and its amazing blend of cocktails. Their whiskey sour is as traditional as it gets. Made with Signature Premier Whiskey and Fresh Sour Mix, it’s guaranteed to tantalize your tangy taste buds.This International Whiskey day at Conversation gets, even more, happening with their fantastic offer of buy one and get the other free drink of your choice.

4. 100% Rock – The Original


100% Rock is a classy and fun bar in C-Scheme, stocked with the finest whiskeys and a nice range of cocktails. It’s a perfect place to sit back, relax and enjoy your drinks in peace. Their whiskey sour is served in the traditional manner, as well as with a twist! The latest spin on the cocktail is the ‘Mr. Tambourine Man’, which is made of the East Asian citrus fruit, Smirnoff, and a blend of Cointreau whiskey.

  1. Club Naila


Heritage backdrop, open lounge with a lit up swimming pool on the side and candlelight dinner; that’s Club Naila for you. Club Naila is definitely one of the most prestigious properties that don’t cease to amaze you.Their bar is well equipped to serve you with varieties of drinks when it comes to whiskey, scotch, wine, and beer. Even though they are known for their classic cocktails, their signature cocktail fusions are also pretty good. One of their best blends includes- ‘Creativity’, made with Bourbon Whiskey, Lime Cordial, Ginger Ale and topped with Fresh Cherries.

Also, their happy hours are from Monday to Wednesday with the awesome offer of ‘buy one and get the other free’. Special cheers to all the scotch lovers!!

  1. Bar Palladio


From hand-crafted drinks in their bar area to savory Italian dishes from their kitchen, flavor always takes center stage at Bar Palladio. With a wide collection of aperitifs and cocktails to choose from, Their Whiskey Sour is a classic cocktail, and is made of Bourbon, Peach Syrup, and Orange Zest!

  1. Jaipur Bar Stock Exchange


JBSE is a new addition to the frequent Grand Uniara visitors. Classy & elite interiors and with best DJ in town makes it a truly charming place. Their selection of cocktails is a mix of old classics and their signature versions. Their whiskey sour is a classic cocktail, and they also have its pitchers available.

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